3 Best 10-Chair (Piece/Seater) Dining Room Table Sets 2022

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If you continue reading this article, you can read reviews of solid wood, black, counter height, and formal dining room sets that can fit 10 people, ideal for gatherings, holidays, and entertaining in your home. Moreover, you can also read our buying guide to help you focus on the important features when choosing a ten-seater dining table and chairs.

The Rundown

Best Of Best 10 Chair Dining Room Set
17 Stories Dining Table Set 10 Seater Rundown17 Stories Dining Table Set 10 Seater
A solid birch tabletop with a metal base and 10 gray chairs gives off an industrial vibe and includes 2 collapsible leaves.
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Best Black 10 Chair Dining Table Set
Hanover Dining Set 10 Seater RundownHanover Dining Set 10 Seater
The weather-resistant outdoor set includes a chrome coated table with 4 swivel and 6 side chairs and has a parasol hole in the middle.
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Best Formal 10 Seat Dining Room Set
Lexington 10 Person Dining Room Set RundownLexington 10 Person Dining Room Set
The cherry-colored table is made of solid and manufactured wood with 2 armchairs and 8 side chairs with gray upholstery.
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3 Best 10-Chair Dining Room Table Sets

Best Of Best 10 Chair Dining Room Set

17 Stories Dining Table Set 10 Seater

Industrial Style
This 10-chair dining table set includes a table with 10 chairs made out of solid wood. The solid wood dining table seats 10 people easily, giving enough space for each of the ten people without the feeling of the food and dishes being crammed on it. The set has an industrial feel to it with the crossbar as part of the table support.

17 Stories Dining Table Set 10 Seater

Solid Birch Tabletop
The legs of the support have sturdy lines while the nuts and bolts are exposed to give it a truly industrial feel. The tabletop is made of distressed solid birch and includes two extension leaves to make it long and suitable for 10 people. When not in need of a 10-seater, you can fold the extension leaves so that the set takes up less space in the kitchen or dining room.

Black & Gray Combo
The base of the table is black in color and made out of metal while the seats and the tabletop are gray in color. When you collapse the counter height table that seats 10 people, it will be able to seat up to 8 people. There are 10 chairs included with metal seating material and each has a capacity of 300 pounds. The height of the seating position is 19 inches.

17 Stories Dining Table Set 10 Seater Review

Counter Height Model
The table is 34 inches high which makes it a great counter height model. To give the whole set a distressed look, the wood is scored and rubbed through, making every item in the set unique due to natural factors. The 10-seater dining table grey set will look good in natural designs, as well as industrial ones.

Short Description:

  • grey solid birch wood tabletop, grey chairs
  • black metal table base with a crossbar
  • the set gives off industrial vibes
  • includes a table and 10 chairs
  • two collapsible leaves included

Best Black 10 Chair Dining Table Set

Hanover Dining Set 10 Seater

Traditional Outdoor Style
This black dining table seats 10 people and is ideal for outdoor spaces so that you can prepare meals for the family and friends during the warm summer days and nights. The set is a traditional-looking one, with two swivel rockers on the two ends of the table and three dining chairs on the two sides each.

Hanover Dining Set 10 Seater

The dining table is extra-long, and along with the chairs ideal for withstanding all weather conditions thanks to the protective bronze coating, it is sealed with. The cast-top of the table has a pattern and measures 60 by 84 inches. The ornate lattice pattern gives off a traditional style to the 10-seater dining set.

Durable Parts
Along with four swivel chairs and six dining chairs, you will also get plush seat cushions in blue color with UV protected fabric. The frames of the table are made from heavy-duty aluminum, making it durable and sturdy. The rust-free aluminum frame is easy to keep clean along with the rest of the weather-resistant parts.

Hanover Dining Set 10 Seater Review

A Parasol Hole
The chairs are 36 inches high overall, while the table is 29 inches tall. The chairs also have ornate patterns on the back, as well as arms. As the 10-chair dining table set is ideal for outdoor use, there is also a parasol hole in the middle of the table, as well as in the base of the table to hold it perfectly.

Short Description:

  • traditional-looking dining set for outdoors
  • 6 dining and 4 swivel chairs, a table
  • weather-resistant with rust-free aluminum frame
  • sealed with a bronze coating
  • features a parasol hole in the middle
  • ornate lattice pattern on the chairs and table

Best Formal 10 Seat Dining Room Set

Lexington 10 Person Dining Room Set

10 Upholstered Chairs
This is one of the great formal dining room sets for 10 people. It includes a 30-inch high 10-seater extending dining table, 8 upholstered side dining chairs, and two armchairs. All of the ten chairs are 43 inches high and the armchairs are supposed to be put on the two ends of the table.

Lexington 10 Person Dining Room Set Review

Cherry & Grey Colors
The tabletop and the table base are constructed from solid and manufactured wood and they come in the cherry color, as well as the chairs. The table base is a double pedestal type. The upholstery material of the chairs is linen and it is grey in color.

Sturdy Wood Construction
The 10-seat dining room set is ideal for formal dining rooms and gives the room a rich feeling thanks to the sturdy wood construction. The table is 88 inches long and 46 inches wide so that it can fit 10 people easily, giving enough space for four chairs on each side.

Lexington 10 Person Dining Room Set

Long Rectangular Shape
By combining wood and upholstery, the dining room space will look very formal, but comfortable at the same time. The long rectangular table shape is a great choice for long dining rooms so that you and your family can enjoy holidays together or you may invite your friends over for a night of entertainment.

Short Description:

  • extendable dining table and 10 chairs
  • the table is 88 inches long, 46 wide, 30 high
  • constructed from solid and manufactured wood
  • cherry color, gray upholstery on chairs
  • the double pedestal base of the table
  • 2 armchairs, 8 side dining chairs
  • the long rectangular table shape

What To Consider In 10-Seat Dining Room Sets?

To get the best 10-seat dining table and chairs on the market, here are some of the things to keep in mind when shopping for the same. Firstly, consider the style you want to go for and the materials the set is made out of. Secondly, make sure that you can fit such a dining room table with 10 chairs into your dining room. Besides that, look for some of the other user-friendly features of 10-piece dining room sets we talk about here.

Style – Not everyone has the same taste in dining set 10-seater models, just like with every other thing. Luckily, the market recognizes that so there are many different styles available to choose from, including formal, industrial, rustic, modern, and more. The 10-person dining room set can reflect the look of the kitchen or you can choose a completely another style for it to stand out.

Materials – Some of the popular materials of 10-seater dining room table and chairs are solid wood, metal, veneer, or even glass, and stone. Different materials also go with different styles so that can also play a role when choosing. However, it is important to go for sturdy and durable materials that will be long-lasting.

Size – A 10-seat dining room table is a large item that will require a large space, making it ideal for a centerpiece in dining rooms. Depending on the size and the dimensions of the room, you can look for rectangular, round, or oval tables. When fitting it into your dining room, make sure it allows three feet of breathing room on all sides.

User-Friendly Features – No matter which 10-seater dining table set you decide on, make sure it is easy to clean. Other than that, also make sure that it is easy to put the chairs under the desk to make the dining room look bigger when you are not using it. Besides that, also make sure that the assembly of the set is not too complicated.

How Big Is A Dining Room Table That Seats 10? – Ideally, each place at the table needs to have between 22 and 24 inches of space, but it also depends on the size of the chair. When choosing a dining table with 10 chairs, you will have to get a table that is at least 8 feet long when it comes to rectangular shapes to be able to seat 10 people.

To Wrap It Up

As our favorite choice for a dining set for 10 people, we have chosen the 17 Stories 10-seater dining room table and chairs. The tabletop is made out of solid birch wood while the base of it is constructed from metal. The tabletop and the 10 chairs are gray in color and they come in industrial style. If you want a folding table with this seating capacity, check out our reviews of 10-seater folding dining tables. To be able to seat at least 10 people, also consider some of the reviewed 10 ft dining tables.

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