6 Best 20 Cup Rice Cookers You Can Purchase In 2022 Reviews

In need of a 20-cup rice cooker?

Unsure about which model to go for?

In that case, continue reading this article, where we have reviewed 6 different models with a 20-cup capacity. You can find out more about them to see which one ticks off the most things on your list. Moreover, you can also learn more about the features and specifications to look for when buying a rice cooker.

The Rundown

Best Of Best 20 Cup Rice Cooker
Aroma 20-cup Rice Cooker RundownAroma 20-cup Rice Cooker
Featuring digital programs for cooking different types of rice, this cooker can cook to 20-cups of rice and steam foods at once.
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Best Stainless Steel 20 Cup Rice Cooker
Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker RundownOster Digital Rice Cooker
With a durable stainless steel exterior, it cooks white and brown rice, makes soup, hot breakfast, and keeps rice warm.
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Best Automatic 20 Cup Rice Cooker
Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker RundownHamilton Beach Rice Cooker
A single operation with one push of a switch starts the cooking cycle of rice and shifts to keep-warm automatically afterward.
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Best Commercial 20 Cup Rice Cooker
Zojirushi Rice Warmer RundownZojirushi Rice Cooker Warmer
Ideal for catering and commercial use, this cooker holds up to 20-cups of raw rice to make 40 servings of rice at once.
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Best Digital 20 Cup Rice Cooker
Black&Decker Rice Cooker RundownBlack&Decker Rice Cooker
Equipped with 6 preset programs and a 20-cup capacity, this model can cook rice, risotto, steam pasta, foods, and more.
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Best Steamer 20 Cup Rice Cooker
Nuwave Olio Rice Cooker RundownNuwave Olio Rice Cooker
Offering programs for white, brown, sushi, and wild rice, this cooker can also simultaneously steam foods inside a basket.
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6 Best 20-Cup Rice Cookers

Best Of Best 20 Cup Rice Cooker

Aroma 20-cup Rice Cooker

Digital Controls
This Aroma 20-cup digital multicooker and rice cooker offer settings for cooking white, brown, and flash rice, as well as options for steaming, slow cooking, keeping rice warm, and delaying the cooking start. Each of these functions has its own pushbutton for foolproof operation.

Aroma 20-cup Rice Cooker

Steaming Tray Included
With a capacity of 10 cups of uncooked rice, this Aroma 20-cup digital rice cooker can also be used for cooking chili, jambalaya, and much more, including even cake. It can be used for simultaneous cooking of different foods. For example, put a steaming tray with meats and vegetables above the cooking rice or soup.

4 To 20-cups Of Rice
Inside the pot, the cooking bowl is non-stick coated so that cooking and cleaning are easily done. Along with the inner pot, you will also get a rice paddle and a measuring cup. You can cook between 4 and 20-cups of rice in this Aroma Housewares 20-cup cooked digital rice cooker.

Aroma 20-cup Rice Cooker Review

Convenient Features

With this smart rice cooker, you can prepare meals with any type of rice and grains, such as white and brown rice, quinoa, bulgur, and more. After cooking, it can keep rice warm and even prepare rice quickly with a fast rice cooker setting. When in need, you can also delay the cooking start.

Short Description:

  • 10 cups of raw, 20-cups of cooked rice
  • digital programs for rice, steam, etc
  • a measuring cup, a steam basket included
  • it can cook rice and steam foods at once
  • programs for white, brown, flash rice

Best Stainless Steel 20 Cup Rice Cooker

Oster Digital Rice Cooker

5 Versatile Programs
This Oster 20-cup rice cooker can be used for cooking white and brown rice, hot breakfast, soup, and also offers the possibility of steaming foods. Along with the 5 versatile options, it also offers a delay timer and a warming mode. The delay timer allows you to set up the cooking start at a specific time.

Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker

Dishwasher Safe Pot
The exterior of the cooker comes in stainless steel material for easy cleaning and also easily fits into any kitchen design. Inside the Oster 20-cup digital rice cooker, the cooking pot has a non-stick coating and is dishwasher safe. This rice cooker with a timer is easy to use thanks to the digital control panel with pushbuttons.

Contents It Comes With
While cooking, the cooker automatically adjusts the temperature for better cooking results. It comes with a rice paddle and a clip for convenient holding. Likewise, it also features a steam tray and a measuring cup for setting the appropriate water to rice ratio.

Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker Review

Airtight Sealing Lid
The cooker measures 10.5 inches by 11 inches by 11 inches and won’t take up too much space when in use or when stored away. The locking lid stays cool to the touch and seals the air inside the unit. You can use it to cook many different meals, and at a time that works for you.

Short Description:

  • 5 cooking options on the digital panel
  • white, brown rice, soup, hot breakfast
  • options for steaming, warming, delay timer
  • steam tray and measuring cup included
  • automatically adjusts the cooking temperature
  • airtight seal with a cool-touch locking lid

Best Automatic 20 Cup Rice Cooker

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker

Cooks Many Types Of Rice
This Hamilton Beach 20-cup rice cooker can hold up to 10 cups of raw rice to yield up to 20-cups of cooked rice. It can be used for many different types of rice, such as brown, white, jasmine, basmati, and more. The side handles on the cooker are made for convenient carrying, and the pot is covered with a glass lid.

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker

2 Indicator Lights
To start cooking, you will have to add water and rice to the pot and then turn on the switch with just one push. Besides cooking, this automatic rice cooker can also activate the warming mode automatically once cooking is done. The cook indicator light will then turn off, and the warm light will turn on to indicate the start of the keep-warm setting.

Convenient Accessories
The accessories that come with the cooker include a measuring cup and a rice spoon, as well as a steam basket. The basket allows you to steam foods while rice is cooking. Once cooking is done, cleanup is a breeze as both the non-stick bowl and the lid are dishwasher safe.

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Review

Versatile Cooking Needs
Besides cooking rice varieties, you can use this unit to prepare mac and cheese, pasta, whole grains, and even beans. This makes it ideal for families who enjoy many different cuisines that they can enjoy all from one cooker. The cooker can become cord-free for serving food on the table as well.

Short Description:

  • 10 cups of uncooked, 20-cups of cooked rice
  • simple operation with one push of a switch
  • cooks white, brown, jasmine, basmati rice, etc
  • automatically shifts to the warming mode
  • dishwasher safe non-stick pot and glass lid
  • steaming possible with the steam tray
  • comes with a measuring cup and paddle

Best Commercial 20 Cup Rice Cooker

Zojirushi Rice Cooker Warmer

40 Rice Servings
This Zojirushi rice cooker 20-cup model is ideal for commercial use as both a cooker and warmer for rice. Its pot can hold up to 20-cups of uncooked rice to make up to 40 servings of rice. This makes it a great commercial rice cooker as it can make a large quantity of rice at once.

Automatic Keep-Warm
A switch is used to turn the unit on with just one touch. During the cooking cycle, the cook light will be turned on to indicate so. Once cooking is done, it will automatically shift to the warming mode and the warm indicator light will turn on, as well.

Zojirushi Rice Warmer

For Caterings & More
The stainless steel exterior makes it durable for long-lasting and frequent use in commercial and catering applications. The warming mode is thus very convenient, as it keeps rice at an optimal temperature for serving. A rice spatula is included to help with serving.

Mess-Free Cooking
To avoid guessing with water to rice ratio, the cooking bowl comes with water lines for the right measurements. The pot is also non-stick coated for easy cleaning. To prevent the mess on the kitchen counters, a side collector for condensation is also featured.

Short Description:

  • ideal for commercial and catering applications
  • it holds up to 20-cups of uncooked rice
  • a non-stick inner pot has water-measuring lines
  • indicator lights for cooking and warming
  • it prepares up to 40 servings of rice

Best Digital 20 Cup Rice Cooker

Black&Decker Rice Cooker

6 Preset Settings
This Black and Decker 20-cup rice cooker offers 6 preset settings on the digital control panel. The preprogrammed settings allow you to cook rice, pasta, risotto, as well as to saute and slow-cook. Along with those settings, it also keeps the rice warm once cooking is done. It holds 10 cups of raw rice to cook up to 20-cups of rice.

Black&Decker Rice Cooker

For Family Dinners
With 6 settings and a large capacity, it is ideal for families who are hosting large family dinners and similar gatherings. It will let you cook a large quantity of rice at once, without the need for several cooking pots and taking up a lot of space on the burner stove.

Non-Stick Pot & Basket
The saute function allows you to prepare soups and stews, and even homemade sauces. The included non-stick metal basket can be used for steaming pasta and other foods above the cooking rice, such as meats and vegetables. The cooking pot makes for easy cooking and cleaning as it has a non-stick layer.

Black&Decker Rice Cooker Review

Easy To Clean
After cooking finishes, the digital rice cooker automatically switches to the warming mode, keeping the rice ready for serving. The removable parts are dishwasher safe after serving for easy cleanup. The side handles on the pot make for easy handling and portability, while the rice cup and spoon are also helpful.

Short Description:

  • digital panel with 6 preset settings
  • settings for rice, pasta, risotto, slow-cooking
  • saute setting and keep-warm program
  • 10 cups of raw, 20-cups of cooked rice
  • non-stick inner bowl and steam basket
  • settings for cooking pasta and risotto

Best Steamer 20 Cup Rice Cooker

Nuwave Olio Rice Cooker

4 Rice Types
This electric cooker steamer features a control panel with pushbuttons for different cooking programs. You can select between rice options for white, brown, sushi, and wild rice, and even slow cook, and steam foods. Moreover, it can also keep the rice warm after cooking and delay the cooking start.

Nuwave Olio Rice Cooker

Flexible Cooking Start
The Nuwave 20-cup rice cooker has a maximum capacity of 20-cups of cooked rice and offers versatile cooking possibilities with 10 pre-programmed recipes. To have cooked rice ready at a specific time, you can also delay the cooking start according to your needs.

30-Recipe Booklet
The accessories that come with the Nuwave Olio 20-cup rice cooker include a measuring cup and a steaming basket. Moreover, you will also get a serving spoon and a booklet with 30 recipes to help you become creative and cook different foods inside this cooker.

Nuwave Olio Rice Cooker Review

Versatility In The Kitchen
With the available settings, this cooker can do so much more than just cook rice. You can use it to steam, simmer, and saute many dishes and even slow cook. One unit offers such versatility to eliminate a shortage of space in the kitchen, as it replaces many pots, pans, and other cookware.

Short Description:

  • options for white brown, sushi, wild rice
  • it also slow-cooks, steams, simmers, etc
  • keep-warm and delay start options
  • it holds up to 20-cups of cooked rice
  • a basket is included for steaming foods
  • comes with a booklet with 30 recipes
  • includes a rice spoon and a rice cup

What To Consider In 20-cup Rice Cookers?

When choosing a rice cooker, make sure you consider its capacity and that it is suitable for your needs. Other than that, consider models that are easy to use and that have some of the below-mentioned features to help with that. Likewise, look for the cooking programs 20-cup rice cooker models on the market have to offer.

Capacity – The market offers cookers that either have a capacity of 20-cups of uncooked, or 20-cups of cooked rice. Large rice cookers are ideal for cooking big quantities of rice at once, even suitable for commercial use. Smaller models will be ideal for family use, while some will also be able to cook enough rice for family gatherings.

Easy To Use – Rice cookers should be easy to use, without complicated functions and setups. It is important to find a model that you understand so that you don’t have to spend a long time learning how to use it. A rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that should make rice-cooking easy to save you time.

Convenient Features – Features that help with cooking are a non-stick inner pot and steaming baskets for models that can simultaneously steam and cook. A measuring cup is usually included to help set up the proper water to rice ratio. A rice paddle or spoon is used for serving rice after it is cooked.

Cooking Programs – A rice cooker can usually also cook soups, stews, steam foods, and offer other cooking applications besides cooking rice. Some models offer digital programs for cooking, while some have only one switch for setting up. Both variants can do more than just cook rice.

Commercial Use – Some models with a 20-cup capacity are engineered for commercial use. They are durable and long-lasting to withstand frequent commercial use. Likewise, they can also be used for preparing large quantities of rice at once, without taking a long time.

To Wrap It Up

As our top pick, we have chosen the Aroma 20-cup rice cooker. It offers programs for white, brown, and flash rice, as well as other cooking needs on the digital control panel. It holds 10 cups of raw rice, resulting in 20-cups of cooked rice. If you are interested, you can also check out our reviews of 30-cup rice cookers. For cooking very large amounts of rice, consider our selection of 60-cup rice cookers.

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