15 Must-Know Fast Food Industry Statistics 2022

The fast-food industry is growing – both in its worth and popularity. And every year, there is at least one new increase in such field.

This multibillion-dollar worth sector definitely hasn’t found its peak yet and we expect more growth in the upcoming years.

So, what are some facts to know about this fast-growing industry?

We got some interesting statistics about the fast-food background.

Top 5 Facts About Fast Food Industry (Editor’s Pick)

  • There are around 897,683 fast-food businesses globally.
  • The fast-food industry has around 14.2 million employees.
  • China is the largest market for KFC outside the United States.
  • 40% of Americans’ diet consists of junk food.
  • From 1986 to 2016, the fast-food meal portion size increased by 124%.

15 Fast Food Industry Statistics

1. Fast food industry earns revenue of more than $570 billion globally.

The fast-food industry is not only a popular one but also quite a worthy sector. On a global level, it earns more than $570 billion.

15 Must-Know Fast Food Industry Statistics 2022 - Fast food Industry worth

Source: Franchise Help

2. The revenue of the QSR industry dropped to $239 billion due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the global food market, including fast food. The total revenue of the QSR industry, Quick Service Restaurants, has dropped to $239 billion in the USA. According to the research made by Statista, in 2019 the industry has a revenue of $273 billion.

Source: Statista

3. US market accounts for 32.7% of the global fast-food revenue.

All the global top ten fast-food brands have started in the United States so it doesn’t come as a surprise the high share of the US market in the global fast-food revenue.

Source: SpendMeNot

4. There are around 897,683 fast-food businesses globally.

If we look at the global level, there are around 897,683 fast-food restaurants and businesses, from the big names such as KFC, Burger King, and McDonald’s to those smaller local ones.

Source: SpendMeNot

5. There are 196,839 QSRs in the USA.

In 2021, there were 196,839 QSRs in the United States. That high number is increased by 1.1% from 2020.

Source: SpendMeNot

6. The fast-food industry has around 14.2 million employees around the globe.

Due to the high number of fast-food restaurants, the industry has a high number of employees too. Globally, there are 14.2 million fast-food employees.

Source: SpendMeNot

7. The number of employees in QSR has increased by 35%.

If we’re talking specifically about the QSR industry, the 35% of employee increase is not surprising. With so many QSR franchises, that percentage will definitely have a positive increase in the upcoming years too, despite the high turnover employee rate.

Source: SpendMeNot

8. The online food delivery market is expected to be worth $151,526 million in 2021.

The total worth of the online food delivery market is actually not that surprising. Besides taking the pandemic and lockdowns into the account, this way of ordering fast food is way more convenient. The market will have impressive revenue growth in the future, there’s no doubt.

15 Must-Know Fast Food Industry Statistics 2022 - Online Food Ordering market

Source: SpendMeNot

9. $215.2 billion of worth fast-food emperors.

McDonald’s was the most valuable fast-food brand in 2021 with an estimated worth of $154.9 billion. In second place was Starbucks with $60.3 billion.

Source: Statista

10. China is the largest market for KFC outside the United States with 5,200 KFC locations.

KFC is the most popular fast-food chain in China. It established dominance over the fast-food market there and now makes billions of dollars every year.

Source: Insider

11. The meal portion size increased by 124%.

From 1986 to 2016, the fast-food meal portion size increased by 124%! The average portion used to have 162 grams and now it has 201.

Source: SpendMeNot

12. There has been an increase of 127% in the calorie count.

Speaking of the meal portion and due to its high increase, the calorie count grew by 127% from 1986 to 2016.

Source: SpendMeNot

13. Junk food makes 40% of Americans’ diet.

With the big fast-food market, it isn’t surprising that such food makes 40% of a diet of an average American.

Source: SpendMeNot

14. Fast food is consumed by 44.9% of young people.

People up to 39 years of age more often eat fast food than older people. Older people are less likely to consume such food (37.7% of people up to 59 years and 24.1% of those older than 60).

15 Must-Know Fast Food Industry Statistics 2022 - Fast Food consumption

Source: Budget Branders

15. People with high income consume more fast food than others.

The researcher made by the Budget Branders stated that people who earn more money (42%) are more likely to consume junk food. Only 31.7% of people with low income will eat such food.

Source: Budget Branders

To Wrap It Up

The fast-food industry is, despite its global popularity, definitely still in the process of growing. All these statistics certainly give the consumers more knowledge about the industry, as well as a few shocking data such as that fast food makes 40% of a diet of an American or the global worth of the industry. All in all, the fast-food sector will increase in every possible way in the upcoming years.

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