How To Clean A Waffle Maker? Belgian, Commercial & Other Types

Even if you use cooking spray, there is always an excess batter fried on the waffle maker.

Do you have problems with cleaning it?

Don’t worry, because we will provide you some useful advice. In this article, you can read how to clean each type of waffle maker and show you how easy it is.

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Do Precaution

Waffle makers, especially electrical, must be cleaned carefully. First, be sure that you have unplugged it from electricity. It is extremely dangerous to work with water while it is still on. Also, be sure that all electrical parts are removed from the cleaning area. Wait until the inside of the waffle maker is completely cold because it can be so hot you can have serious injuries and burnt.

Drain The Grease And Leftover Bits

If you fry waffles and add oil or they consist of meat and cheese, there will be leftover fat all over. It is easier to remove when is completely cold. You won`t only easily see it, but remove all excess with a cotton swab. Don’t use water because it can`t help you with fat, rather add some cleaning soap. Be careful with it since it can stay in the holes and change the taste afterward.

Use Pastry Brush

A pastry brush is a very helpful tool to clean a waffle maker since it has many holes and small parts. Usually, it is better to use it once you have wiped the interior and remove all grease. It helps you remove any dust and crumbs leftover, so you can be sure it is completely clean. The brush must be for pastries because it has softer hair which won`t damage the interior.

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Try To Melt Leftovers With Steam

Sometimes, you can use pro waffle maker for some messy recipes and have burnt leftovers. It is usually with cheese and ham or for a sweeter version, chocolate. Try to use a cleaning steam system which is powerful to melt burnt. It uses only water and hot steam which can`t do any damage on metal and cleans powerfully. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, turn it to medium heat and add some water carefully inside. Then close it and cook for a few minutes. Wipe all excess water with a paper towel.

Avoid Chemicals

To clean waffle makers avoid using aggressive chemicals. First, they can damage the metal and leave dangerous open holes. Also, they can change the taste of the final product and be dangerous for your health. If you need them to remove fat, be sure that you use mild dish soap and rinse it well with water after. Before cleaning, be sure that you refer to manuals and instructions.

To Wrap It Up

A waffle maker can be problematic to clean if you use it for a very long time. But for personal needs, you can easily clean without using aggressive chemicals. Be sure that you read instructions before and make it safe and cold before cleaning. If you are searching for the best square Belgian waffle maker or maybe round 4 waffle makers, read these posts.

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