15 Important Fast Food Sales & Spending Statistics For 2022

We all know that the fast-food industry is not only here to stay but to grow too. This is a multibillion-dollar food sector with a massive global value, annual revenue, and influence.

So what are some of the most important statistics about fast food sales, as well as consumers’ spending?

In this article, we covered all the money-based questions, statistics, facts, and more, so you can learn everything about the value of the fast-food industry.

Top 5 Fast Food Sales & Spending Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • The global value of the fast-food market could get to $931.7 billion.
  • The revenue of the US fast-food market has grown by $90 million.
  • McDonald’s sells 270,000 burgers an hour.
  • Fast-food lovers annually spend more than $275 billion on junk food.
  • American households spend 10% of their annual income on fast food.

15 Fast Food Sales & Spending Statistics

1. Fast-food industry globally makes over $570 billion.

The fast-food market is a big and rapidly-growing industry and it earns massive amounts of money every year. Roughly, it manages to make more than $570 billion per year.

Source: Franchise Help

2. It is estimated that the global value of the fast-food market will get to $931.7 billion.

According to Renolon, there are some beliefs that the global market of the fast-food will be worth up to $931.7 billion by 2027.

Source: Renolon

3. US fast-food market is dominated by hamburger fast-food restaurants.

The study by Franchise Help stated that the popularity of hamburgers contributes to the total industry sales by 30%. Pizza parlors follow with 15%, sandwiches shops with 12%, chicken restaurants with 8%, and Mexican restaurants with 7%.

15 Important Fast Food Sales & Spending Statistics - US Market

Source: Franchise Help

4. Around 84.8 million Americans eat fast food every single day.

The study showed that a high number of 36% of Americans or 84.8 million of them eat junk food on a daily basis. No wonder the USA is often referred to as the land of the biggest fast-food consumption.

Source: Franchise Help

5. The yearly revenue of the fast-food industry in America has grown around $90 million for the last decade.

Despite the fact that the fast-food market is well-known in the entire world, the United States is definitely in the lead when it comes to fast-food growth and consumption.

Source: SpendMeNot

6. McDonald’s was worth $174 billion in 2021.

For a couple of years now, McDonald’s has been the leading fast-food chain in the world. It is the most popular restaurant when it comes to such food and it makes the most sales.

Source: SpendMeNot

7. McDonald’s sells 270,000 burgers an hour.

McDonald’s is so popular that it is stated it sell 270,000 burgers in an hour. That is 4,500 burgers per minute and 75 per second!

Source: Mashed

8. Sales at McDonald’s in America accounted for over 42% of its global revenue in 2020.

Speaking of McDonald’s and its global worth and revenue, the study made by SpendMeNot stated that McDonald’s sales in America accounted for just over 42% of its global revenue in 2020. Just wow!

Source: SpendMeNot

9. Fast food consumers spend more than $275 billion.

Looking at the global market, fast-food lovers annually spend more than $275 billion on junk food. This data really proves how much money people are willing to spend only to consume fast food.

15 Important Fast Food Sales & Spending Statistics - Fast Food Consumers

Source: Renolon

10. Americans spend $70,500 per person on fast food in a lifetime.

If we only look at the American fast-food consumers, they spend up to $70,500 per person on fast food in a lifetime. That definitely doesn’t look like a too healthy lifestyle.

Source: Budget Branders

11. McDonald’s sells fast food to 68 million people daily.

One more interesting statistic comes from McDonald’s again. The study on fast food stated that this popular fast-food restaurant sells food to about 68 million people every day. No wonder this food chain has the biggest worth in the world.

Source: Renolon

12. The average American household spends around 10% of its annual income on fast food.

The research made by the Barbecue Lab showed that people are willing to give around 10% of their annual income only on fast food. Overall and altogether, households are giving up to $110 billion of their income a year on fast food.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

13. Fast food consumption increases 2.2% every year.

At the moment of research, the fast-food consumption had an increase of 2.2% a year. No doubt that this number increased and influenced people’s consumption of fast food even more during the COVID-19 pandemic.

15 Important Fast Food Sales & Spending Statistics - Fast Food Consumption

Source: The Barbecue Lab

14. People spent approximately $193,1 billion at McDonald’s, Starbucks, and KFC.

The Barbecue Lab made a study that showed how much people actually spend annually at the 3 most popular fast-food chains, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and KFC. At McDonald’s, people spend approximately $130 billion, at Starbucks $45.9 billion, and at KFC $17.2 billion. Just look at that money difference, especially comparing it with McDonald’s. Shocking!

Source: The Barbecue Lab

15. Up to 70% of fast-food sales are made through a drive-thru.

According to the NPD Group and their research, up to 70% of fast-food sales go through drive-thru windows. The percentage is quite high and shows the importance of having a drive-thru window. This percentage has probably gone up during the pandemic too.

Source: The NPD Group

To Wrap It Up

The fast-food sales statistics showed us how enormous and worthy the entire industry is. Of course, there wouldn’t even be an industry without the daily consumers of fast food. Sales and spending statistics are intertwined and they depend on each other. In this article, we talked about some of the crucial fast-food industry statistics. This is a multibillion-dollar worth sector that has a big global influence. The industry will certainly experience a big growth this year regarding its sales and worth, especially because of the ongoing pandemic.

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