15 Hot Plate Recipes For Delicious Meal You Can Prepare At Home

The hot plate is very substituted for a kitchen stove, but it can be really helpful for making simple and delicious meals. Even though it uses students mostly, they can be made as quick and easy dinner without using your main stove.

Here, we bring you even 15 delicious hot plate recipes and ideas you can easily make in any situation!

Sunavo Hot Plate

1. Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken quesadillas are an easy and quick dinner for everyone who wants to eat healthily. It can be attractive to prepare it on a hot plate in front of your friends, too. The ingredients are simple, including chicken, tomato and pepper that need to be seasoned and roasted. Furthermore, remove them from the pan and add one tortilla, fill it with meat and veggie mixture and put some grated cheese on the top. Fold it and fry on each side until golden brown. Add other toppings, like avocado or sour cream if you wish.

2. Egg And Ham Tortilla

When you want a different and tasty breakfast to go, try delicious ham and egg tortilla that can be prepared in one pan. Use fresh egg and break it on hot butter. Swirl it with a fork to get scrambled egg and season with salt and pepper. On the hot pan add a tortilla, then cooked eggs and ham or ground cheese. Roll it up and fry until cheese is melted and voila – you have a quick and delicious breakfast!

tomato pasta

3. Easy Tomato Pasta

There is no better and simpler pasta dish than tomato paste. This is ideal for a hot plate because you only need to boil pasta and add crushed tomatoes. If you want to achieve a deeper flavour, try to combine it with sun-dried tomatoes. Don’t forget to mix some herbs, like basil, to enhance flavour.

4. Easy Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is always a good choice for a hot plate because you only need to fry chicken. Hot plate quickly fries chicken and it gets crispy golden crust and stays juicy and soft from the inside. On the side, chop some vegetables like green salad, kale, tomatoes, corn, carrots… anything you like. Mix it in the bowl and put the warm chicken on top of it. Drizzle with your favourite dressing and you have a perfect meal in just seconds!

cheese sandwitch

5. Melted Cheese Sandwich

If you want to eat a warm cheese sandwich, there is no better way than do it on a hot plate. this very simple recipe will take you only five minutes of work and you need butter, toast bread and any kind of cheese you like. What is more, a hot plate warms the surface equally and allows it to melt better from the inside. What is more, you will have fewer dishes to wash and you can prepare it even in your room while learning!

6. Potato Snack

Similar to salty egg muffin, this potato snack can be great as a side dish to some meat for a lunch or as a snack. Grate the potato and squeeze the excess water. Then add some salt, paper, powder garlic and smoked paprika. Finely chop chives and mix it all well. Crack one egg and mix it separately, then add it to the mixture. Form small balls and fry them in a hot pan. If you want to, you can add some grated parmesan cheese or finely chopped ham. Serve it warm with a tasty sauce.

7. Homemade Mushroom Soup

Long winter night in a dorm can be comfortable with this soul food – creamy mushroom soup. You will need one finely chopped onion fried on the butter. Then, add one potato sliced on the cubes and one shredded carrot. Add chopped mushrooms and cover it with vegetable stock. After vegetables are done, add some cooking cream and grated parmesan cheese. It is a very hearty meal but cooked on one plate only.

zucchini pasta

8. Zucchini Pasta

If you`re tired of regular flour pasta, you may want to try the vegetable solution. Slice zucchini on thin and long slices and cook them in salty water. Don’t overcook them, since they are much faster than regular pasta. Then, remove the water and zucchini pasta; add some butter and garlic to the pan. Add cooking cream, parsley and parmesan cheese. Mix all together and enjoy your simple and healthy dish!

9. Veggie Stew

A hot plate can be intended for longer cooking, too. If you want delicious one-pot veggie stew, here is the recipe. You can use whatever vegetable you have right now, but the base is butter, onion and a tablespoon of flour. Then add carrots, potato, kale or tomato and add vegetable stock or water. This vitamin bomb can be easily prepared on a hot plate for a delicious dinner.

10. Pork Loin With Mustard

For every meat lover, it is quick to prepare a pork loin for a dinner. For the upgraded sauce, add some onion and salt and then fry them until golden brown and tender. Slowly, add water and wait until it evaporated then add more until you get a satisfying amount of sauce. Lastly, add some mustard and serve with boiled potatoes.

roasted veggie

11. Roasted Veggie

The roasted veggie is an ideal meal for a hot plate and you can prepare it in front of friends for a dinner. It is very simple to prepare and you can add whatever vegetables you want. Mix Brussels sprouts and potatoes, green beans and carrots. Season it with rosemary, thyme, salt and paper and a drizzle of olive oil. A hot plate will help you keep it hot for a longer time and reach the perfect taste.

12. Tuna Salad

Quick tuna salad is great for lunch and you can mix it with as many ingredients as you want. In this recipe, you will need a hot plate only to cook the pasta. Use fusilli or another similar type that will absorb juices well. Mix the canned tuna with cooked pasta, add corn, pickles and other vegetables, like cherry tomatoes and peppers. Spice it with your favourite dressing and enjoy!

13. Creamy Prawn Risotto

Risotto is a very popular dish which is a mixture of creamy rice and vegetables or meat. This prawn risotto can be made with any other seafood. First, melt butter and add garlic. Then, add some chopped onion and rice. Pour with white wine and add some vegetable stock. When liquid disappears, garnish with parsley and you will get a light and healthy dinner!


14. Sweet And Savoury Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a very healthy vegetable that is great as a side dish or simple main dish. This dish includes orange juice, soya sauce and honey. First, cook lightly cauliflower and then cook the sauce. Add orange juice, soya sauce, white vinegar and honey and cook them until thick. Then add cauliflower and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

15. Rice Pudding

When you want something sweet, try simple and delicious rice pudding. Very simple, you warm up milk and add rice. Add vanilla seeds, sugar and cinnamon. Cook until rice is soft and cooked and season with chocolate sprinkles or maple syrup.

To Wrap It Up

The hot plate is very helpful at student`s dorm, but in a household as well. Thanks to even temperature, you can make delicious and quick meals. It is easier to use one pot, like for stews or risotto, but you can also make some simple dishes in two steps. If you think about buying a hot plate, the post about the best infrared hot plates and the best large hot plates might be useful for you.

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