What Oranges Are Best For Making Orange Juice – Juicing?

Have you ever wondered what kinds of oranges are best for juicing?

If you want to produce quality orange juice, you are in the right place!

Here, you can learn some general information about what kind of oranges are best for juicing, but also check the list of 6 best oranges for juicing. Read till the end to learn all information!

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How To Juice Oranges Better

Best Oranges For Making Orange Juice

It is important to find the right orange for juicing to have the best result. It isn’t just about the taste, but how much juice it will produce and how to use it properly. Some oranges need to be juiced immediately when they’re fresh, while some can be stored for many days to have better flavour. Compare the flavour and sweetness with ingredients, so you can choose the right.

When To Buy Oranges

It is always better to use fresh and organic oranges for juicing, but in some areas, it is almost impossible. Oranges are harvested during the winter in warmer areas and usually come frozen to the supermarkets. When you don’t have the opportunity to buy fresh oranges, tend to spend the juice faster because it might get bitter taste after contact with air.

Best Way To Juice Oranges

To ease yourself the juicing process, choose the quality and long-lasting juicer such as commercial fruit juicer but that you can use also at home. This means it needs to be made of durable material, easy to wash and possibly electronic to save your strength. you can juice them manually, but the easier and quicker solution is electronic juicer or mixer. Also, it has to juice the orange for the maximum and drain all excess from the juice.

Store Them Correctly

The last thing is to store freshly squeezed orange juice correctly. Choose a quality container that can keep it fresh even after a long time. Be sure that it removes air maximally to prevent bacteria growth. Also, try to avoid plastic containers and store them in the glass.

orange for juicing

List Of The Best Oranges For Juicing

1. Navel

Navel oranges are the most usual oranges for juicing and you can find them all year long. They have a good taste, balanced between sweet and sour, which makes them ideal for eating or juicing and compound with other fruits. Because of the bigger size, one orange can produce much juice and it is best to drink it fresh. After longer storing in a container, it may have a bitter taste. They are ideal for improving immunity, especially in winter. Navel oranges provide the best orange juice for mimosas and adding to cocktails.

2. Valencia

This type of oranges are more acid and the biggest disadvantage is that you can`t find them off-season, but they are common in the winter. This is great because they boost the immune system and helps to prevent cancer. They are ideal for juicing and cooking, and there are many combinations they can be matched, especially with carrot and apples for juicing. They are very juicy and you can store it for a longer time in containers. Also, they are ideal for cocktails and mixing with alcohol.

3. Tangelo

This is a hybrid between tangerine orange and pomelo which provides it with an interesting and sweeter taste. Because of thicker skin, it has less juice, but quality and tasty flavour. It’s good for shake or smoothie you can make with the appropriate shake juicer. The bad thing is that it usually has more seeds and short harvest season, but you can keep it in a container for a longer time. It has a bright orange colour that lifts any juice.

4. Blood Orange

These juicing oranges have got its name after the colour inside. Because of the dark red colour, they add interesting colour to the juice. Even though they are mostly used in cooking and making sauces, they bring a nice balance of sweet and sour taste to the juice. They are great for better skin, but the usually more expensive and not available for the whole year.

satsuma orange mandarin

5. Satsuma

Satsuma oranges are generated in Japan and related to mandarins. They have very soft skin, easy to peel and very sweet taste. They are seedless, which is better for eating. Because they are smaller, you may need more of them for satisfying juice amount. They are high in fibre and ideal for boosting the immune system. Yet, because they are rare, you may find them more expensive.

6. Tangerine

Tangerine is a sweet and small orange with a unique sweet flavour. It has thin skin which is easy to peel off but can be loaded with seeds. This makes it hard to eat it, but the small size makes it harder to juice it. They have a very short season, but because of its robust flavour, they are worth waiting. Because of the specific flavour, drink them alone.

7. Clementine

Similar to tangerine, Clementine also has soft and thin skin, but it is small in size. Because they are very flavourful, they are commonly added to juice combined with the best vegetables for juicing. Yet, you may need more of them to have enough in your storage.

To Wrap It Up

To get a perfect juice, you need to find the best juicing oranges, but it depends on your preference. If you want to mix it with other vegetables or fruits, choose more acid ones, but if you want to drink it alone, there are plenty of sweet oranges for juicing and know what kind of oranges are best for juicing in which occasion.  Except for the best oranges for juicing, you will need a quality juicer, so check this whole orange juicer that extracts all juice from an orange. Also, you may find interesting this practical mini orange juicer.

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