10 Best Apples For Juicing You Must Try: What Is Your Favorite?

If you are juicing apple juice, you must know which the best type of apples for juicing is.

In this article, you can find which apples are best for juicing and why are they the best choice. Read till the end to find all advice you may need for juicing.

What Apples Are Best For Juicing?

The best choice for good juicing apples is crisp and fresh apples that will provide more juice. It is better to use freshly picked apples than those who are staying for a longer time. The colour of the apple is a personal preference, but you should know the taste of it to match the flavour in your juice. Not every apple is ideal for sweet juice, so before adding, read this list of best apples for juicing.

1. Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith apple is probably the most known and popular sort. It has a very bright green colour and crisp taste. The texture is ideal for baking, but it is great for sour juice. You can combine it with other green vegetables, like celery and kale, and it will still bring sweetness. It can make beneficial celery juice sweet and delicious. If you want to get the sweeter flavour, keep them in storage for a few weeks. Also, they have a lot of antioxidants and a good source of health.

2. Honeycrisp Apple

This sort can be easily found in any supermarket and it is known for a combination of red, yellow and green colour. This apple has a great balance between sour and sweet taste, so you can use it with many combinations. It is mostly used with carrots and pineapple. They might have a higher price, because of their quality, but are very easy to combine with many ingredients.

3. Arkansas Black Apple

This sort is popular because of the bright and dark red skin colour. They are crisp and produce a lot of juice, but not so sweet. You can combine them in many juices for fresh flavour and more colours. Also, they are great because you can find them anywhere and will match with many vegetables and fruits.  Also, they provide more freshness that sweet taste to it, so use them with best vegetables for juicing.

gala apple

4. Gala Apple

Gala apples are the most produced apples due to their adaptability to different weather and climate circumstances. They are the most used apples and famous for their red and yellow skin. Because of the balance between sweet and sour taste, they can be used in many juices, but without signature taste. Yet, they produce a lot of juice and are perfect in combination with ingredients that needs freshness. Even though it seems to be smaller, they still have much juice in them. Thanks to its small size, you can juice the whole gala in a quality compact juicer.

5. Cameo Apple

Cameo apples are very sweet and juicy apples with a fresh and crunchy texture. Even though they are ideal for baking, they produce a lot of juice and it can sweeten the juice without adding sweetens. They are red-stipped, so if you leave the skin, you can add nice colour to the juice.

6. Pink Lady Apple

Pink lady apples are red-stripped apples with yellow tone and pink blush over it. They are very sweet apples that are ideal for mixing with spinach or kale. Also, you can get a lot of juice from just one apple. They are very crispy and fresh, so are usually a refreshing element in juices and fruit combination.

7. Red Delicious Apple

Red delicious apple is, what its name says, very bright red apples with a sweet and fresh taste. They are very crispy and better for juicing when are fresh. They are very quality, so may have a higher price than other sorts. Also, they can lack taste, so are mixed in juices as refreshing part. One apple usually produces much juice and sweetness, ideal for combination with vegetables.

golden delicious apple

8. Golden Delicious Apple

This sort comes from the same family as the red delicious apple but has some major differences. Their skin is yellow and they are softer inside. Yet, they still produce many flavours and have more taste profile than many sorts. Also, they can be juiced even after longer holding. The best combinations are with other fruits, like strawberries and pineapple.

9.  Fuji Apple

Fuji apples are common for their multicoloured skin, from red to yellow and green stripes. They have a little bit of sour taste, so they fit well with citrus and acid taste. Because of their bold flavour, they can be difficult to match. Yet, you can leave them for even 3 months to develop flavour and match it easily. They are originally from Japan, but very common around the world. Also, their biggest advantage is bug size and much juice in each apple.

10. Braeburn Apple

This is the usual and the most common sort of apples on the market. They are very cheap to produce and very cheap to buy, too. Using some cheap fruit juicer, you can really profit. But, this is just one of the reasons they are very popular. They are very sweet, so will be a natural sweetener for any juice. Also, they tend to be big and juicy, so you won`t need many for much juice. Also, they have thin skin which won`t add bitterness to the juice.

To Wrap It Up

There are many apples on the market, but not all are the best apples for juicing. Even though some are sweeter and some have a sour taste, these apples are good juicing apples because of much juice they produce. To juice the perfect juice, you need to have a good and helping tool. You can preserve all vitamins with this whole fruit juice and get the most of each fruit. If you want to have something more appropriate for juicing apples, check this apple juicer press.

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