Making Sushi Rice In Rice Cooker: How To & Useful Tips 2022

Sushi rice is ideal for rolling sushi or as a side dish, but you need to prepare it well. While many recipes can help you get the perfect result every time, you should know how to cook well.

To help you prepare it quickly, you can use a rice cooker. We bring you some of the best advice on making sushi rice in the rice cooker and how to get the perfect result every time.

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What Is Rice Cooker Good For

As its name says, the rice cooker is ideal for preparing rice. It is a kitchen appliance with a large pot for boiling rice and water with monitor and different functions to control it. This machine is necessary if you prepare it often and have additional space in the kitchen to use it. It uses steam and water to make the perfect rice every time, so you don’t have to be near the stove. Thanks to many programmes and functions, you can prepare any type of rice you want. What is more, it is possible to prepare other dishes in it, so it can be a multifunctional kitchen appliance. Notice that a rice cooker is ideal for larger quantities of rice and it can be used in restaurants, too. But the best news is that many models can prepare only one meal and ensure the best taste and texture every time.

How To Use Rice Cooker

The Rice cooker is simple to use, but for a better result, you should use it properly. First, there are different sizes of rice cookers, starting from small to extra-large. Once you have found the right for you, be sure to read all instructions carefully. More than that, you need to be sure what type of rice you use and how much water should be poured into it. Once you combined rice and water, you can rinse it to prevent starch and sticky rice. Then, set the best programme for the rice and start cooking. Some models even have a delay option, so you can set it to start when you come home from work and wait for you perfectly cooked. Rice cookers have many options to try, so try them all and find the best one for your needs. Once the programme is over, leave the rice to rest and cool down a bit. Then serve and enjoy!

Which Rice Is Good For Rice Cooker

There is no ideal and only type for rice cooker. Since there are many types of rice on the market, you should only find a way how to prepare it to stay fluffy and soft. The main difference between rice types is the amount of water you need to use and the time for preparing. The easiest to prepare is plain white rice, including basmati and long or short-grain rice. Wild rice and brown rice tend to be harder and will take more time to be cooked.

For making sushi rice in a rice cooker, you need to use special rice for better results. The ideal is short-grain Japanese rice that will have a sticky texture after cooking. Other types, as basmati or brown rice are too dry for making good sushi. Be sure to check for special types if you want professional results, such as the “Koshihikari” type. 

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How To Clean Rice Cooker

It is very important to clean the rice cooker, not only to look good but to keep the same results for a longer time. A clean rice cooker ensures you good taste every time you cook and keeps hygienic standards. To clean the rice cooker you should follow some steps. First, be sure that you always use the required amount of water and appropriate programme to prevent burning and pot damage. The pot is very sensitive, so it is ideal to soak it after cooking. Avoid strong chemicals that can leave a bad aftertaste. You should clean eat after every use and never put another portion if you haven’t removed all previous rice. Be sure that you turn the electricity off before cleaning the machine. The most important is to regularly wipe the dust from it the surface to keep it clean and functional. Use only clean water or white vinegar to prevent any smell. All in all, even making a bowl of sushi rice in the rice cooker is important to maintain it regularly. 

What Else Can You Prepare In Rice Cooker

Not to use rice cooker only for preparing plain rice, we bring you some ideas to use it for other recipes. Similar to making waffles without a waffle maker, you don’t have to use the kitchen appliance only what it is for. We bring you 4 ultimate and delicious dishes you can make in the rice cooker and get the perfect taste every time!

Rice With Vegetables

Yes, the rice cooker is ideal for preparing plain rice as a side dish, but why not prepare a full meal at once? Rice gets well with many vegetables, so you can use it for both Chinese and Mexican recipes. Chop your favourite vegetables and stir them on butter quickly. Then add some rice and pour a bit of wine over it. Pour everything into the rice cooker and cook until the rice is soft.

Mac And Cheese

Macaroni with cheese is a quick and easy dinner. If you don’t have time for complicated preparation, you can do it all in one. First, put macaroni inside the rice cooker and add some grated cheese with spices. You can pour over milk or water and cook until pasta is soft, and the mixture is well-combined.

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Like rice, quinoa is a grain you can easily prepare in a rice cooker. It is recommended to rinse quinoa before cooking to remove bad-tasting. There are many possibilities and combinations you can try, so add your favourite vegetables or find some ideas online.


Another interesting ingredient to prepare in a rice cooker is eggs! Unlike boiling in the water, in a rice cooker, you will cook them to perfection by steaming. This will help you avoid a green ring that isn’t harmful but can be unappealing. What is more, you can control time and get both soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs, to your preference.

How To Have Perfect Sushi Rice 

As its name says, sushi rice is a special type of rice and preparation to get the best flavour and stickiness of rice to prepare the sushi. While it is used in sushi most of the time, it can be served as a side dish too. It is commonly used in many Asian recipes, such as rice bowls. Good preparation can help you lift both the texture and taste of your dish. First, you need to choose quality ingredients. The ideal is short-grained white rice, preferably Japonica. Small grains will easier stick together and be compact. Another important ingredient is sushi vinegar. You can buy it or prepare it at home. For it, you will need rice vinegar, salt and sugar. Instead of rice vinegar, you can use white or apple cider vinegar, too. The idea is to warm the vinegar and stir salt and sugar until it is completely melted. You can use a Japanese fan or wooden tub to cook the rice because it needs to be steamed. Yet, this is a more traditional way and the more modern is making sushi rice in a rice cooker. If you want quick and effective results, continue reading to find out how to make it perfect every time in a rice cooker!

How To Make Sushi Rice In Rice Cooker

Even though professionals use traditional steamers for preparing perfect sushi rice, it is possible to make perfect sushi rice in a rice cooker. The process is simple, but you need to follow it directly to avoid a bad result. This way of cooking assures even cooking and minimal chance of sticking. It needs 10% less water and adds a kelp stick to add more sushi taste. Turn it on low cooking or even steaming position. Check the time with the amount you use. Once the rice is cooked, you need to open the lid and remove the kelp. Then, put rice in a deeper bowl and cover with a damp cloth.

The Best Sushi Rice Tips

To get good sushi rice, which can be a base for your sushi dinner party, you need to follow some instructions. Since it is easier to prepare sushi rice in a rice cooker, here are some advice. First, immediately after removing rice from the rice cooker, you should pour the vinegar and “cut it” into the rice to become shiny. Dry it fast but cover it with a damp cloth and leave it at room temperature not to become dry.

To Wrap It Up

Making sushi rice in a rice cooker is a fast way to cook a perfect sushi base every time. It is like cooking in traditional steamers, but your rice is always evenly cooked. For preparing a bowl of good sushi rice, you will also need the right type of rice and quality vinegar to pour over. All in, both ingredients and the right preparation are key to quality sushi rice! If you want to learn more about rice cookers or looking for some high-rated small 2-cup rice cookers or large 20-cup rice cookers, read these posts.

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