6 Best 30 Cup Rice Cookers You Can Choose In 2021 Reviews

Do you want to invest in a 30-cup rice cooker?

Not sure which model to go for?

Don’t worry, as in this article you can read reviews of commercial, stainless steel, fast, and warmer models of rice cookers. Moreover, you can also learn about the features and specifications to have in mind when purchasing such an appliance.

The Rundown

Best Of Best 30 Cup Rice Cooker
Hamilton Beach Cooker, 37550 RundownHamilton Beach Cooker 37550
This rice cooker prepares 30 cups of rice from 15 cups of raw rice, can be used for many rice types, and even steam foods.
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Best Commercial 30 Cup Rice Cooker
Aroma Commercial Rice Cooker RundownAroma Rice Cooker 1033E
A large capacity of 60 cups of cooked rice from 30 cups of raw rice makes it ideal for commercial use with simple operation.
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Best Warmer 30 Cup Rice Cooker
Crestware Rice Cooker, RC30 RundownCrestware Rice Cooker RC30
With a professional-grade construction, this cooker can cook up to 60 cups of rice and keep it warm until serving time.
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Best Stainless Steel 30 Cup Rice Cooker
Thunder Group Cooker RundownThunder Group Cooker
Constructed from stainless steel, it is safe for use both in homes and commercially, and both cooks and keeps rice warm.
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Best Steam 30 Cup Rice Cooker
Cuckoo Rice Cooker,CR-3032 RundownCuckoo Rice Cooker CR-3032
This cooker is used for cooking, steaming, and keeping 30 cups of rice warm inside a 5.4-liter aluminum pot with indicator lights.
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Best Fast 30 Cup Rice Cooker
Avantco RC-S300 Rice Cooker RundownAvantco Rice Cooker RC3060
Cooking 30 cups of raw rice will only take half an hour in this cooker, resulting in 60 cups of cooked rice with automatic keep-warm.
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6 Best 30-Cup Rice Cookers

Best Of Best 30 Cup Rice Cooker

Hamilton Beach Cooker 37550

One-Push Setup
This Hamilton Beach 30-cup rice cooker comes in black color, featuring a transparent glad lid and convenient side handles for carrying the unit. It features a single lever for operation, that takes only one push to turn the cooking mode on. It can be used for cooking any type of rice, such as jasmine, basmati, and white and brown rice.

Auto Keep-Warm
The cooking pot has a capacity of holding 15 cups of uncooked rice, resulting in up to 30 cups of cooked rice. Once it finishes cooking rice, it automatically switches to the keep-warm setting. The cook indicator light then also shifts to the warm indicator light.

Hamilton Beach Cooker, 37550

Included Accessories
The bowl for cooking inside the unit has a non-stick coating that makes cooking and cleanup a breeze. Along with the glass lid, it can be washed in the dishwasher. Included with the unit, you will also get a measuring cup and a rice paddle to make cooking and serving as easy as possible.

Steam Tray With A Divider
Besides cooking rice, you can use this simple rice cooker for steaming foods. It is done by using the included steaming basket that needs to be put above the cooking rice. The basket has a divider, allowing you to steam different foods at once. When it is not needed, it can also be removed.

Short Description:

  • 15 cups of raw, 30 cups of cooked rice
  • dishwasher safe non-stick pot and glass lid
  • used for white, brown, basmati, jasmine rice
  • comes with a steaming basket for steaming
  • automatic warming mode after cooking

Best Commercial 30 Cup Rice Cooker

Aroma Rice Cooker 1033E

Simple To Use
This commercial rice cooker 30 cups model yields up to 60 cups of cooked rice. It makes rice-cooking easy, with a simple touch of a cooking button. The control panel features indicator lights for cooking and warming modes, ensuring safety and preventing guessing.

Aroma Commercial Rice Cooker Review

Automatic Sensor
The cooker comes with a rice paddle convenient for serving once cooking is done. To start cooking, you will have to add water and rice and press the button. The automatic sensor shifts to the warming mode once cooking is done and prevents overcooking.

Withstands Frequent Use
It is ideal for cooking a large quantity of rice at once, perfect for commercial use. When used commercially, cookers are needed frequently. That is why this commercial rice cooker has a durable construction with a heavy-duty stainless steel lid, and an aluminum cooking pot to withstand such use.

Aroma Commercial Rice Cooker

Restaurant-Quality Rice
In this 30-cup rice cooker, you can prepare between 10 and 60 cups of rice, and no matter the amount, it will always turn out fluffy. Included with the unit, you will also get two measuring cups. They will help you with setting the adequate water to rice ratio to cook restaurant-quality batches of rice.

Short Description:

  • 30 cups of raw, 60 cups of cooked rice
  • durable construction for commercial use
  • simple setup with only one touch
  • the automatic sensor prevents overcooking
  • indicator lights for cooking and warming
  • includes 2 measuring cups and a paddle

Best Warmer 30 Cup Rice Cooker

Crestware Rice Cooker RC30

Professional-Grade Made
This commercial rice warmer has a capacity of holding 30 cups of raw and 60 cups of cooked rice. It can be used for both cooking and warming rice at a commercial level. The professional-grade 30-cup rice cooker features side handles for carrying and a lid with a handle for convenient opening and closing.

2 Indicator Lights
To begin cooking, the cooker requires you to add rice and water to the inner pot and turn on the switch on the body of the cooker. When it starts cooking, the cook light will turn on to indicate so. Once cooking is done, the warm light will turn on, beginning the keep-warm mode.

Crestware Rice Cooker, RC30

Heavy-Duty Construction
The inner pot and the lid are made of heavy-duty materials to be able to withstand frequent use in busy commercial settings. The rice pot has a removable non-stick pad preventing the rice from sticking to the pot. It also helps to make it easy to clean up after cooking is done.

Keeps Rice Warm
Once the rice is cooked, the warming feature will keep the rice at an optimal temperature for serving. This is ideal as large quantities of rice are kept warm until serving time. Cooking a large amount of rice at once means you can be serving it throughout the day.

Short Description:

  • 60 cups of cooked, 30 cups of raw rice
  • professional heavy-duty construction
  • a removable non-stick pad for the pot
  • keeps rice warm after it is cooked
  • easy to turn on with one switch
  • cook and warm indicator lights
  • convenient side handles and lid

Best Stainless Steel 30 Cup Rice Cooker

Thunder Group Cooker

Home & Commercial Use
This Thunder Group rice cooker SEJ3201 model is used for both cooking and keeping 30 cups of rice warm after cooking. It is constructed from stainless steel material, ideal for your kitchen, as well as commercial kitchens, as it will easily blend in with the decor. At the same time, the restaurant rice cooker will also be durable.

Saves Time
Using this 30-cup rice cooker will free up some time for any cook or chef in the kitchen, that can instead be spent on other cooking needs. The cooker will take care of cooking rice after you add water and rice to the inner cooking pot.

Thunder Group Cooker

Rice Stays Warm
Besides cooking, it is also ideal for use as a rice warmer. After it cooks rice, it will keep it warm at an optimal temperature for serving, ideal for larger gatherings and commercial use.

Safe To Use
The cooker is NSF and ETL certified. It means it has gone through many checks to ensure its performance and construction can protect public health. Likewise, it has also been tested to prove it is safe to use.

Short Description:

  • it cooks and keeps rice warm
  • features cook and warm indicator lights
  • saves time for cooks and chefs
  • made from stainless steel material
  • the cooker is certified by NSF and ETL

Best Steam 30 Cup Rice Cooker

Cuckoo Rice Cooker CR-3032

5.4-Liter Pot
This electric cooker steamer offers the possibility of cooking, warming, and steaming. It has a 30-cup capacity and an industrial design with durable materials, ideal for commercial use. The 5.4-liter cooking pot is made of aluminum and has a PTFE pre-coating.

Built-In Thermal Fuse
The rice can’t overcook as a thermal fuse is built into the cooker to prevent overheating and burning. For mess-free cooking, it also has a dish that collects any dew from the unit. The interior lid is detachable and the top lid is made of stainless steel.

Cuckoo Rice Cooker,CR-3032

Durable Exterior
The exterior of the rice is made of 18/8 stainless steel, durable and easy to clean. Used commercially, it will be able to withstand frequent use in a busy environment. Equipped with a single switch, it will also be easy to set up to save you time.

3 Indicator Lights
This 30-cup rice cooker cooks the rice, then steams it, and then keeps it warm until serving. Accompanied by the indicator lights for cooking, steaming, and warming, you will know which stage the cooking process is at. After cooking a large quantity of rice, it will conveniently keep it clean.

Short Description:

  • it cooks, steams, and keeps rice warm
  • 5.4-liter pot holds 30 cups of rice
  • aluminum pot with PTFE pre-coating
  • built-in thermal fuse prevents over heating
  • indicator lights for cook, steam, warm mode
  • durable design, ideal for commercial use

Best Fast 30 Cup Rice Cooker

Avantco Rice Cooker RC3060

Quickly Cooks Rice
This 30-cup rice cooker is made of stainless steel material and can be used as an electric cooker and warmer for rice. It holds up to 30 cups of raw rice, resulting in up to 60 cups of cooked rice. The fast rice cooker can cook 30 cups of raw rice in just half an hour, which can be very convenient for commercial use.

Avantco RC-S300 Rice Cooker Review

Cooking Capabilities
In addition to cooking rice, this unit can also be used for cooking grit, oatmeal, and even macaroni and cheese, and much more, offering you a great versatility. The rice will be cooked evenly and throughout thanks to the double insulated walls with heating elements throughout.

Convenient For Busy Spaces
The outer housing is made of stainless steel, giving off a sleek vibe in commercial kitchens, while also being very easy to keep clean in such a busy space. It is also very easy to operate, as it requires only one push of a lever. Once cooking is done, it will automatically shift to the keep-warm mode.

Avantco RC-S300 Rice Cooker

Keeps Rice Warm & Moist
The inner pot has a non-stick coating that makes cooking and cleanup a breeze, as it is also removable from the cooker. The lid is made from stainless steel and helps to retain the heat inside the unit, and to keep rice warm and moist after cooking. The sturdy handles make for convenient portability.

Short Description:

  • stainless steel construction for durability
  • easy to use with one-touch operation
  • cooks 30 cups of raw rice in 30 minutes
  • double insulated walls for even cooking
  • the lid helps to keep rice warm and moist
  • once cooked, it yields 60 cups of rice
  • automatically shifts to keep-warm mode

What To Consider In 30-Cup Rice Cookers?

When buying a rice cooker with such a large capacity, it is important to keep a few things in mind to get the best option the market has to offer. Firstly, look for models that are easy to use and that offer cooking possibilities according to your needs. Secondly, such a rice cooker could also be used commercially. Finally, consider the convenience of accompanying features to make it easy to use.

Capacity – The market offers both models with a capacity of 30 cups of cooked, and 30 cups of raw rice. This means that you should be careful when choosing a model. Large rice cookers with a capacity of 30 cups of raw rice can cook up to 60 cups of rice, while the smaller models can usually hold 15 cups of raw rice to get 60 cups of cooked rice.

Ease Of Use – The best model the market has to offer for you will be the model that you know how to use. This is why it is important to look for models that won’t take long to learn how to use. The market offers models with digital programs and also models that work with one touch of a switch.

Cooking Options – Rice cookers can have digital programs, offering you settings for cooking white, brown, and even other types of rice. Other than that, it can also offer programs for soups, stews, steaming, and many other cooking needs. Even rice cookers with one touch operation can be used for cooking more than just rice.

Commercial Use – Most of 30-cup rice cookers can be used commercially, allowing you to cook a large quantity of rice at once. They need to be durably constructed, preferably from stainless steel materials that will be able to withstand frequent use in a busy commercial kitchen.

Other Features – To make operation easy, rice cookers come with measuring cups and rice paddles. Other than that, a non-stick inner pot will be useful, making both cooking and cleaning easy. Some models even come with a steaming basket or tray, allowing you to cook rice and steam foods simultaneously.

To Wrap It Up

The Hamilton Beach 30-cup rice cooker is our top choice as it can hold 15 cups of raw rice to get 30 cups of cooked rice. It can cook many different types of rice and even steam foods in the included steam basket. With a single push on a lever, it is very easy to use. If you are interested in even larger models the market has to offer, check out our selection of 60-cup rice cookers. For fast cooking of large quantities of rice fast, consider some of the gas rice cookers available on the market.

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