Best 6 Compact Juicer Machines For Sale In 2022 Reviews

The compact juicers may come in smaller and more suitable sizes but they also come with great technical specifications of the bigger models!

Want to find the best one for you? Keep reading this post!

Despite their smaller size, these juicers come with a beautiful design, great motor power, suitable rotation speeds, multi-options, and more. Read these reviews of 6 different models and find out which one is ideal for you!

The Rundown

Cuisinart Juicer CJE 500 RundownCuisinart Juicer CJE 500
With its black attire, the juicer comes with a 500 W motor and 2 containers with 40 oz and 16 oz of capacity.
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Bagotte Juice Extractor RundownBagotte Juice Extractor
The juicer comes with a strong motor and all the right components which ensure safe and stable juicing operation.
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Cuisinart Hurricane Blender RundownCuisinart Hurricane Blender
The juicer comes with 2 juicing cups for crushing and extracting fruit and vegetables, as well as for mincing spices and herbs.
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Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain RundownBreville BJE200XL Juice Fountain
With its simple design lines in white, the juicer comes with a powerful 700 W motor and a rotation speed of 14 000 rpm.
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Omega Juicer RundownOmega CNC80S Juicer
The elegant juicer is a multi-model suitable for juicing, extruding, grinding, and mincing a variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs, and pasta.
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Aobosi Slow Juicer Extractor RundownAobosi Slow Juicer Extractor
With its simple design lines, the juicer is made of tritan and stainless steel, and it runs at 65 rpm in order to extract maximum juice.
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6 Best Compact Juicer Machines Reviews


Cuisinart Juicer CJE 500

Beautiful & Impressive Workmanship
The beautiful design lines of this compact juicer are sleek and clean and they contribute to the juicer’s rather impressive workmanship. Its body combines clean and sparkly black color with just a touch of silver. The feeding chute is covered in transparent. The juicer has simple attire and it fits any interior style.

Cuisinart Juicer CJE 500 

Strong Plastic Body
The CJE 500 Cuisinart is made of plastic. Despite the fact that this material can be affected by high temperatures (just store it away from the heat and you’re good), it presents strong and high-quality material that provides great durability and efficiency. The juicer also has a locking bar made of metal.

Size Suitable For Easy Storing
Dimensions of this home juicer are 11.5 x 11.75 x 14.2 inches, while its weight is 9.48 pounds. The juicer comes in a great size suitable for easy storing. But due to its design, it would look quite impressive placed on the kitchen countertop. The juicer comes with a powerful 500 W motor.

Cuisinart Juicer CJE 500 Review

40 Oz Pulp Container & 16 Oz Juice Cup
The compact cold press juicer is designed to collect the pulp and to produce smooth and pure juice only. In order to do that, it comes with a pulp container with a capacity of 40 oz. It also has a juice cup that can hold up to 16 oz of fresh juice.

Suitable For Juicing And Extracting Fruit & Vegetables
Thanks to the well-designed filter basket and blade, as well as to the already mentioned powerful motor, the Cuisinart compact juicer is suitable for grinding, extracting, and juicing a variety of fruit and vegetables. The spout comes with “open” and “close” options. The pulp container, juice cup, and filter are safe for the dishwasher.

Short Description:

  • beautiful, sleek, and clean design lines in black
  • the body is made of strong and high-quality plastic
  • easy to store due to its dimensions and size
  • comes with a powerful 500 W motor
  • 2 containers with good capacities
  • filter basket and blade designed for juicing fruit and vegetables


Bagotte Juice Extractor

Smooth Design Lines For A Professional Touch
Thanks to its clean and smooth design lines, this model surely resembles a professional juicer machine. Its body combines two modern colors, silver and black. The color contrast is good and it contributes to the juicer’s professional touch. The feeding chute is coated in transparent.

Bagotte Juice Extractor 

Constructed Of 2 Materials
In order to provide the best efficiency and great durability, the Bagotte compact juice extractor is constructed of 2 strong materials. The body combines stainless steel and plastic. The feeding chute and pulp container are entirely made of plastic, while the key components, the blade and filter, are made of stainless steel.

400 W Motor For Good Working Hours
Dimensions of this compact juicer are 8.7 x 6.5 x 11.5 inches, while it weighs 5.88 pounds. In order to provide good working hours, the juicer comes with a 400 W motor. The motor is quite powerful and it ensures good working hours, as well as quick and easy juicing.

Bagotte Juice Extractor Review

The compact juicer machine comes with 2 speeds. The low speed (I) goes from 12 000 rpm to 15 000 rpm and it is suitable for soft ingredients like tomatoes, peaches, oranges, and others. The high speed (II) runs from 15 000 rpm to 18 000 rpm and it is suitable for harder fruit and vegetables such as gingers, carrots, apples, and more.

Components For Safe & Stable Juicing
The juicer comes with a 40 oz pulp container and an 11 oz juice cup. To provide a safe and stable juicing process, the juicer comes with a safety locking arm, overheating protection, and rubber feet. In order to clean both containers, feeding chute, and filter, detach them and rinse them in water.

Short Description:

  • professional attire with clean and smooth design lines
  • constructed of plastic and stainless steel
  • comes with a 400 W motor
  • 2 speeds for juicing soft and hard ingredients
  • 40 oz pulp container and 11 oz juice cup
  • safe and stable juicing operation


Cuisinart Hurricane Blender

Beautiful & Minimalistic Set
This model comes as a set. It has one motorized bottom in beautiful grey color and 2 juicing containers (one is a pitcher) of different sizes. It also comes with 2 travel bottles. Every product of this set comes with a touch of black color. Due to its minimalistic but beautiful lines of design, the juicer is a good fit for any kitchen.

Cuisinart Hurricane Blender

Combination Of Metal, Plastic, And Tritan
The Cuisinart Hurricane compact juicing blender is made of plastic. Due to that, it guarantees good durability since the plastic doesn’t rust, deform, break, or react when in contact with specific ingredients like acidic citrus fruit. The blade is made of sturdy metal while the main pitcher is made of tritan.

Strong Peak HP Motor
The juicer comes in the dimensions of 10.5 x 7.5 x 13.88 inches while its weight is 6.5 pounds. This compact fruit juicer has a strong peak HP motor that runs at 2 speeds and pulp function. Due to that, the juicer ensures quick and efficient juicing of every desired ingredient, from fruit and citrus to leafy greens and vegetables.

Cuisinart Hurricane Blender Review

Juice Pitcher, Mincing Cup, 2 Travel Bottles
The Cuisinart compact juice extractor comes with 2 juicing cups. The first one is a convenient pitcher with a handle and a measurement scale. It can hold up to 32 oz of fresh juice. The small cup comes with a capacity of 8 oz and it is suitable for mincing spices and herbs. The package also includes two 16 oz travel bottles.

Simple To Use & Easy To Clean
This minimalistic juicer for beginners has one simple control knob so it’s quite easy to use by any generation. When it comes to cleaning, this easy-to-clean compact juicer comes with removable parts (pitcher, cup, bottles, blades) that need to be hand-washed. The package also includes 4 reusable straws.

Short Description:

  • beautiful set with minimalistic design lines
  • made of metal, plastic, and tritan
  • comes with a peak HP motor, 2 speeds, and pulp function
  • one simple control knob
  • 32 oz pitcher with a measurement scale
  • 8 oz cup suitable for mincing herbs and spices


Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain

White Simplicity
The compact juicer comes in quite a clean and minimalistic design. It combines pure white color with a light transparent cover on the feeding chute and around the funnel. The design lines of this model are simple, while the workmanship is rather good. The juicer has a safety bar in silver.

Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain

Polymer, Titanium & Stainless Steel
The Breville BJE200XL juicer is constructed of polymer and metal materials. Its body is made of a high-quality and durable polymer that doesn’t rust or break. The cutting disc is made of titanium, while the micromesh filter is made of sturdy stainless steel. Polymer, titanium, and steel are great materials that provide efficiency and durability.

700 W Motor And 14 000 Rpm
Dimensions of this compact juice extractor are 7.4 x 10.4 x 12.7 inches, while its weight is 9.68 pounds. This heavy-duty juicer comes with a 700 W motor that runs at a high 14 000 rpm. Due to those powerful specifications, the juicer ensures maximum extraction of juice, nutrients, and vitamins.

Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Review

Whole Ingredients And Larger Pieces
The feeding chute is 3 inches wide so it is suitable for whole ingredients, as well as for large pieces of fruit and vegetables. Due to its power, the juicer easily juices and extracts soft and hard ingredients, from oranges, grapefruits, and tomatoes, to carrots, ginger, kale, spinach, and more.

60 Oz & 27 Oz
The Breville juicer BJE200XL has an integrated pulp basket with a capacity of around 60 oz. It also comes with a 27 oz juice pitcher with a handle. The basket, pitcher, feeding chute, and other parts that come in direct contact with food are dishwasher safe. If you want to hand wash them, the package includes a cleaning brush.

Short Description:

  • simple and minimalistic design in white
  • made of a combination of polymer, titanium, and steel
  • a 700 W motor and rotation speed of 14 000 rpm
  • 3 inches wide feeding chute
  • 60 oz pulp basket and 27 oz juice pitcher


Omega CNC80S Juicer

Modern & Elegant Design Lines
With its quite good design, the juicer has impressive workmanship. The design lines are modern and elegant while they combine 2 colors. The body is silver with a touch of black on its bottom. The feeding chute and funnel are black and coated with a transparent cover.

Omega CNC80S Juicer

Durable Plastic Materials
The Omega CNC80S comes in the dimensions of 16.4 x 6.3 x 12.4 inches, while its weight is 13 pounds. The juicer is entirely made of plastic material. Plastic is food-safe and it ensures good durability since it can’t be affected by any factor except the heat. Due to that, just make sure to store the juicer from high temperatures.

Powerful And Slow Masticating model
This compact slow juicer comes with a 200 W motor. This power is quite good for a masticating juicer. It runs at a low rotation speed of 80 rpm in order to extract as much juice and nutrients as possible. The juicer works in a quiet operation mode so it won’t disturb any member of your family and household.

Omega CNC80S Juicer Review

The quiet juicer is suitable for juicing a variety of fruit and vegetables like apples, oranges, carrots, beetroot, kale, wheatgrass, and more. It is also great for extruding pasta, grinding spices and coffee, mincing garlic and herbs, making nut butter, baby food, and frozen desserts. This compact masticating juicer is a great multi-model.

Storing Juice For Up To 72 Hours
Due to the cold press masticating operation, the Omega compact juicer produces fresh juice rich in nutrients and vitamins which can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours. All the funnel parts and feeding chute are detachable and require a hand wash. Use a cleaning brush that comes in the package.

Short Description:

  • modern and elegant design in 2 colors
  • made of food-safe and durable plastic materials
  • a quiet 200 W motor runs at 80 rpm
  • suitable for juicing, extruding, grinding, mincing, and more
  • juice can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 72 hours


Aobosi Slow Juicer Extractor

Elegant Attire With Simple Design Lines
The juicer comes with simple design lines. Due to that, it has minimalistic but quite elegant attire. Its body is shiny silver with a touch of black color on its bottom. The feeding chute is black. Both the chute and the strainer are coated with a dark transparent cover.

Aobosi Slow Juicer Extractor

Made Of Tritan & Stainless Steel
The body of this compact juicer is made of stainless steel. The blade and the filter are also made of this strong and high-quality material. The feeding chute and the mentioned transparent cover are made of tritan. Both of the materials are BPA-free and food-safe.

Low Rotation Speed Of Up To 65 Rpm
The home cold press juicer comes with the dimensions of 16.3 x 14.3 x 7.5 inches, as well as with a weight of 10.43 pounds. It is powerful due to its 200 W motor. The juicer runs at a low rotation speed from 40 rpm to 65 rpm. Due to that, it extracts maximum juice while produces less oxidation and no heat.

Aobosi Slow Juicer Extractor Review

Large Pulp Outlet & Long Spout
The compact cold press juicer automatically separates the pulp from the juice. Due to that, it comes with a large pulp outlet, as well as with long spout. The juicer provides quick and efficient juicing while working in a quiet operation mode. It produces less than 60 dB of noise.

Safety Lock & Handle
The juicer is designed to ensure safe and stable juicing operation. It has a safety lock which prevents the juicer from starting if it’s not assembled in the right way. Its bottom is designed to ensure stability. The juicer has a well-designed handle that eases up the handling.

Short Description:

  • simple design lines contribute to the elegant attire
  • made of a combination of tritan and steel
  • powerful 200 W motor and low rotation speed of up to 65 rpm
  • comes with an automatic pulp separator
  • produces less than 60 dB of noise
  • a lock and well-designed bottom for safety and stability

What To Consider About Compact Juicer Machines

There are a lot of compact juicers on the market that have great technical components, powerful motor and speed specifications, and a lot of additional parts. Read this guide to find out what to look for!

Yes To Plastic & Steel – in order to have a model that is suitable for every type of ingredient (including citrus fruit), that won’t rust, deform, or break, and which will provide efficiency and durability, make sure to pick out a juicer that is made of stainless steel (titanium and metal are also fine) and plastic (polymer and tritan).

Great Motor Power – when it comes to the motor, the best models come with power between 200 W and 700 W. This motor power provides good working hours and is suitable for juicing both soft and hard ingredients.

Low Or High Rotation Speed – if you want a masticating model, also known as a low-speed juicer, that extracts maximum juice and nutrients, choose the one with a low rotation speed of 40 rpm to 80 rpm. If you want a classical juicer with high rotation speed, choose a model that runs between 12 000 rpm and 18 000 rpm. It’s also great if that model offers 2 speeds, low and high.

Containers With Large Capacities – since the compact juicers come with an integrated pulp basket, be sure to pick out the one that can hold at least 40 oz of pulp. When it comes to the capacity of the juice cup (it’s mostly integrated or it comes as an additional part), be sure it can hold at least 11 oz (8 oz if it is a mincing cup).

Safe And Sound – in order to have a juice processor that works in a safe juicing operation, be sure to pick out a model that comes with a locking arm and/or overheating protection. To have a stable juicer, choose the one that comes with rubber feet on its bottom or with a well-designed bottom that provides stable operation.

To Wrap It Up

The compact juicer that I recommend is the Breville BJE200XL juice fountain. I would recommend this model because it is made of strong materials, polymer, titanium, and stainless steel. It comes with a 700 W motor and a rotation speed of 14 000 rpm. It also has a 3 inches wide feeding chute. The juicer comes with a 60 oz pulp basket and a 27 oz juice pitcher. If you’re looking for smaller models suitable for one person, read this post about personal juicers. If you’re interested in models that come with an integrated pulp container, check out this post about juicers with pulp.

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