50 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid  

Remodeling a kitchen can be a really exciting job to do, but at the same time, you have to be aware of possible mistakes you can avoid with thoughtful preparation.

In this article, we bring you even 50 mistakes you can do while remodeling the kitchen, why to avoid them, and which are better solutions.

kitchen remodeling avoiding mistakes

1. Improper Garbage Disposal

The very important thing about your kitchen is that it should be clean and hygienic, but also has a pleasant smell. Recycling garbage isn’t always easy and it can take too much space. if you don’t want to go outside to empty and sort the garbage, think of proper garbage disposal where you can immediately sort plastic from paper and glass.

2. Too Little Space For Garbage

Planning enough space for the garbage bin will save you a lot of nerves. There are many solutions that you can use to help yourself. One is keeping it underneath the sink or inside the cabin and one is leaving a corner free for it. Be sure that no matter what you can still keep it clean.

3. Hard-To-Reach Garbage Bin

If you are cooking a lot and love to prepare homemade meals, but while preparing it you may have to peel vegetables and have some packaging to throw. Be sure that the position of the garbage bin is practical and easy to throw all garbage into. A good idea is to leave the countertop a few inches longer than the cabinet to put the bin underneath and slide everything in easily.

4. Dysfunctional Sink Garbage Disposal

While rinsing dishes, some food bits may end in the sink. It is a good idea to have a sink garbage disposal that will grind remains and make it easier to collect everything. This will save you from odor and clogging.

5. Fashionable Design

Understandably, you want to renovate your kitchen so it looks trendy, but don’t just blindly follow fashion. Renovating a kitchen is a serious project that should last a few years, so be sure that changes are useable and will last for some years. Don’t feel sorry later because of some trending at the moment.

6. Trendy Accessories

Accessories in the kitchen should be quality and useable, but at least trendy. Yes, you can use some decorative accessories, but it is preferable to keep it simple and basic. Be sure that more accessories mean more cleaning, so use them do to your needs.

7. Unpractical Schedule

A good workflow is an important part of the kitchen, which includes placing appliances like oven, refrigerator, and sink. A big mistake when renovating the kitchen is to misplace the countertop or important appliance, so you need to go over the whole kitchen to wash your hands or just turn the oven. When it comes to countertops, you might like to also know more about how to decorate your kitchen counters.

8. Lack Of Light

Lack of light or inappropriate lightning can be a serious problem if you notice it after renovating the kitchen. It can affect your work and ability to see things properly but also cause serious problems with sight in the future. Be sure that you have enough light in any part and that it has proper strength.

9. Unevenly Distributed Light

A similar problem to inappropriate light is unevenly distributed light. Before setting lightning, be sure that you understand where you need it more and that you test it during the dark period. Uneven lighting will cause problems if you can use some part of the kitchen because you don’t have enough light during darker periods.

power outlet

10. Lack Of Power Outlets

It is well known that the kitchen is loaded with electric devices and while not all of them are constantly plugged, you may need to use them periodically. Talk to your electrician and list all devices you will use, to make enough sources for each or if you use multiple at the same time.

11. Power Outlets Too High

Another problem with power outlets if you place them too high or too low. This can be especially a problem for appliances with shorter plugs and if you need to move around with them, like with toasters and mixers. Be sure that you measure some average distance.

12. Bad Ventilation

The kitchen can be a smelly place, especially if you don’t have a big window and can wind it up properly. To avoid problems with smells and molds, be sure that you have a proper ventilation system and that it goes outside without bothering anyone.

13. Not Enough Storage

The most important thing when renovating a kitchen is ensuring enough storage space in cabinets. Be sure that they are deep enough for the biggest pans and bowls, but if you can`t ensure that, try to find some practical solutions like hanging them above the working unit.

14. Badly Used Storage Space

Another problem with storage space is if it isn’t used properly. You can make a mistake and incorporate too many drawers that you don’t need or not use the full potential of space. For better results, talk to experienced and professional kitchen makers.

15. Too Big Island

Island can be a central part of the kitchen where you can prepare food, eat and hang with people. Yet, the too big island will close the space and can make your kitchen visually smaller. What is more, it can be an obstacle and bother you in your workflow. If the island is designed well, it will contribute to the look of the whole kitchen, so it’s good to know how to decorate your kitchen island properly.

16. Bad Island Placing

Think a lot about placing the island and how you can use the space. The best option is to place it in the middle if you have a spacious kitchen and to avoid corners and narrow alleys. Also, be sure that it is far from the drawers and closet doors.

17. Dysfunctional Island

Island can be a great help in storing kitchen appliances, too. If you need more storage space, a thing of adding drawers to it. Also, you can combine it as a helping table by simply adding chairs around it. All in all, don’t waste space if you won`t use it.

18. Too High Shelves

As mentioned before, it is important to have enough space for storing, but people can rather overdo it and make unnecessary and too high shelves. Not only they are tricky to clean from dust, but you will usually save things that you probably won`t use often. Be sure that you can always reach your shelves and that they are functional.

19. Too Small Sink

The sink is also a very important part of the kitchen and you don’t want the water to damage working counters, so be sure that you have big enough. Washing bigger pans can be complicated in the small sink and it can cause you more problems than initially saving more space for a bigger sink.

water pipe

20. Too High Water Pipe

Splashing water around is also possible if you have too high a pipe. This is a common mistake when people only want to have a decorative pipe and don’t think of everyday situations and problems. Before installing it, be sure that you have taken the right measures and know your needs.

21. Too Low Counter Space

The countertop should be measured perfectly to fit your height and needs. It is a common mistake when people install them too low, which can cause you back pain and problems with inappropriate posture.

22. Not Enough Counter Space

It is very important to have enough space for preparing a dish since cooking requires a lot of food and working more things at the same time. Also, don’t just think of your needs and be aware that you won`t always cook alone.

23. Low-Quality Counter Top

The countertop should be made of quality material, which means this is an important part to invest the most of money into. Don’t make compromises and use low-quality material because you will use it for hot dishes and many harsh techniques, like cutting, that could damage it.

24. Too Tight Aisle

Working in the kitchen should be fun and liberate, so when you think about space, be sure that two people have enough space to work together and don’t have to wait for someone to move. Be sure that aisle has at least one meter of space to be enough for two people passing by.

25. Bad Flooring Choice

The floor is also an important part of the kitchen since you can drop some heavy things on it and that you will need to wash it often. Be sure that you use quality material that can be washed regularly and that it won`t damage quickly.

26. Going Over Budget

When you are renovating a kitchen, you should be realistic and know your limits. Instead of going over budget, try to create simpler and cheaper solutions and save money for later. There are always unexpected and more important expenses than the fashionable accessories you wanted to spend your money on.

27. Buying Expensive Accessories

The kitchen is a very fragile area where you work with dangerous tools, like knives and heavy pots, but more importantly, you work a lot in it. be sure to avoid expensive details, like vases and sculptures that can fall and break or will disrupt you in everyday work.

28. Not Investing Enough Money

It is ideal if you find ways to have a cheap kitchen renovation, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be cheap on everything. Have a realistic plan and distinguish which is important to invest in and what can be lived and functioned without.

29. Overwhelming Small Space

A small kitchen can be totally useful and still look functional. Before renovating a small kitchen, get rid of all things you don’t need and be sure that you don’t buy additional appliances dishes that you can objectively live and work with.

notes in the notebook

30. Making Changes During The Process

There are some minor decisions that you will need to make during the process, but you should have the whole image even before starting. This won’t only save your time, but also save you from mistakes that you can have in impulsive decisions.

31. Not Having A Plan

Having a good and realistic plan is the first step in renovating the kitchen. Before every work, list all your needs and reasons why you are renovating the kitchen not to forget about them later. Also, be sure that you planned all segments, like time and money that can help you track progress.

32. Not Taking Your Personal Needs

Your personal needs are more important than having a trendy kitchen, so be sure that you incorporate them all into it. Also, it may look good at the first glance, but if you can`t use it properly, you will feel unsatisfied later.

33. Making Impulsive Decisions

While renovating a kitchen, there will be many decisions you will have to make, no matter how well you have prepared before. Yet, be sure that you think before making any decision and that it suits completely to your needs.

34. Forgetting About Your Guests

Guests are an important part of the kitchen and many dinners and parties will be held in it. Be sure that you left enough space for them and that they will always feel welcome. The kitchen is usually the center room in the kitchen and should feel warm.

35. Choosing Monochrome Colours

It is the easiest way to choose only one color and stick to it. Yet, sometimes it can be wrong. If you choose a black-only kitchen, it can look too dark. On the other side, the white-only kitchen can look too sterile. Don’t be afraid and add some vibrant color.

36. Not Involving Personal Style

It is completely normal that you are inspired by some kitchen and want to have the same, but be sure that you involve your style and things that you like. It can be some vintage piece from the old kitchen or some vibrant color, but be sure that it is personal.

37. Unnecessary Hanging Cabinets

It is mentioned how much is important to have enough storage space, but it isn’t a reason to hang too many elements. While this can be unnecessary and they can stay empty or you can fill them with unimportant things, they can also close the space and make the kitchen look smaller.

38. Choosing Wrong Materials

Even though some material looks good in space, it doesn’t mean that it is ideal for you. Be sure that you use quality and the right material, and if you don’t know which that is, talk to a professional and ask for advice.

39. Not Easy For Cleaning

Above all, the kitchen should be easy to clean and maintain. Because you use it so much and work with greasy and sticky food, you should be able to keep it clean without using strong chemicals or take too much of your time to clean each part.

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40. Buying Cheap Appliances

Saving money is a good idea to keep under the budget, but don’t save it on appliances. If you buy some cheap appliances, you may lose even more money since you will need to change them quickly.

41. Choosing Appliance Last

Appliances are important in the kitchen and you should buy and measure them before making the final version of the kitchen. Buying them last may leave you with no money and you may wrongly judge the space needed for them, so you will have bigger problems in the end.

42. Refusing Professional Help

Repairing your kitchen in DIY style is a very creative process and can save you a lot of money but be aware of its importance and that many things need professional advice, especially dealing with water and electricity. Never hesitate to listen to professional and experienced advice.

43. Not Taking Pictures

In the process of renovation, you will have a lot of ideas and see a lot of inspiration, but be sure that you have taken photos of it. A photo is indeed worth more than a thousand words, especially if you need to describe the same color you want your cabinet to be.

44. Wrong Timing

Time management is very important while renovating the kitchen. You have to agree with people who are working in some aspect correctly to save time and money. Be aware of renovating steps and don’t put tiles before you have water solved.

45. Forgetting The Rest Of Your House

By renovating the kitchen you will get one completely new room in your house, but don’t forget about the rest of it. if you don’t plan to renovate other rooms quickly after, try to keep a similar style and match it with at least a dining room.

46. Not Getting Everyone Involved

If you live in a community, you will share the kitchen with other people and it is very important to hear their opinions. Don’t make decisions on your own and listen to your wishes only. Try to talk to them and find a common solution. You will see, sometimes you will get more creative ideas and solutions listening to others.

47. Fighting Over Decisions

The fight is never a good way to discuss your ideas. Naturally, you won’t agree with everything, but you should take time and think about each decision. If you can agree, then make a list of pros and cons for each decision and check which is objectively better for everyone.

48. Not Being Honest With Yourself

It is very important, to be honest with yourself and to know your needs. If you make some major mistake because you have changed your mind on other`s behalf, you can be unsatisfied later, when is all gone.

49. Not Preparing For The Worst

Even if you have planned everything in detail, you always have to be prepared for unexpected situations and the worst things. Have some money on the side that can solve it, but most importantly find the strength and patience to make the most out of every situation.

50. Not Being Open To Changes

In the process of renovation, you may become aware that something you have dreamt of can`t be done. Try to be flexible and embrace new solutions.

To Wrap It Up

Renovating the kitchen is a long-lasting and big process where you need to make a lot of decisions, but importantly make the best solutions. You can make it on your own and save money, but be sure that you use quality equipment and material. Always have in mind that you need to be patient and organized and never refuse professional advice. Remember that design of the appliances in your kitchen needs to suit your kitchen decor so choosing a silver dishwasher, black 2-slice toaster, and other appliances in neutral colors is a good idea.

Ivana is always desirable for adventures so she was working in restaurants on the Croatian coast, participated in Caffe barista tournaments, led a gardening business, and more. She is a healthy food enthusiast, prefers vegetarianism, and practices yoga. In her free time, she likes to study ancient Buddhist scriptures as well as psychology.