How We Make Money

How do we make money on Kithcentoast? We’re glad you asked and we will be happy to provide you this information. In the continuation, we will show you how we earn money from the content we publish on Kitchentoast. The money we make is the reward for our writers who spend over 200 hours per week to discover the answers to readers’ most common questions related to household topics. The writers and reviewers from our team find satisfaction in researching and writing primarily and money comes as a certificate for a well-done job.

Where Money Comes From?

We make money with a help of our collaborators such as advertisers with who we have interests in common. The interests and goals to help the community come first and money is a kind of reward for our resourcefulness. The collaboration with third party bases on their links we share on our site. Our site meets editorial independence fully so there is no link we shared for money primarily but for the interests of our readers. Some amount of money comes after every click on the link we share as well when the customers make an account and do similar activities. The readers do not have to invest extra money for the commission we get.

Kitchentoast – Credible Site?

Since we have enough financial sources no matter the commissions we get from links we share, the content published on our site is objective and not influenced by any third party. We recommend products that are rated as best by customers and our reviewers who tested them. We don’t consider any commission during creating a review.  When we recommend some products as worth buying, it’s our true opinion and it has nothing to do with the way we earn the money.

On our site, you can find the reviews of a lot of products from various brands we collaborate or not with. We would rather recommend a product from a brand that is not on the list of our partners if it meets the needs of the readers than a product from our partner brand but that doesn’t fit a certain category. We have editorial independence so it’s only our choice what product we will mention and recommend.

This site has created for the interests of the readers. There is no money that can ruin this principle we respect. If we look for profit primarily instead of the readers, we would lose our independence and it won’t be the real Kitchentoast anymore. Therefore, the site is credible and free of any influences.