The List Of 13 Must-Know Fast Food Health Statistics 2022

There is no secret that consuming fast food is quite bad for your health and regular consumption of such food can lead to serious health problems and illnesses.

Need statistics to support that? We got all the fast-food data – how it affects the health, calorie intake, portion size, and more!

Check out the statistics down below and get familiar with all the bad influence fast food has on your body!

4 Crucial Fast Food Health Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • 2% of people think consuming fast food is good for their health.
  • There has been a 124% increase in fast-food portion size.
  • fast food increases the risk for diabetes, obesity, depression.
  • Around 11 million deaths every year are a result of poor diet choices.

13 Fast-Food Health Statistics

1. Fast-food industry grows 2.2% per year.

Fast food is known as an unhealthy lifestyle choice but despite all the possible health risks, the industry has a steady annual growth. There are more than 826,000 fast-food restaurants with around 14 million employees. The industry will definitely have more growth in the upcoming years too.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

2. Consuming fast food, an average adult in the US gets 11.3% of his daily caloric intake.

On a daily basis, the body requires vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in order to function well. However, the consumption of fast food does contribute to the total daily caloric intake needed per day. By eating junk food, people consume a lot more fat, sugar, and sodium, compared with meals prepared at home.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

3. Almost 80% of fast-food consumers think fast food is bad for their health.

76% of people who have the habit of eating at fast-food restaurants don’t consider such a diet good for their health, according to the study made by Supplements101. However, they still choose to eat junk food for some personal reasons like a simple guilty pleasure, lack of time, or they believe such food option is cheaper than preparing a homemade meal or going to a healthier restaurant.

The List Of 13 Must-Know Fast-Food Health Statistics - Fast Food Consumers

Source: Supplements101

4. According to 2% of people, fast food is good for their health.

Of course, there are some people who actually do think of fast food as a good choice for their health and body. Despite the fact that there is a minimal percentage of people who believe that, it is a bit shocking they have such an opinion since the number of ingredients and calories of every meal are available to be read and give knowledge to every consumer.

Source: Supplements101

5. There has been a 124% increase in fast-food portion size.

The study conducted by SpendMeNot showed that this high percentage increased from 1986 to 2016. The portion usually had 162 grams and now it has 201. Due to that, the increase in the calorie count was inevitable too. In that same period of time, it grew by 127%.

Source: SpendMeNot

6. Today, there are 836 calories in a fast-food meal.

Speaking of the calorie count, one fast-food meal is a calorie bomb. And not a healthy one. Eating fried food or meals filled with fat have quite a bad impact on your body, especially if you consume such food regularly and on a daily basis.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

7. Consumption of fast food at least twice a week can double the risk of type 2 diabetes.

There can be no harm to your body and health if you occasionally eat fast food. However, if that “occasionally” is twice or more times a week, then we have a problem. Type 2 diabetes, along with obesity, increase the risk for heart diseases, as well as many other illnesses.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

8. Regular consumption of fast food increases the risk of depression by 51%.

Due to the lack of vital and proper nutrients, as well as to the excessive intake of sugar and sodium, people don’t feel good after consuming fast food, especially if they do that too often. Due to that, no wonder there has been an increased possibility of developing depression.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

9. Living near a fast-food restaurant leads to a 5.2% greater risk of obesity.

Speaking of fast food and its bad influence, even living near a fast-food restaurant brings great risk for your body and health. The study conducted by the Barbecue Lab stated that people who leave nearby such restaurants have a greater risk of obesity. Sometimes, it is definitely more convenient to go to a restaurant than to prepare a meal, however, creating a habit of it is definitely bad for the health.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

10. Pizza is guilty of 80% of overweight problems.

According to the study made by JMPH, pizza is the number 1 food linked to overweight/obesity problems. The second runner is fried chicken guilty of 40% of such problems while consuming sandwiches is guilty of 35%. There is nothing wrong with indulging in fast food from time to time, however, make sure that the consumption isn’t that often.

Source: JMPH

11. Healthier meal options are expensive and harder to consume.

Around 20% of fast food meals are eaten in the car, says the study made by the Barbecue Lab. And that is one of the reasons why people don’t go for healthier meal options – such meals are harder to consume in the car. Besides, there are often more expensive so a classic fast-food menu is a cheaper and more convenient choice.

The List Of 13 Must-Know Fast-Food Health Statistics - Car Statistics

Source: The Barbecue Lab

12. Older people choose a healthier diet.

While young people are more likely to choose a fast food meal (44.9% of them), older people choose to prepare more homemade meals (only 24.1 go for fast food). Now, this may be because people above 60 are out of the workforce and they have more time to cook, they choose to have healthier meals, or they have fixed incomes so can’t afford to eat more junk food. Unlike the young people who do have a better income and less time for cooking.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

13. Globally, around 11 million deaths every year are a result of poor diet choices.

Fast food can be really bad for your health and body. Regular consumption leads to the habit of eating junk food. Yes, fast food meals are convenient, you don’t have to worry about buying groceries or cleaning afterward. However, it leads to an unhealthy lifestyle and a poor diet. And those factors often lead to much worse health problems.

Source: Supplements101

To Wrap It Up

There is no harm in consuming fast food from time to time, however, a big number of people don’t have boundaries when it comes to such food. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and depression, are just a couple of illnesses that can cause serious health problems. The fast-food industry will definitely have massive growth in the upcoming years, however, take care of your body and make sure it gets the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle.

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