Best 6 Non-Electric Hot Plates On The Market In 2021 Reviews

Have you been searching for a non-electric hot plate for cooking and keeping food warm?

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We have chosen different models of non-electric hot plates to review in this article, including gas single and double burners, as well as hot plates made out of stone. Here you can also find out about features to consider when choosing the best model for your needs.

The Rundown

Best Of Best Non Electric Hot Plate
Chef Buddy Plate RundownChef Buddy Hot Plate
This hot plate without cords keeps food warm, can be used indoors or outdoors safely, and transfers heat from stone to the cookware.
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Best Double Burner Non Electric Hot Plate
ATOSA Outdoor Cooking Plate RundownAtosa Gas Plate
This powerful double burner has individual knobs for flame control and can be commercially used indoors and outdoors.
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Best Single Burner Non Electric Hot PlateGasOne GS-3900P Hot Plate RundownGasOne 3900P Powerful Plate
This single burner can use propane or butane and is lightweight enough to take camping and use to cook in outdoor conditions.
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Best Countertop Non Electric Hot Plate
Chef Buddy Plate RundownNutriChef Stone Hot Plate
This stone hot plate with a tray for countertop use lets you cook meat after preheating the plate on the stove or in the oven.
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Best Korean Non Electric Hot Plate
TECHEF Gas Hot Plate RundownTECHEF Gas Hot Plate
The plate comes with a portable gas stove and for Korean BBQ food by slowly draining the fats with a sloped swirl design.
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Best Gas Non Electric Hot Plate
Chef Master Burner RundownChef Master Burner Butane Hot Plate
This gas hot plate comes with a carry case and is ideal for outdoor use while camping, fishing, barbecuing, or backpacking.
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Best 6 Non-Electric Hot Plates

Best Of Best Non Electric Hot Plate

Chef Buddy Hot Plate

No Battery Or Cords
This hot plate features a granite core center with a white polypropylene frame and side handles. It requires no battery, cords, or chemicals to keep food warm. However, it is not designed for cooking food, but only as a hot plate to keep food warm when it is served.

Granite Keeps Food Warm
It measures 9 inches in length and 10.25 inches in width and is 1 inch high. It works by placing the non-electric hot plate in the microwave for a few minutes. After you take it out of the microwave, the granite center stays warm and helps to keep food warm. The carrying handles are cool to the touch for safely taking out of the microwave.

Stone Transfers Heat
The granite core itself measures 7.75 inches in length and width. After it is heated in the microwave, it transfers heat from the stone to the cookware sitting on top of it. That way you can always serve food at holiday dinners and parties at a warm temperature.

Chef Buddy Plate Review

Indoor & Outdoor Use
As it has no cords, it can be used both indoors and outdoors safely. When you need to clean it, you can take out the granite stone from the frame for easy maintenance. It can even be bought in packs of two, three, or four units. It is safe to use on all surfaces.

Short Description:

  • granite core center with a white plastic frame
  • can be heated in the microwave
  • safe to use on any surface indoors and outdoors
  • 9 inches long and 10.25 inches wide
  • heat transfers from stone to cookware

Best Double Burner Non Electric Hot Plate

Atosa Gas Plate

For Personal & Commercial Use
This double burner hot plate is powered by natural gas with a power of 25000 BTU. As it is so powerful, it can be used for big family gatherings or even for commercial restaurant use. It makes cooking faster so that you can prepare more food in the same time slot.

ATOSA Outdoor Cooking Plate Review

Individual Flame Adjusting
As it has two burners, it also has two turning knobs for adjusting the flame. The independent controls allow you to adjust the flames of each burner, which means both can be used at the same time. There is a waste tray at the bottom of the hot plate as wide as the unit which can be easily removed for cleaning grease and debris.

Durable & Adjustable Design
The housing is constructed from stainless steel so that it is easy to clean, and also very durable. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, as well. The feet at the bottom are adjustable and can even be removed to fit the space. This type of non-electric hot plate is ideal for trucks, small cafes, and other indoor confined spaces. It is also suitable for outdoor use.

ATOSA Outdoor Cooking Plate

Lightweight & Compact
This gas double burner hot plate is lightweight and compact enough to transport and take with you on camping trips and other travel expeditions. It can be used with natural gas or liquid propane with compatible connections for easy use.

Short Description:

  • natural gas or liquid propane double burner
  • 25000 BTU for commercial and personal use
  • two independent adjustable flame knobs
  • corrosion-free stainless steel construction
  • durable and portable design with removable legs
  • full-width removable waste tray

Best Single Burner Non Electric Hot Plate

GasOne 3900P Powerful Plate

Uses Propane Or Butane
This single burner hot plate features dual fuel and can use both propane and butane to ignite flames on the brass burner head. It has long cookware support so that you can use it with smaller cookware like teapots, as well as larger containers, like pots and pans.

GasOne GS-3900P Hot Plate Review

Electric Ignition 
The butane cartridge is 8 ounces and if you plan to power it by propane, you will need a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder. With the electric ignition, you won’t need matches or lighters to start a flame. The turning knob lets you adjust the flame for different heat while cooking.

Designed For Outdoor Use
This small non-electric hot plate can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is designed to prevent wind from turning the flame out with wind-blocking corners. It comes with a carry case so that you can take this unit anywhere with you. It can be used for cooking when camping, backpacking, or going on outdoor adventures.

GasOne 3900P

Lightweight & Portable
This camping hot plate is ideal for use on the go, as it weighs only 4 pounds. It is compact enough to use in small spaces and durable for outdoor use. It is loved among outdoor enthusiasts who camp and spend time away from a kitchen. That way meals can be prepared and cooked even outdoors.

Short Description:

  • can work with propane or butane
  • needs a 16.4-ounce propane tank
  • can work with an 8-ounce butane canister
  • wind-blocking corners for outdoor cooking
  • weighs only 4 pounds for portability
  • cooks food while camping, backpacking
  • turning knob adjusts the flame

Best Countertop Non Electric Hot Plate

NutriChef Stone Hot Plate

Acacia Wood & Natural Stone
This countertop hot plate model features a tray made out of acacia wood and a natural stone rock platter fitted on top. The stone hot plate is thick and rugged to retain heat for a longer time. The simple style and design lets you use this non-electric hot plate in different decors and for different occasions.

NutriChef Stone Hot Plate

Safe For Countertops
This travel hot plate is safe to use on any surface or countertop. It measures 11.8 inches in length, 7.8 inches in width, and is 1.2 inches high. The wooden tray is 13.3 inches long, 7.8 inches wide, and 1.2 inches high. It comes with stainless steel knives kit so that you can cut up and serve food with ease.

Cooks & Serves Food
Placing this hot plate in the oven for 60 minutes on 550 to 650 Fahrenheit degrees, or heating it on the stove for 25 to 30 minutes will make the plate hot. It can then be placed on the wood tray with gloves to cook and serve food. To make sure the plate is hot enough, you can splash water droplets on it. If they sizzle and evaporate soon, it is ready to use.

NutriChef Stone Hot Plate Review

Ideal For Grilling Meats
This stone hot plate is designed to hold the heat of up to 450 Fahrenheit degrees. It lets you prepare and cook meats, such as chicken, lamb, steak, etc. The grilled meat can also be served on this hot plate to keep it warm. It is easy to clean and resistant to stains.

Short Description:

  • acacia wood tray and natural stone plate
  • 11.8 inches long and 7.8 inches wide
  • safe to use on any countertop surface
  • heats up in the oven or on the stove
  • holds 450 Fahrenheit for cooking meat

Best Korean Non Electric Hot Plate

TECHEF Gas Hot Plate

Swirl Plate With A Drain
This Korean hot plate features a portable gas stove with a swirl-design hot plate. It is made in Korea and used to cook pork belly, and other meats. The round hot plate has a swirl design with a hole on the edge to drain excess grease and fats away from the meat.

TECHEF Gas Hot Plate

Electric Flame Ignition
The portable gas stove uses butane gas and works with an 8-ounce butane canister. It is easily installed to the side compartment with a magnetic lock. This model has an automatic shutoff for safety. After installation, the flame can start without a lighter or matches with the electric ignition.

Slowly Drains Oils
The control knob situated on the side of the canister compartment has an off position and lets you adjust the intensity of the flame by turning it. The hot plate has a slightly sloped design so that the oils and fats drain from the food slowly for better taste.

TECHEF Gas Hot Plate Review

For Indoor Countertops
This gas Korean hot plate can be used on any countertop inside your house, so you don’t longer have to go to restaurants to have delicious Korean BBQ food. It lets you prepare more food at once while spending time with your family or friends.

Short Description:

  • swirl-design hot plate with a drain hole
  • comes with a butane portable gas stove
  • requires an 8-ounce butane canister
  • adjustable flame by turning the control knob
  • used to cook pork belly and other Korean BBQ
  • sloped and swirl design slowly drains fats

Best Gas Non Electric Hot Plate

Chef Master Burner Butane Hot Plate

Durable For Outdoors
This portable gas hot plate with 15000 BTU uses butane gas to operate the single burner. The durable housing with the butane canister comes with a carry case so that you can take it along with you when camping, backpacking, fishing, barbecuing, etc. It can be used in confined spaces, as well as outdoors.

Chef Master Burner

Features A Wind-Guard
After attaching the butane canister, you will be able to adjust the heat by turning the knob to cook different food. The wind-guard keeps the air away from extinguishing the flame so that it is easy to use in outdoor conditions. After cooking, it is advised to clean the non-electric hot plate by removing the plate from the top.

Portable Size
Once stored inside the carry case, this unit is compact enough to fit into backpacks for hiking or camping. The single burner measures 13 inches by 11 inches and is designed for use of both smaller and large cooking pots and pans for different cooking needs.

Chef Master Burner Review

Safe To Use
As it has an electric ignition, you won’t have to deal with matches and lighters to get the flame started. It is safe to use thanks to the pressure sensor and automatic shutoff, as well as an in-line regulator.

Short Description:

  • 15000 BTU portable single burner
  • uses butane canisters to ignite the flame
  • electric-ignition is convenient for outdoors
  • can be used in outdoor conditions
  • portable size with a carry case
  • safe to use with automatic shutoff
  • easy to clean by removing the plate

What To Consider In Non-Electric Hot Plates?

If you are not keen on using an electric hot plate, do not despair. The market offers different types of non-electric hot plates, and here you can find out about their size and design, what they are used for, and how they work. They can be powered by gas, or be made of stone to retain heat after heating them in the oven or the microwave.

Non-Electronic Types – Although electric hot plates are currently very popular on the market, there are also other types available to purchase. For example, portable gas stoves let you cook food without having to think of access to electricity but requires a supply of compatible gas. Other types are made out of stone and can retain the heat after they are placed in the microwave or the oven to heat.

Stone Hot Plates – This type of hot plate can be used to keep food warm or even cooking food, depending on the specifications. As they are made out of stone, these plates need to be put in the microwave or the oven to get warm or hot. They are then used to keep food warm by placing cookware with food inside on it, or can even be used to grill food on the heated surface.

Gas Hot Plates – This type is powered by butane or propane gas and requires canisters and cylinders to create flame for cooking. Some have the wind-guarding design so that they are suitable to use even in outdoor conditions. Accompanied by carrying cases, they are ideal to take with when camping, hiking, etc.

Portability – As they don’t require a power outlet, they are convenient for outdoor use. You won’t have to worry about cords and tripping over them. Stone hot plates can be used anywhere after they are heated up. On the other hand, gas hot plates are also portable but will require a supply of butane or propane gas to cook food.

Uses  – If you heat up a non-electric hot plate in the microwave, it will be able to retain enough heat to keep food warm for some time. This is ideal for parties and holiday meals. However, gas models can also be used to cook up proper meals when you are spending time away from home and without a kitchen.

To Wrap It Up

In my opinion, the best non-electric hot plate is the Chef Buddy model. It is designed to keep food warm after only heating up in the microwave for a few minutes. It uses no cords or batteries, so it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, just like this list of camping hot plates. For more information and reviews on butane and propane models, take a look at my article about the best gas hot plates.

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