Vacuum Sealing Fish – All You Need To Know About It

Do you love fishing, but often catch way more than you can eat?

If you still want to keep that fish fresh for the next couple of days, consider vacuum sealing!

And that is what this article is all about! Vacuum sealed fish can last up to two years in the freezer if it has been sealed properly.

Since all of the air is removed from the bag, no bacteria will be able to grow on it. Another benefit of that process is the fact that there will be no freezer burns. In this article we go into more detail on vacuum sealing fish, so let’s get started!

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Vacuum Sealing Fish

Prepping The Fish

Before you decide to vacuum seal the fish make sure you have a vacuum bag and a vacuum sealer. You will have to clean and prepare the fish first, after which you can place it on a baking tray and quickly freeze it overnight. After it has been frozen you can portion out the exact amounts you are going to put into individual microchannel bags to vacuum seal them.

Vacuum Sealing Tips

The reason why it is not recommended to vacuum seal a fish that isn’t pre-frozen is that it can be quite difficult due to all of the moisture that it contains. This liquid may get into your vacuum sealer which will then cause it to stop working. That is why it is always recommended to freeze the fish before you vacuum seal it. The best option is to use a freezer vacuum sealer before freezing. Another thing that you need to do is keep the area where the seal will be completely dry. That way you will get a strong seal and no air in your bag. If you are vacuum sealing fresh filets you can also dry them with a paper towel before vacuuming.

frozen fish

Label The Bag

Another important thing is to label each package! That way you will never forget what is inside of the bag, since meat and fish may look very similar when they are vacuum-sealed. And when you want to eat it, you can easily find it in your freezer and take it out. Another great thing is placing some of the spices or a full-on marinade into the bag to make the dish even more flavorful. This way you can save your time while preparing fish since you can cook in vacuum-sealed bags.

Defrost Delicately

Another important thing to keep in mind is the way you thaw the frozen fish when you decide to eat it. It is either recommended to move the fish into the fridge the day before you use it or to allow it to thaw in a cool climate. That way the integrity and the texture of the fish will stay intact. After it has been defrosted, you can carefully take it out of the vacuum cleaner and cook it the way you want to. One of the ways is cooking vacuum-sealed meals directly from bags.

vacuum sealing fish

How To Freeze Fish Without A Vacuum Sealer

If you don’t want to vacuum seal your fish, you can use a Ziploc freezer bag to freeze it. There is no oxygen in the Ziploc bag which makes the fish last longer.  You can also neatly stack your fillets in the freezer and save some room. You can also freeze it in water which keeps the oxygen out of the bag, but it takes a lot more space in your freezer. These two methods can keep your fish fresh for up to two months and with a hand pump vacuum sealer, it usually lasts even longer than that.

To Wrap It Up

We recommend you to use a kitchen vacuum sealer to seal your fish if you ever have too much of it and you don’t want it to go to waste. However, keep in mind that that is a more complicated process than vacuum sealing dry food and that there are a couple of steps you should follow to do it right. But it is a way of preserving your fish fresh for long periods and you should try it out. We also have another article all about the best vacuum sealers for wild game, so check it out if you are interested!

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