11 Key Fast Food Obesity Statistics 2022

Regular consumption of fast food is quite unhealthy and it often leads to overweight problems and obesity, as well as other illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

In today’s article, we’re focusing on obesity data. How many people deal with obesity, how many kids, and why is fast food responsible for such struggles are just a few questions we’re covering!

Top 4 Fast Food Obesity Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • Worldwide obesity has almost tripled since 1975.
  • 17% of American youth are obese.
  • 80% of people fight obesity due to regular pizza consumption.
  • Junk food is the main cause of obesity in lower-income classes.

11 Fast Food Obesity Statistics

1. The consumption of fast food has increased over the past 40 years.

The fast-food sector is a multi-billion-dollar worth industry well spread all around the world. The consumption of fast food has rapidly increased in the last decades. In the US, the leading cause of obesity is fast-food calorie intake. There, around 85 million adults eat junk food every single day.

Source: CDC

2. Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975.

Since 1975, the world of fast food has increased rapidly. And that increase hasn’t stopped since. The industry is growing every year by a certain percentage and it doesn’t come as a surprise the data from WHO which stated that worldwide obesity has almost tripled since the first beginning of the fast-food industry.

11 Key Fast Food Obesity Statistics - Worldwide Obesity

Source: WHO

3. Around 36% of American adults are obese.

According to a study done by the CDC, more than a third of adult Americans have obesity and overweight problems. This is a big problem, especially considering the fact that the US is often referred to as a fast-food giant with the most fast-food consumers.

Source: CDC

4. American youth is fighting obesity too.

In the same study that was done by the CDC, American youth (under 19) is having obesity problems too. 17% of them are obese. That isn’t that surprising since young people do consume fast food more than any other group. That is often linked to the convenience of grabbing a take-out or laziness.

Source: CDC

5. Every fifth person is lazy to cook.

In the research about the American’s cooking habits done by the KitchenToast, people are simply too lazy to cook and they find it easier and quicker to order or pick up a fast food meal. The combination of fast food consumption and laziness which also indicates lack of exercise and activity, are the biggest factors that lead to obesity and overweight problems.

Source: KitchenToast

6. Fast food meal has 1,500 calories.

A single fast-food meal has too many calories, fat, and sodium to be considered a healthy or medium-healthy meal. Consuming too much junk food can cause severe health problems, not only obesity, but also type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, kidney diseases, and many other illnesses.

Source: OAC

7. The number 1 food responsible for obesity is pizza.

With a high percentage of 80, pizza is the main food linked to the problems of obesity. Fried chicken is in second place with 40%, while sandwiches are third with 35%.

11 Key Fast Food Obesity Statistics - Pizza Consumption

Source: JMPH

8. Consumption of fast food twice or more a week can double the risk of health problems.

The Barbecue Lab conducted research and came to the conclusion that eating a fast food meal at least twice a week doubles the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases. Fast food doesn’t have vital and proper nutrients but sugar, sodium, and fats which can lead to quite serious health problems. Besides the mentioned, consuming such food increases the risk of depression too.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

9. Living near a fast-food restaurant leads to a 5,2% greater risk of obesity.

According to the Barbecue Lab, people who live close to some fast-food restaurants are more likely to consume junk food. Due to that, there is a 5.2% greater risk of obesity compared to the people who live far away and are “forced” to prepare their own meals which will definitely be healthier than a hamburger.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

10. Affordable junk food is the leading cause of obesity in lower-income classes.

Despite the fact that junk food is more consumed by people with higher income (42%), people that are in lower-income classes (31.7%) find junk food as more suitable for their incomes. And that is the main factor of obesity is such classes. However, most people don’t know that preparing a homemade meal is definitely cheaper than buying fast food. Also, it is definitely healthier.

Source: OmeCare

11. Around 60% of Americans get less than 15 minutes of exercise per day.

Americans are more likely to gain a great number of pounds by consuming fast food. The study made by Brandon Gaille stated that Americans can get up to 20 pounds in a month by eating at McDonald’s, not only because they’re eating really unhealthy food but also because 60% of them lack exercise. Those 2 factors in combination lead to obesity.

Source: Brandon Gaille

To Wrap It Up

Obesity is a serious condition and a struggle for many fast-food consumers. Too many calories, sodium, and fat which are a part of every fast food meal cause weight problems, as well as other health conditions and illnesses. The fact that the fast-food industry is growing and will always present a more convenient meal option than preparing a homemade meal will certainly have an even more negative impact on people’s health in the upcoming years.

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