Vacuum Food Sealers Explained: How Do Vacuum Sealers Work?

Do you have a vacuum sealer in your kitchen, but you don’t know how I work?

Don’t worry, we have the whole thing explained to you in this article!

A food vacuum sealer is one of those kitchen appliances, you don’t know you need until you buy one. They can be used for food storage, corrosion protection, sealing bottles and jars and so much more. The whole process of how it works we explain for you in this article in hopes to give you more understanding of this product before you decide to buy it. So, let’s get started!

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How Do Vacuum Sealers Work?

Taking Out The Air

A vacuum is a place with no air. A vacuum cleaner is a machine that doesn’t create a vacuum, but it removes the air therefore there will be no oxygen. Most of the foods will go bad after some time when they come in contact with oxygen. If there is a way to take all of the air from your food, your food is going to last you longer.  Take the air away, and the food will last a lot longer. A vacuum sealer is a machine that will suck out all of the air out of a plastic bag or container and also seal it so that no air can get back in. That way the food or anything else you have put in the bag is sealed and intact for long-term use.

Sealing The Bag

As we mentioned once the air is out of the bag, the bag needs to be sealed to prevent the air from going back in. The usual kitchen vacuum sealer will melt the top of the plastic bag together and therefore make your food completely protected. There are special vacuum bags made just for this purpose.

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How Do Bar Sealers Work?

There are two main types of vacuum sealers which are the bar sealers and the chamber-style vacuum sealers. The bar sealers are also called the non-chamber vacuum sealers. These vacuum sealers can be used only on dry food and if you use it with anything moist you need to freeze it beforehand. Maybe it seems like a long process, but it’s simple to vacuum seal liquid. These vacuum units use the vacuum channel to remove the air from your bag or canister. For most solids at 50 millibars, about 95% of the atmosphere will be removed and at about 5 millibars about 99.5% of the air inside the bag is gone.

How Do Chamber Sealers Work?

The chamber unit is somewhat different than the non-chamber unit because it uses a vacuum pump instead of a vacuum channel. The pump is way more powerful and this type of vacuum sealer can be used on liquids as well.  The bags that are used with the non-chamber unit are not the same as the ones used with a bar vacuum sealer. The heat-sealing bars will seal the bag closed at the end of this cycle so that no more air can get back in. Once that is done the valve opens and the chamber will refill with air. Vacuum sealing with any of these sealer types offers many options such as cooking in vacuum-sealed bags.

Automatic Vs Manual Vacuum Sealer

There are also automatic as well as manual vacuum sealers on the market. The automatic kind will switch between the vacuuming and sealing by itself and you won’t have to do anything. When it comes to manual ones you first have to vacuum after which you can begin the sealing process. That means that you have to press the one button for vacuuming then when that is done press another one for sealing. With some vacuum sealers, it is the same button that you just have to press twice.

To Wrap It Up

There is not one vacuum sealer type that works better than the others. Depending on what type of food you want to sell and how much of the food you need to seal in a certain amount of time, you can choose one of the vacuum sealer options we mentioned in this article. The automatic ones are the best for fast and effortless vacuuming, which is perfect for commercial use, while the manual kind can be used in your kitchen. If you want to vacuum seal only dry foods, get the non-chamber unit, while for liquids we recommend the chamber vacuum sealer. If you would like to know more about what are some of the best home vacuum sealer models on the market check out the full article we have for you all on that topic. We also have an article that discusses professional vacuum sealers, if you need one for your restaurant or bar.

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