How Fast Does Pickle Juice Work As A Laxative?

Whilst more people just throw away pickle juice and consider it as a leftover, they should know that this juice does have some benefits!

So, hang on to that juice! 😀

There are few surprising uses of this juice and there are rumors about pickle juice’s laxative effects. Is it true, and if so, how fast does pickle juice work as a laxative?

Let’s solve the mystery!

Why The Pickle Juice Is Healthy?

People have considered pickles to be healthy food, also, many claim that pickle juice has its own benefits.
So, let’s start with pickle juice nutrition to see if some things could benefit you.

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Pickle Juice Nutrition

Around 3.5 ounces of pickle juice contains:

  • Calcium – 1-5% of the RDI (recommended daily intake)
  • Carbohydrates – 0.4 grams
  • Sodium – 50-115% of the RDI
  • Potassium – 3% of the RDI
  • Magnesium – 3% of the RDI

Also, if you have unpasteurized pickle juice (without vinegar), it can contain probiotic bacteria. But keep in mind that most commercial pickle juices are pasteurized.

Does Pickle Juice Have Laxative Effects?

Unfortunately, constipation affects not just adults, but children and infants. Of course, you can go to the pharmacy and buy a commercially available laxative and wait for the result.

But people often choose natural alternatives and there is this rumor about pickle juice and its laxative effect. So, is this true?

Before we dive into this topic, it is important to note that not every jar of pickles is good for you. The jar that is full of preservatives and dye won’t benefit you. Of course, you can make homemade pickle juice which will be healthier.

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When ingested in excessive amounts, salt and water provide a natural laxative effect on the human body. When sodium is in your gut, it attracts water and softens stomach content and stool.

So next time you open a jar of yummy pickles, save the juice!

Important Note

Adults can take up to 2,300mg of sodium daily. About 100 grams of pickle juice contains around 500 mg of sodium (that’s 20% of the daily allowed intake).

Vinegar is often used in pickle juice to provide longer shelf life. Also, it acts as a laxative because it adds acidity to your stomach and triggers it to release some.

When drinking pickle juice, your gut gathers more water in the stomach than usual. Then your body tries to eliminate the excess salt in the gut by initiating a bowel movement. That results in more frequent pooping. It is very important to stay hydrated.

Therefore, drinking pickle juice can help you poop and ensure immediate constipation relief. But be careful, continuous intake can actually worsen your condition.

How Long Does Pinckle Juice Take To Work?

It is a bit hard to say how fast it works because that depends on the individual. It is just like caffeine – some people need to use the bathroom immediately, whilst there is no effect on others. If your constipation problem is not so big, you might experience relief after up to 2 hours after consuming the pickle juice. It also depends on other food you have been consuming before.

How Much Is Too Much?

Of course, you shouldn’t consume pickle juice in excess. This means that more than 4 -6 ounces at once is too much and can lead to excessive gas, cramps and stomach pain.

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Can Pickle Juice Cause Diarrhea?

Well, yes. When there is too much salt in your digestive tract, water follows and causes loose stool. That’s why it’s so important to consume it in moderation.

Benefits And Downsides Of Drinking Pickle Juice

Any way, it’s worth trying with pinckle juice so you will see what effect does it have on your organism. Here we mentioned some advantages and disadvantages of drinking pickle juice, so read it before you start drinking this juice.


  • Contains Probiotics – Naturally fermented pickles (and juice) contain probiotics. These are live microorganisms that will keep your good gut bacteria in balance. Mostly, people use probiotics for digestive health.
  • Post-workout Drink – Since pickle juice contains electrolytes (you’re losing it throughout sweat), so you can use it to rehydrate yourself. Choose vinegar-based pickle juice without preservatives.
  • post-workout drink

  • Blood Sugar Regulation – It is proven that vinegar-based pickle juice help maintains balanced blood sugar levels.
  • Support Weight Loss – Because it stabilizes blood sugar levels, pickle juice will prevent you from impulsive eating.
  • weight loss

  • Contains Antioxidants – This juice contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that protect your cells from free radicals.
  • Help Relieve Muscle Cramps
  • It May Cure Hangovers – Salt in pickle juice may encourage people to drink more water

Side Effects

  • High sodium – Don’t drink too much pickle juice, because you can overdo it with the sodium. That can lead to water retention, swelling and bloating.
  • Raised blood pressure – Water retention can increase blood pressure which can be dangerous for some people
  • high blood pressure

  • Indigestion – Too much pickle juice leads to gas, stomach pain and diarrhea
  • Cramping – Some believe that pickle juice causes electrolyte imbalance and even worsens cramping

People with acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux should avoid this drink. Before you start experimenting with pickle juice, contact your doctor and listen to their advice.

To Wrap It Up

Many people believe that drinking pickle juice can have a positive effect on your health, so here we listed some benefits as well as its side effects of it. Check them, but we recommend consulting with your doc in the first place.

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