How To Clean Rice Cooker Inside And Outside At Home?

You can assume that cleaning a rice cooker is very important if you use this kitchen appliance often. It is made to help you cook better rice quicker and easier. Sometimes, rice or any other dish can burn and cause you problems.

Yet, do you exactly know what and when to clean?

In this article, we bring you some of the best tips on how to clean a rice cooker and maintain it clean for a long time!

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How Often To Clean Rice Cooker

Cleaning a rice cooker depends on how often you use it and what do you use it for. If you don’t burn your rice, easy maintenance is required after every use. Also, if you don’t use it often, you should clean the dust from the outside every once in a while. Also, be sure that you don’t hold any food leftovers inside. Each producer has a specific recommendation for its product but mostly is recommended to do a general cleaning after 10th use. Otherwise, it is enough to clean the cooking pot after every use.

Cautious Measures Before Cleaning

Before cleaning, be sure that you have read the producer`s instructions. There are stated specific instructions for every situation. Be sure that the cooker is unplugged and further from any electricity source. Took off the lid to let it cool quicker. The process is similar to how to clean a waffle maker. Once it is completely cold and safe to use, be sure you remove all electric parts. Disassemble all removable parts and clean them aside. Make sure that the internal hot plate base is never in touch with water. Dry all parts well, including the inside of the cooker, before assembling again. Don’t use it for the first 30 minutes or before all water and wetness is gone. Keep it on a flat spot in the kitchen and maintain it with care. When you just clean it regularly after cooking, use a soft sponge and no-abrasive products.

Why Is Important To Clean Rice Cooker

A Rice cooker can be a very helpful kitchen appliance. As its name says, it is made to cook perfect rice. Yet, because of a healthy cooking style without adding extra oil, it is often compared with cooking in vacuum-sealed bags. You can cook many delicious and healthy meals in it. The simplest is egg frittata, to more complex like banana bread, oatmeal, or pineapple upside cake. All these dishes leave small crumbles and a smell inside. To avoid scented rice, you should clean it regularly, especially after a dish other than rice.  Not only for the taste, but regular cleaning will help you extend its lifetime and regular, satisfying work. Then you will have a reliable appliance, ready to use at every moment.

Cleaning A Rice Cooker Outside

Cleaning the rice cooker from the outside is simple and can be everyday work. If you keep your rice cooker on the kitchen counter, clean it often from the dust. For this, you need only a soft and wet cleaning cloth. You can wash the buttons and all turning buttons. Sometimes, little pieces like crumbles stuck between them and can cause problems with turning. You can also clean a wire with a damp cloth if it`s unplugged. You can use a cleaning solution product to clean stamps from the outside, but prevent them from going inside. The best way to clean it is to spray not directly on the cooker, but first on the cloth. Then, clean it with a clean damp, wetted in warm water.

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Cleaning A Rice Cooker Inside

Removable parts are usually dishwasher safe, so you can wash them separately. This usually includes a lid, condensation collector, and measuring cup, but it can vary from producer to producer. The most important part is a cooking pot which needs to be clean after each use. Then, some models have different removable parts, like a measuring cup and condensation pot which are removable. Be very careful when you handle inside the hot pot.

What To Use For Cleaning Inside?

For cleaning the inside of the rice cooker is preferable to use warm water and mild detergent. Most of the parts are usually dishwasher safe, so they will be washed with a detergent. You can use mild detergents for parts like lid and pot. Avoid aggressive detergents and abrasive products which can damage the surface. Also, it is preferable to use organic products, like vinegar and lemon acid to get rid of stains. Also, be sure that you don’t use perfumed detergents which can leave an aftertaste on your rice or any other dish.

Cleaning Removable Parts

Each rice cooker has specific removable parts and instructions on how to clean them. Generally, most of them come with a steam basket, especially the restaurant rice cookers. You need to remove it and soak it in water or wash it in a dishwasher. Other parts, like a measurable cup or rice spatula, are usually external and you can wash them after every use. For a lid, especially if it`s detachable, it is recommended to wash it with hands and use a sponge with soap and warm water. Be sure to rinse and dry it well before putting again.


How To Clean Food Remains

Sometimes, especially when you burn something, caked food remains can stay in the pot. There are several ways to get rid of them without aggressive methods and surface damage. First, you can pour water and leave it for a night to become softer and easier to scrub. Never use a metal spatula since it easily makes damage on the surface. Then, you can use mild sandpaper for food remains and gently scrub all remains from the surface. If you still want to use a spatula, choose a rubber or plastic one and rub caked rice of it. Soaking for at least 10 minutes helps in the process. After you removed it all, rinse it with warm water and clean it with a dry cloth.

How To Clean Rice Cooker Heating Element

The hot plate is the most valuable element of a rice cooker since it warms the pot and cooks rice. Yet, it can be easily damaged and you should handle it with care. You can use regular detergent, dry cloth, or vinegar. Be sure to never spill any water inside! You need to remove all parts before cleaning. Also, be sure that it is cold and ready to clean. For stubborn and hard stains it is recommended to use chlorine rather than sandpaper which can cause damage on a surface. In very hard cases, you can try with steel wool. Be sure to remove all soap or chemicals with a wet cloth. Dry it well and use it after 20 minutes again.

How To Clean Rice Cooker With Vinegar

White vinegar is the safest and most organic choice for cleaning a rice cooker. You should use it with warm water and leave for at least 20 minutes to start working. Then, use a sponge to rinse all remains from it. You can add lemon to remove all odors and leave it fresh and ready to cook. Not only will it clean all stains and leave a shiny surface, but you can be sure that you won`t consume any chemicals or dangerous substances.

To Wrap It Up

Cleaning a rice cooker can be a daily routine or rare event, depending on how much you use it. you can maintain it after every use, but be sure to clean it well after the 10th use or when you have caked leftovers. Since it is used for cooking, be sure to take care of the surface and avoid utilizing strong chemicals. If you plan to change your rice cooker or want to purchase a new one, make sure you’ve checked this post about the best non toxic rice cookers and the best-rated one-person rice cookers.

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