6 Best & Most Expensive Rice Cookers To Buy In 2021 Reviews

Have you been searching for an expensive rice cooker to get?

Then now is your chance to find more about them!

Check out our selection of the most expensive rice cooker models available on the market, including induction heater, stainless steel, gas, and commercial models. Apart from the reviews, in this article, you can also find our guide to buying such a kitchen appliance, allowing you to use it to its maximum and according to your needs.

The Rundown

Best Of Best Expensive Rice Cooker
Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Cooker RundownZojirushi NP-HCC10XH Cooker
Featuring triple heaters for precise cooking, it can cook soft, regular, and hard white rice, as well as sushi, jasmine, and GABA rice.
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Best Stainless Steel Most Expensive Rice CookerTiger JKT-S10U-K Cooker RundownTiger JKT-S10U-K Cooker
With 11 digital settings, it can cook rice, slow cook, and steam foods above the cooking rice by using the tacook dish.
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Best Induction Heater Expensive Rice CookerPanasonic 1L Rice Cooker RundownPanasonic 1L Rice Cooker
By using induction heating, you can choose between 13 cooking settings to precisely cook brown, sushi, and white rice.
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Best Commercial Most Expensive Rice CookerTown Food Rice CookerTown Food Rice Cooker
Ideal for commercial use in restaurants, this gas cooker can make up to 50 cups of rice in just 22 minutes, saving time and space.
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Best Gas Expensive Rice Cooker
Rinnai RER-55ASN Rice Cooker RundownRinnai RER-55ASN Rice Cooker
This cooker runs on natural gas and can be used in the restaurant to quickly cook up to 100 bowls of rice on a burner base.
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Best Smart Most Expensive Rice Cooker
Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Rice Cooker RundownCuckoo CRP-P0609S Rice Cooker
Using an intelligent algorithm, this cooker precisely cooks and warms up to 6 cups of rice, porridge, soup, etc.
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6 Best & Most Expensive Rice Cookers

Best Of Best Expensive Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Cooker

Digital Control Panel
This small Japanese rice cooker has a 1-liter capacity cooking pot, allowing you to cook up to 5.5 cups of rice. It is 10 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 8 inches high. A digital control panel is featured on top of the cooker, allowing you to choose among different cooking programs for rice and other food.

Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Cooker

Various Rice Types
Apart from soft, regular, and harder white rice options, this expensive rice cooker also offers you settings for sushi rice, sweet, jasmine rice, and even porridge. Healthy choices include programs for brown rice and GABA brown rice. Apart from cooking, it can also be used to keep rice warm on regular and extended programs.

Triple Heaters
The cooker uses induction heating to warm the inner cooking pan, making adjustments to the temperature for precisely cooking different types of rice. The heaters are located on the bottom, sides, and the lid of the cooker for even heating. To delay the cooking start, the timer also offers 2 settings.

Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Cooker Review

User-Friendly Design
This cooker can be bought on Amazon for around 270 dollars at the moment. It features a stainless steel exterior that easily fits into any kitchen decor. The LCD screen with control buttons is easy to use, displaying all the cooking information. It allows you to choose between many settings for different types of rice.

Short Description:

  • 1-liter cooking pot for 5.5 cups of rice
  • induction heating with triple heaters
  • soft, regular, hard white rice settings
  • for brown, jasmine, GABA, sushi rice
  • user-friendly LCD digital control panel

Best Stainless Steel Most Expensive Rice Cooker

Tiger JKT-S10U-K Cooker

Multi Cooking Options
This model is available to purchase in 5.5-cup and 10-cup size. This most expensive rice cooker can be purchased on Amazon for the price of around 270 and 359 dollars respectively, depending on the size. It can be used for cooking rice, slow cooking, synchro-cooking, and even making bread.

Tiger JKT-S10U-K Cooker Review

3-Layer Coated Pot
It features an inner cooking pot that comes with a handle for easy removal from the unit. It is constructed from 5-layer metal and a 3-layer coating for cooking rice. Both the inner and the outer lid are detachable from the unit, as well as a vent cap for letting out steam.

11 Digital Settings
The control panel with a screen display on this digital rice cooker offers 11 settings for cooking rice, slow cooking, and making bread. It features settings for white, jasmine, brown, mixed rice, as well as porridge, slow cooking, and synchro-cooking. The synchro-cooking setting works with the help of a tacook dish that lets you steam foods above the cooking rice simultaneously.

Tiger JKT-S10U-K Cooker

Convenient Options
By steaming vegetables, meats, or fish in the steam tray above the cooking rice, you can get one-pot meals with minimum effort. It will save you both time and space in the kitchen and even allow you to keep the rice warm for up to 24 hours. When in a hurry, you can use the quick-cooking setting.

Short Description:

  • 5.5-cup and 10-cup size available
  • cooks rice, slow cooks, steams, etc
  • makes convenient one-pot meals
  • tacook dish for synchro-cooking
  • simultaneously cooks and steams food
  • quick-cooking and bread-making settings

Best Induction Heater Expensive Rice Cooker

Panasonic 1L Rice Cooker

5-Cup Capacity
This induction heating rice cooker comes with an inner cooking pot that has a capacity of 5 cups of uncooked rice. The cover lid features a digital panel with control buttons for choosing between the available cooking programs. You can make sushi rice, multi-grain meals, white rice, brown rice, porridge, and soup.

Panasonic 1L Rice Cooker Review

Diamond-Coated Pot
For cooking rice and other foods, this cooker creates an electrical current to make the cooking pot the source of heat. The pot has 7 layers and a diamond coating. Thanks to the non-stick layer, it will be durable and long-lasting, just like the copper exterior.

12-Hour Warming Mode
The control panel offers you 13 programs for cooking different types of rice, quinoa, porridge, soup, and more. The food is prevented from overcooking with the automatic shutoff function. After cooking, it can keep rice warm for up to 12 hours. The contents that come included with the cooker are a measuring cup and a non-stick rice spoon.

Panasonic 1L Rice Cooker

Simple To Use
This rice cooker is listed for the price of around 440 dollars on Amazon, making it one of the most expensive rice cookers. While cooking, you can also steam vegetables, fish, or meats in the basket above. To enjoy your favorite rice, simply add it to the pot with water and click the corresponding button.

Short Description:

  • the pot with a 5-cup uncooked rice capacity
  • digital panel with 13 cooking programs
  • non-stick diamond-coated cooking pot
  • cooks rice, porridge, quinoa, soup, etc
  • 12-hour warming function for convenience
  • includes a measuring cup, rice spoon, steam basket
  • for sushi, brown, white rice, multi-grain, etc

Best Commercial Most Expensive Rice Cooker

Town Food Rice Cooker

Cooker & Warmer
This commercial rice cooker has an automatic technology used for both cooking rice and keeping it warm. It uses a gas supply, allowing you to cook a large capacity of rice at once. This expensive rice cooker is listed for the price of around 450 dollars on Amazon.

Cooks Fast
After connecting it to the gas supply, the starting switch turns it on, and the cooking switch starts the flame for cooking up to 55 cups of rice. It can cook rice in about 22 minutes, with a gas supply of 34600 BTUs. The cooking pot is fitted on top of the gas base, saving space on the burner range in any commercial kitchen.

Town Food Rice Cooker

Collapsible Handles
The pilot light helps to keep the rice warm after cooking, ideal for restaurants, catering, and other businesses on a commercial level. The cover lid has a handle for easy opening when taking the rice out. The collapsible handles on the pot are ideal for portability without taking up any extra space.

Saves Time & Space
Thanks to the gas supply, the cooker can make an impressive amount of rice in a shorter period of time. With its own gas burner, it won’t take up a lot of space on the burner range in the kitchen. By cooking rice in it, the chefs can devote their time to other cooking needs. When not in use, it can be simply stored away like any cooking pot.

Short Description:

  • 34600 BTU gas supply rice cooker
  • automatic cooking and warming unit
  • cooks 55 cups of rice in 22 minutes
  • pilot light keeps the rice warm until serving
  • ideal for commercial use in restaurants, etc

Best Gas Expensive Rice Cooker

Rinnai RER-55ASN Rice Cooker

Convenient Handles
This gas rice cooker is one of the most expensive rice cookers with a price of around 480 dollars on Amazon. It is equipped with a beige cooking pot and a gas burner base, as well as a cover lid for the pot. The lid has a handle for easy opening. The side handles on the pot are convenient for the transport of the unit.

100 Bowls Of Rice
This gas cooker has an impressive 50-cup capacity, enough to cook up to 100 bowls of rice in just 22 minutes. After cooking, it can also keep the rice warm for hours, ideal for use in restaurants. By automatically controlling the heat and cooking time, cooking rice becomes a simple task with this unit.

Rinnai RER-55ASN Rice Cooker

Time-Saving Quality
As it has its own burner base, it won’t take up any space on the burner range in restaurant kitchens. It will also save time for the chefs, allowing them to spend their time on other cooking applications, without worrying about the quality of cooked rice.

Automatic Simmer
To cook rice, all you have to do is add the appropriate water to rice ratio to the cooking pot, turn it on, and walk away. It runs on natural gas and can be used for cooking larger or smaller amounts of rice to perfection. When cooking, the automatic two-stage burner is used along with the automatic simmer function for cooking and keeping the rice warm.

Short Description:

  • beige cooking pot with 50-cup capacity
  • it can cook 100 bowls of rice in 22 minutes
  • runs on natural gas, ideal for restaurants
  • saves space and time on a burner range
  • automatically controls the heat and time
  • two-stage burner for cooking and warming

Best Smart Most Expensive Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Rice Cooker

12 Settings Available
This rice cooker can be used to cook up to 6 cups of rice and to keep it warm afterward. It uses heating pressure for cooking and warming while allowing you to choose between 12 available settings. The capacity of 6 cups of uncooked rice allows you to cook about 3 liters of rice at once.

Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Rice Cooker Review

No Burning & Sticking
The inner cooking pot has a non-stick coating for cooking rice without burning it and it won’t stick to the inside of the pot. The digital panel of the smart rice cooker uses an intelligent cooking algorithm for the precise cooking of many different types of rice.

Auto-Clean Mode
The programs can be used for cooking fresh GABA rice, sushi rice, as well as for making porridge, soup, bread, and more. The system for water drainage allows the rice to keep its taste after it is cooked, by collecting any excess vapors. After cooking, the auto-clean mode releases a jet of steam for sanitizing and cleaning the cooker’s interior.

Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Rice Cooker

Smart Voice Navigation
While cooking, the steam is protected from leaking with the double-layered rubber on the inner pot. Packed with safety features, this model can also be navigated by voice in English, Korean, or Chinese. This expensive rice cooker is listed for the price of around 250 dollars on Amazon.

Short Description:

  • cooks and warms 6 cups of uncooked rice
  • heating pressure with 12 cooking programs
  • rice won’t burn or stick to the inner pot
  • intelligent algorithm for precise cooking
  • GABA, sushi rice, porridge, soup, and more
  • auto-clean mode for convenient maintenance
  • voice navigation available in English, Korean, Chinese

What To Consider In Most Expensive Rice Cookers?

When choosing between expensive rice cookers on the market, we suggest you consider some of the following features. For starters, limit yourself to the budget you are willing to spend. Also, think of the capacity that will fit your needs. Finally, consider the design with the offered cooking programs that you might need and make sure the cooker is easy to use.

Price – Pricy models of rice cookers will cost you at least a couple hundred dollars. Depending on their size, design, and use, they can even reach the price of over 400 dollars. To get a quality model for home use, you won’t need to spend more than around 250 dollars, while commercial models can be much pricier, up to 450 dollars.

Capacity – Whether you are looking for a home-use model or a commercial model, the market offers many sizes. You can get an expensive rice cooker ideal for cooking for only a few people or making a large amount of rice at once. Commercial models can even 50 cups of rice, while some are ideal as a one-person rice cooker.

Design – Rice cookers are popular mainly among Asian families, and they usually love Japanese models available on the market. These models are usually on the pricier side but are of good quality. They offer different cooking programs suitable for white, brown, jasmine, GABA, sushi rice, and more.

Types – The market offers rice cookers with electric and gas supply. Gas cookers are best for commercial use, cooking large amounts of rice in a short period of time. Electric models are mostly preferred for home use. Depending on your demands and preference, you can choose between a commercial gas rice cooker or an electric model.

Ease Of Use – Apart from the smart models, simple rice cookers are also available to purchase. Both smart and simple models should be very easy to operate, saving you time spent in the kitchen. Make sure that you understand the functions before you settle on a model.

To Wrap It Up

Our top pick for some of the most expensive rice cookers on the market is the Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH rice cooker. It can cook up to 5.5 cups of rice and offers programs for various rice types. To get a better look at what the market has to offer, you can also check out our list of the best affordable rice cookers. For healthy options on the market, consider some of the reviewed healthy rice cookers.

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