12 Key Fast Food Advertising Statistics & Facts 2022

The fast-food industry is all around us – whether in our neighborhood or on TV and social media. The industry spends enormous amounts of money on ads and promotions which definitely do their job and influence a lot of people and consumers.

How much money does the industry spend? Is there any increase in the spending and costs? Are the kids more exposed to fast-food ads?

We have the answers to all those questions and more. Find out what’s going on behind the scenes of fast-food advertising.

4 Key Fast Food Advertising Statistics

  • In 2020, fast-food restaurants spent around $4.5 billion on ads.
  • More than 80% of ads promote unhealthy food and beverages.
  • 91% of fast-food ads are TV commercials.
  • There are around 6 billion fast-food ads on Facebook.

12 Fast Food Avertistising Statistics

1. Fast-food restaurants spent $5 billion in total advertising in 2019.

According to the research made by UConn Rudd Center, in 2019 the total advertising cost for fast food restaurants was $5 billion. Now, that is a huge amount of money to spend to promote an unhealthy diet.

Source: UConn Rudd Center

2. That amount was 9% lower in 2012.

From 2012 to 2019, the money spent on advertising increased by 9%, or to be more specific, for a little over $400 million. This is the enormous growth of advertising costs.

Source: UConn Rudd Center

3. In 2020, fast-food restaurants spent around $4.5 billion on ads.

BIA Advisory Services made a study that showed that total fast food advertising costs for 2020 were $4.5 billion so we can see a slight decrease in the total costs compared to 2019.

Source: BIA Advisory Services

4. More than 80% of ads promote unhealthy food and beverages.

The unhealthy food and beverages include fast food, sugar drinks, candy, and snacks. And the percentage of 80 of such ads is quite discouraging, as well as a bad influence.

12 Key Fast Food Advertising Statistics 2022 - Unhealthy Food Ads

Source: UConn Rudd Center

5. More than 274 fast-food advertising on the media outlets.

The number of 274 includes the big six – McDonald’s, Domino’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Sonic, and Little Caesars. And they were responsible for 46% of total fast-food advertising costs and spending.

Source: UConn Rudd Center

6. Around 91% of fast-food ads are TV commercials.

Fast-food restaurants mostly choose TV to reach out to their consumers. TV commercials are certainly the easiest way to do that, as well as to be present in everyone’s home.

Source: UConn Rudd Center

7. At least 55% of those ads were viewed by kids and teens.

According to the UConn Rudd Center, out of the 91% of fast-food TV commercials, at least 55% of them were viewed by kids and teens, the easiest groups of people to influence.

Source: UConn Rudd Center

8. TV ads increase the possibility to consume fast food by 30%.

The study made by the Science Daily stated that TV fast-food ads increase the desire for such type of food so people are 30% more likely to consume it.

Source: Science Daily

9. There are around 6 billion fast-food ads on Facebook.

Fast-food restaurants are definitely using all the possible technology and social media to get to their consumers. Facebook has around (probably more by now) 6 billion fast-food ads and promotions.

12 Key Fast Food Advertising Statistics 2022 - Facebook Ads

Source: Fast Food Marketing

10. Around 50% of ads shown to kids are for food.

As we already said, the kids are definitely the easiest group to influence. The NPR study stated that about 50% of food ads target kids.

Source: NPR

11. Kids on average see 3 to 5 ads for fast food per day.

Additionally, kids see up to 5 ads for fast food per day which influences a lot of their food desires and wishes.

Source: NPR

12. McDonald’s spend around $654.7 million on advertising.

In 2020, McDonald’s, the biggest and most popular fast-food chain in the world, spent around $654.7 million on advertising. That is a big increase compared to the costs from 2019 when the company spent $447.3 million.

Source: Statista

To Wrap It Up

The fast-food industry is ready to spend huge amounts of money on advertising in order to get to their desired public and more consumers. The advertisements are present in all media outlets today and we can definitely see how the industry is using all the technology possible to get more of a reach. No doubt, such an approach is surely bringing great results, however, it also contributes to the increase of the unhealthy lifestyle.

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