Privacy Policy

The Kitchentoast ( the “Site”, “we”, “our”, “us”)  takes privacy seriously so we provide you with information about your privacy on this Site. The Privacy Policy includes information about how we collect and use your personal information by your visiting this Site. This Privacy policy is a description of the interaction between you as a user and us as owners of the mentioned as “Service”.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and do not use the Site if you do not agree with any chapter of this Privacy Policy. If you have questions about any chapter of this Privacy Policy, please contact us here.

The Kitchentoast reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy any time we consider it necessary. We may or may not notify you about the modifications of the Privacy Policy. Any change in user privacy will be highlighted. By continuing of using our Service, you agree with modifications of the Privacy Policy.

Information We Collect

There are personal and non-personal information. We collect both types of information that refer to the user. The personal and non-personal information and usually combined and as such determined as personal information. The non-personal information is anonymized and does not identify the person.

Personal information refers to name and contact including phone number and email. The device information (IP address, browser type, operating system) identifies the device and is personal information type.

How Is Information Collected


We collect the personal and non-personal information of the site visitors using “cookies”.  Small files on each device named “cookies” are used for tracking your activity on the Site helping us to collect the information we use to improve your experience on the Site. Using cookies you agree with collecting your information.

The cookies are used for identifying your browser and this way detecting your interests which allows us to show you the content according to your interests. Cookies allow us to send you notifications in accordance with your preferences. Cookies enable analytics of the activities of the users of our Site which includes your first use of our Service.

You have the right to accept the Cookies or to refuse them. In the second case, some services might not be available on your browser as long as we respect your privacy and enable you every service that collects your personal information. Allowing the Cookies, all the services will work normally.

We use Google analytic services that use cookies. They track the activities of our users to help us to collect the information to be able to ensure the content the users are interested in. Google Analytics shows us information such as time of visit, IP address, return to the site, and so on.

How Is Information Used

The information collected by the services of our Site is used only for the needs of our Site. We do not share your information with anyone else but our partners and affiliates whose links we share on our Site. We share your information only in cases it’s necessary to improve your customer experience or develop promotional projects.

We shall share your information with law authorities in case we have to protect our rights or if the law authorities submit a request to us to provide them with your information.

Keeping Your Privacy

We guarantee the personal information of the users of our Service is secured. The information transmission from the device of our users and our Service is safe. We use a secure operating system that controls information transmission.  However, since our Service is a part of the Internet, it’s not 100 percent safe just like all the transmissions on the Internet. In case you noticed your personal information is used by unauthorized service, please contact us as soon as possible.

Children Personal Information

We refuse to collect the personal information of children of 16 years and younger. We delete every personal information of children under 16. The children are obligated to use our Service only under the supervision of parents and guardians. If you notice the children’s information has been used, please contact us to be able to delete this information.

Third-Party Privacy Policy

As our Site includes the links of third-party websites and webshops, this Privacy Policy does not refer to the third party. Visiting the websites of the third party we mention, you agree with the Privacy Policy of these Services while this Privacy Policy is not valid then.

The third-party includes also social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. Connecting with us via social media, you agree with the Privacy Policy of these social media. Social media share with us your personal information such as profile picture, screen name, and contact information. We do not have control over using your information while visiting the social media profile of our Site. We are not responsible for sharing your personal information on any of the social media platforms we use.

Commerce Policy

The Kitchentoast includes the links to the retailers you can click and come on another website. You may or may not agree with the Privacy Policy of the websites you visit by clicking the links we share. The Privacy Policy of our partners is not our own Privacy Policy. We are connected with our partners through the commission we get from selling a product. Our collaboration does not have an influence on the content wqe create and publish.

The Kitchentoast founders and writers refuse the responsibility for any of your loss caused by the products we share on the Site. We are not obligated to compensate for your damage caused by the products we review. We disclaim the responsibility for any action you do with th product you buy on our recommendation. We are not responsible for your financial loss. We recommend products and it’s only your choice if you buy them or not.