Maca Root To Lose Belly Fat – Is It Effective?

Want to lose some weight and suddenly your friends tell you about maca root?

Now you want to try maca root to lose belly fat. But is it effective or is it just a myth?

Maca root has been promoted as a supplement for weight loss, so here we’ll find out how’s that close to the truth.

Popularity Of Maca Root

It grows wild in the Andes mountains thousands of feet above sea level in Peru and other tropical areas.

Maca root comes from the mustard plant family and it’s well known as a nutritional superfood.

andes mountains

People in the Andes have used maca for thousands of years and in recent years, the maca become very popular around the globe.

Also, it goes by many names – maca-maca, maino, ayak chichira, ayak willku and Peruvian ginseng (this name can be misleading because maca is a vegetable while ginseng is a herb).

It is dried and then can be consumed for various health issues.

mca root powder item

You can buy maca in two forms – powder and capsule. It can be found in health food stores, specialty grocery stores and vendors online.

Does Maca Root Help With Belly Fat Loss?

Since there isn’t much research on maca and its effects on weight loss, contradictory information is what you can find.

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Some people claim that maca supports weight loss because it is a natural energy booster, which can help speed up metabolism and prompt you to physical activity. It also regulises hormones so it should affect hormonal belly fat.

On the other hand, there is limited research to suggest that maca causes weight gain and helps to increase muscle mass. Maca root hasn’t been shown to help with any of these things for sure.

body weight loss or gain

In both cases, the results are achieved by excessive intake of maca powder or capsule. That means, you shouldn’t use maca for losing belly fat.

Many other side effects can occur if you take too much maca because want to lose weight. It isn’t safe for your health and you definitely shouldn’t do that.

How Much Maca?

Unfortunately, there is no standard dose. On many sites, you’ll find how much maca you should use for desirable effects, but they aren’t scientifically confirmed. Alternative medicine suggests starting with 3 grams (less than a teaspoon) and working your way up to 9 grams per day. However, more research is needed when it comes to standard and safe doses.

green maca smoothie

If you don’t want to give up maca, you can take it but in moderation. Maca can be added to smoothies, juices, shakes, coffee, porridge, etc. You can prepare coffee, add maca and store it overnight so in the morning you have ready drink that will give you power.

What Else To Use Maca For?

Here we’ll mention several maca benefits for the human body. Some of them are even proved by science.

  • Helps With Stress – Maca is an adaptogen that helps your body manage environmental stress. It helps stimulate the body’s stress protection system and keeps cortisol levels from rising.
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  • May Help With Depression – A 2014 study claim consuming maca for six weeks helps increase dopamine levels, which reduce feelings of depression.
  • Increase Energy – Many people consume maca for an energy boost because they want to avoid caffeine side effects. Ideal for an athlete, busy people and college students.
  • Helps With Symptoms Of Perimenopause And Menopause – It isn’t unusual to hear doctors recommend maca to women in perimenopause. Maca supports the body during these changes but without changing estrogen levels, which play the main role in hormone fluctuation.
  • menopause woman

  • Good For Bones – There is a study that shows the connection between maca consumption and bone density. Researchers said that maca contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, crucial for bone health. It can be beneficial for the elderly and women in menopause.
  • May Boost Libido – One of maca’s well-known effects is boosting libido. This could be related to maca’s link to lowering stress and boosting energy levels.
  • Improving Learning And Memory – Research on mice shows that maca improves their learning and memory skills. However, there is no evidence that it will have the same benefit on humans.

Side Effects Of Maca Root

Maca is considered well-tolerated with minimal side effects. Currently, it isn’t associated with any health risks in people. However, many doctors suggest starting with a minimal dose and then slowly increasing the amount of it.

Causion About Maca Consuming

Pregnant or nursing women, children, and people with liver and kidney diseases shouldn’t use maca, since no evidence supports maca safety for these groups of people.

If you are taking blood thinners, maca isn’t an option for you. Maca is rich in vitamin K, which can counteract your medication.

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Men with elevated blood prostate-specific antigens (or PSA) should avoid maca consumption as well as women who struggle with hormone-sensitive conditions. That’s because maca might act like the hormone estrogen.

Keep in mind that maca supplements can vary in quality so you can easily find low-quality maca products in the stores. Read the ingredients list and buy it from a certified manufacturer.

To Wrap It Up

Since the potential health effects of maca aren’t researched enough, there is also no evidence that maca root to lose belly fat works. However, maca has many other benefits that are proven. Talk to your doctor before adding maca to your diet.

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