Best 6 Commercial Gas Rice Cookers To Pick Reviewed By Expert

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In this article, you can check out reviews of natural gas, big, small, and restaurant rice cookers to help you in your search for the perfect model for you. Moreover, you can also learn about the technical specifications of such an appliance and find out which features make the best cookers for commercial use.

The Rundown

Best Of Best Commercial Gas Rice Cooker
Rinnai Rice Cooker RundownRinnai Commercial Rice Cooker
Supplied with natural gas or propane, this cooker can hold up to 55 cups of raw rice to make 110 cups of cooked rice.
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Best Natural Gas Commercial Gas Rice CookerPaloma Gas Rice Cooker RundownPaloma Gas Rice Cooker
This cooker is constructed from aluminum and enamel materials for precise and even cooking of rice by using natural gas.
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Best Automatic Commercial Gas Rice CookerTown Food Service Gas Cooker RundownTown Food Rice Cooker
This automatic rice cooker cooks 55 cups of rice in only 22 minutes and then switches to the warming setting automatically.
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Best Big Commercial Gas Rice Cooker
Amko Ak-55rc Rice Cooker RundownAmko Commercial Rice Cooker
With an input of 35000 BTUs per hour, it cooks between 25 and 55 cups of rice, ideal for larger gatherings.
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Best Small Commercial Gas Rice Cooker
Wupyi Natural Gas Rice Cooker RundownWupyi Gas Rice Cooker
Serving up to 35 people, this model can cook 6 kilograms of rice in 26 minutes, also suitable for other cooking applications.
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Best Restaurant Commercial Gas Rice CookerThunder Group Rice Cooker RundownThunder Group LP Rice Cooker
By simplifying the cooking process of 30 to 50 cups of rice, it is ideal for restaurant use, allowing chefs to concentrate on other work.
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Best 6 Commercial Gas Rice Cookers

Best Of Best Commercial Gas Rice Cooker

Rinnai Commercial Rice Cooker

Impressive Capacity
This Rinnai commercial gas rice cooker has a cooking pot that can hold 55 cups of raw rice, yielding up to 110 cups of cooked rice. Depending on your needs, you can use it to cook both larger and smaller amounts of rice to perfection. The cooking pot is constructed from aluminum, while the body is made from enamel.

Natural Gas Or Propane
This gas rice cooker can be connected to both natural gas or propane to cook rice. Equipped with CSA and NSF certifications, promising high standards for safe food, sanitation, and other standards for safety and performance. The lid has a handle for easy opening, with side handles for carrying on the body, as well.

Rinnai Rice Cooker Review

Two-Stage Burner
This cooker is easy to use and to keep clean. When using it with gas, it has an input of 9600 BTUs. This makes it ideal for use in restaurants and commercial kitchens. The burner has two stages for cooking rice precisely, feeding large groups of people fast.

Reliable Thermostat
To adjust the heat, you will be able to use a reliable thermostat. The cooker is made from heavy-duty materials for durability and long-lasting use. All you have to do is connect it to the gas supply and you will be able to cook large amounts of rice.

Short Description:

  • 55 cups of uncooked, 110 cups of cooked rice
  • aluminum cooking pot, enamel body
  • can be used with propane and natural gas
  • easy to use and clean, durable construction
  • the accurate thermostat and two-stage burner

Best Natural Gas Commercial Gas Rice Cooker

Paloma Gas Rice Cooker

Cooks Rice Fast
This commercial gas rice cooker features a 10-liter cooking pot that can hold 55 cups of rice. Compared to electric cookers, it can cook rice faster and more precisely, which makes it ideal for commercial use. It turns the flame on easily by pressing the ignition lever and is fueled by natural gas.

Safe To Use
A built-in safety device prevents the main burner on the natural gas rice cooker from staying lit incase the cooking pot is removed or misaligned from the base. To get optimally cooked rice, the burner will automatically go off at the end of the cooking cycle as it is controlled by a thermostat.

Paloma Gas Rice Cooker Review

Easy Maintenance
The simple rice cooker is easy to remove for cleaning, allowing a hygienic cooking station for rice on a commercial level. The exterior of the cooker is constructed from enamel and works along with aluminum inside to offer even heating for rice. The construction helps to preserve the natural flavor of rice.

Temperature Sensor
The ferrite sensor on the natural gas rice cooker ensures rice is cooked evenly and thoroughly each time. This sensor makes sure the cooker achieves the perfect temperature for cooking fast.

Short Description:

  • a 10-liter cooking pot holds 55 cups of rice
  • easy to start by pressing the ignition lever
  • engineered with safety in mind
  • constructed from aluminum and enamel
  • ferrite sensor for the right cooking temperature
  • an automatic thermostat-controlled burner

Best Automatic Commercial Gas Rice Cooker

Town Food Rice Cooker

Cooks Rice Fast
This automatic rice cooker has a 34600 BTU supply to cook 55 cups of rice in as little as 22 minutes. It can be used for both cooking and keeping rice warm. To operate it easily, it is equipped with a switch for starting the ignition and cooking. The cooking pot comes with a lid and a handle for easy opening.

Auto Warm Mode
This commercial gas rice cooker is 20.6 inches long, 20.5 inches wide, and 17.7 inches high. It is ideal for commercial use cooking a large amount of rice at once. After cooking, the unit keeps the rice warm automatically, keeping it at an optimal temperature for serving.

Town Food Rice Cooker

Included Accessories
The pilot light is used to keep the rice hot after cooking is done and the large burner turns off. The collapsible handles on the cooking pot are great for handling the unit without taking up any extra space in a commercial kitchen. Included with the purchase, you will get a measuring cup and rear connection kit for gas.

As it has automatic features, this cooker will save you time in the kitchen. It cooks a large amount of rice in a very short time. The measuring cup that is included should be used for setting the appropriate water to rice ratio to get perfectly fluffy rice each time.

Short Description:

  • cooks rice and automatically keeps it warm
  • cooks 55 cups of rice in only 22 minutes
  • uses a gas supply of 34600 BTUs
  • featuring a start and cook switches
  • measuring cup and connection kit included
  • saves time in the commercial kitchen
  • 20.6 inches long, 20.5 wide, 17.7 high

Best Big Commercial Gas Rice Cooker

Amko Commercial Rice Cooker

25 To 55 Cups Of Rice
This big rice cooker has an input rating of 35000 BTUs per hour and uses a natural gas supply. It allows you to cook 25 to 55 cups of rice inside the cooking pot. The burner base comes with a viewing hole to monitor the condition of the fire on the burner.

Safe To Use
With featuring buttons for starting and cooking, this commercial appliance is very easy to use. The automatic device for extinguishing the fire will keep the fire working safely. The cooking pot and the lid come with handles for easy opening and relocating.

Amko Ak-55rc Rice Cooker

For Larger Gatherings
The accurate thermostat helps the commercial gas rice cooker to prepare evenly cooked rice. It makes enough rice for larger gatherings, so it can be used for catering businesses and similar commercial uses. You won’t have to spend a lot of time learning how to use it.

For hospitality uses, such a cooker is big enough to make a large amount of rice fast in this foodservice equipment. This way you can save space on the burner range and use only one pot to cook a lot of rice at once.

Short Description:

  • 35000 BTUs per hour with natural gas
  • cooks 25 to 55 cups of rice at once
  • viewing hole for monitoring the fire
  • buttons fro ignition and cooking modes
  • features a safety fire extinguishing device

Best Small Commercial Gas Rice Cooker

Wupyi Gas Rice Cooker

Serves 35 People
This small rice cooker has a 7-liter capacity and can cook up to 30 cups of rice. This is enough to cook rice for serving up to 35 people. By cooking rice on fire, compared to electric cookers, you will get rice with a specific smell and taste. It is used for fast cooking, making up to 6 kilograms of rice in about 26 minutes.

Wupyi Gas Rice Cooker

Fast Cooking
This fast rice cooker is also available to purchase in 10, 15, and 23-liter sizes, depending on your needs. When you need freshly cooked rice, this is ideal as it works fast. At the same time, it won’t leave much food waste when you need smaller amounts of rice on a commercial level.

Temperature Control
The big fire on the burner is used for cooking rice and it goes out once cooking is completed. The small fire on the burner starts to keep the rice warm when needed. To cook rice thoroughly and precisely, the commercial gas rice cooker has an automatic temperature control function.

Wupyi Gas Rice Cooker Review

Versatile Cooking
This model can be used for cooking different food as well, not just rice. In that case, the bigger burner won’t turn off automatically. It can cook soup, porridge, noodles, or steam foods.

Short Description:

  • 7-liter capacity for 30 cups of rice
  • it can feed around 35 people
  • cooks 6 kilograms of rice in 26 minutes
  • big fire on the burner cooks rice
  • small fire keeps rice warm after cooking
  • can also cook soup, noodles, steam foods

Best Restaurant Commercial Gas Rice Cooker

Thunder Group Rice Cooker

30-50 Cups Of Rice
This restaurant rice cooker works with a propane gas supply and cooks between 30 and 50 cups of rice. After cooking, it can keep rice warm for up to 6 hours. Equipped with its own burner, it cooks rice while saving space on the burner range in the kitchen.

Simplified Rice Cooking
By using this cooker, all you have to do is add the water and the rice into the cooker, and turn the flame on. Thanks to the easy operation, it will save time for chefs that they can devote to other cooking applications in the kitchen restaurant.

Thunder Group Rice Cooker

Convenient Handles
By simplifying the cooking process, this commercial gas rice cooker saves both time and space in the restaurant kitchen. With its compact size, you can also easily store it away when not in use. The handles on the cooker are collapsible and the lid has a handle for easy opening and closing.

For Busy Environments
With the propane supply, this cooker is flexible for use in many different locations, as long as the propane supply is accessible. The compact size is ideal for cooking enough rice in a busy restaurant environment. It controls the cooking time and heat for cooking rice.

Short Description:

  • cooks between 30 and 50 cups of rice
  • ideal for use in restaurants
  • simplifies the cooking process of rice
  • automatic 6-hour warming mode
  • collapsible handles and a cover lid
  • it saves time and space in the restaurant
  • it controls cooking time and heat

What To Consider In Commercial Gas Rice Cookers?

When buying a rice cooker for commercial use, a gas supply is very useful for faster cooking. Cookers can be supplied with different types of gas, so this is also something to keep in mind when buying a cooker. The market offers commercial gas rice cooker models with different capacities and it is recommended to always go for easy-to-use models.

Commercial Use – When cooking rice on a commercial level, compared to personal home use, gas cookers are great for cooking larger amounts of rice in a shorter time. This makes it ideal for pubs, hotels, restaurants, catering businesses, etc.

Type Of Gas – The market offers models running on natural gas and propane, mostly. Compared to cooking rice inside an electric unit, a gas model cooks rice directly above the flame. For this reason, they are attractive to professional cookers and chefs who don’t have to worry about the taste of rice or the time it takes to cook it.

Capacity – Commercial models rarely go under 20 cups of rice. Some can even hold 50 cups of uncooked rice, yielding even over 100 cups of rice. To get the best model for your needs, make sure it can cook enough rice for your commercial business.

Ease Of Use – Gas-powered rice cookers are usually easy to use. Electric models mostly offer various cooking programs to choose from, while gas models have a much simpler operation. They feature two switches – a starting and cooking lever for foolproof use. You will have to safely connect the gas supply and turn the burner on to start cooking.

What Else? – Apart from cooking, the marker also offers commercial rice warmers that keep the rice warm when cooking is done, which can be convenient on a commercial level. Some can also be used for other cooking applications, such as steaming, cooking soup, and more.

To Wrap It Up

The Rinnai commercial gas rice cooker is our top pick because it can yield 110 cups of cooked rice. The generous capacity makes it ideal for commercial use. To check out our combined selection of electric and gas cookers, read about the best commercial rice cookers on the market. For highly-priced models, consider some of the expensive rice cookers on the market, including commercial gas models.

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