Using A Bread Machine: How To Use A Bread Machine At Home?

As many started to spend more and more time at home, significant growth in preparing homemade food is noticed.

As well goes with bread. In the fear of a lockdown, many tried to learn about making bread and find the easiest way to get a perfect product every time. And as the result, using a bread machine is becoming more and more popular. In this article, we bring you all advice on how to use a bread machine and many more. Be sure to read till the end to find them all!

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2 Types Of Bread Machine

All types of bread machines have the same goal and it is to bake the perfect bread. Yet, there are some differences between models. Some models are made only to bake bread and you have to prepare dough before baking. This means that you need to knead dough to get perfect bread. There are several pros and cons to this type of bread machine. On the other hand, you will use less electricity for making bread and save more money. This is ideal for people who use it a lot and want to knead their dough. On the other hand, you will need extra space to combine flour with other ingredients. It can be messy and take you more time.

Other types of bread machines are those which automatically combine ingredients, mix them and bake the perfect bread. On the one hand, this is quicker and tidier since you just pour all ingredients inside of the bread machine. Yet, on the other side, some parts of the bread may not mix well and you can have uneven parts.

Do You Need A Bread Machine

The bread machine is made to make baking easier and whichever type you choose, it will shorten the time for making bread. Yet, before choosing, list your needs and how do you like to prepare them. Be sure that chosen machine matches your lifestyle and that you feel comfortable using it. It differs from baking bread in a toaster ovenor regular oven, so takes some time to get used to its work.

The debatable part of owning a bread machine is how often you will use it. If you bake bread regularly or need to make more than one loaf of bread per day, you can say that it is needed in your kitchen. Yet, if you bake bread rarely, less than once in a month, it may just take place in your kitchen. The bread machine isn’t a small kitchen appliance and it can weigh up to 3 kilos. To compare, it is like a toaster oven. There should be a reserved place for it in the kitchen since it isn’t recommended to move it often. So, be aware that it will use some extra space on your countertop. Another negative aspect is that you need to supervise it since it is just a machine. Also, people who are used to baked crust on bread consider crust from a bread machine worst.

The bread machine is convenient as a healthier choice. This means you can use whatever type of flour you want and add dried fruit or nuts combined. Mostly, models can add them in the desired moment to enhance flavours and aromas. What is more, some of the models have a timer to start baking at the desired time and a hot loaf of bread will wait for you when you want it. It is very user-friendly and easy to operate even for beginners.

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What You Can Do With A Bread Machine

Among regular bread, there are several types of dough you can prepare in your bread machine. The most popular is sourdough. Sourdough requires more time for rising since it differs from traditional yeast. This usually means that you will need to raise it in the oven and finish it in the bread machine. Yet, some models have a sourdough programme that you need to set before starting a process.

A bread machine that can make the dough is ideal for pizza dough. At the first glance, pizza dough is similar to bread. Yet, it needs to be very flexible and airy. Also, it tends to be very sticky for use, so making it in a bread machine will shorten the time for both making and cleaning after.

The cake is another dish that you can prepare quickly in a bread maker. Of course, you won`t get layered and creamy desserts, but it is ideal for loaf cakes, like simple vanilla cake or banana bread. If your bread machine doesn’t have a cake programme, use bake only. Since you need to add baking powder, be sure that you have left enough space for it to rise.

Similar to a loaf of bread, meatloaf can also be prepared in a bread machine. You need to mix and combine all ingredients before getting a perfect mixture. All seasoning must be done before baking. Choose option bake only and set the time. This can be a healthier version since you don’t need to add any fat for baking and will get a nice crust every time.

Surprisingly, a bread maker is ideal for making jam. This will save you from hours of stirring. Most of the models have low heating and stirring mode that is ideal for making jam. Yet, it can be tricky to clean it afterwards. Similar to jam, you can try it for sauces and soups. All you need to do is to prepare all ingredients, add them inside and choose the right programme. When you try it for the first time, be sure to be around and watch after it.

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Steps For Using Bread Machine

Before using a bread machine new or used, be sure that you get to know instructions and possibilities well. Every machine is different and you can`t be sure that you know the procedure since it isn’t general for them all. Also, before the start, be sure that you have all parts and machine correctly plugged into the electricity source.

The bread bucket is the most important part, so try to pull it out to check if everything is right. It is the place where you combine all ingredients and get the final product. Some bread machines are made to just bake the pre-ready dough, while some can mix ingredients. Check which are the settings of yours and get familiar with them.

There are a few basic ingredients that need to be added for perfect bread and these are yeast, flour, sugar, salt and liquid. Be sure that you follow instructions and get them in the right order. Usually, liquids go first and then you slowly add dry ingredients. Also, check capacity and timer for your type of dough. If it`s needed, mix the ingredients before and just add dough for baking.

Once you have added everything, you should set the preferable programme and time. Usually, you can check all programmes in the instructions and use them every once to choose the best for your needs. Once you have started, there is no possibility to change it and go again, so try to be concentrated and careful. Once you have closed the lid and pressed the start, the machine will continue the process.

Maintaining a bread machine is similar to other appliances, so if you know how to clean a rice cooker, you will know how to clean a bread machine, too. Basic cleaning is needed after every use, which includes draining the bread bucket and collecting all crumbles which will prevent burnings. Deeper cleaning is required after 10th use and if you use it constantly or have cooked food remaining. Generally, removable parts are dishwasher safe and it is enough to use mild detergent and warm water.

Cleaning Bread Machine

When you are done with using a bread machine, be sure to unplug it from the electricity source and let it cool down. Removable parts, like bread log, are usually dishwasher safe. Be sure to read all instructions before cleaning. Don`t use aggressive chemicals or ones with a strong odour. It is enough to clean inside of a bread machine with a wet cloth. You can use it to maintain outside and remove stains or dust. Regular maintaining will prolong your bread machine`s life and prevent a burning smell. In some complicated situations, like when you have burnt bread and have food remains, don’t use aggressive methods that can damage the surface. The main problem will be in a bread basket, so remove it from the machine and sink in warm water and mild detergent. Leave it for an hour and then rinse well.

To Wrap It Up

Using a bread machine is simple and similar to other electric kitchen appliances. You will need a flat surface and electricity power. Also, be sure to get familiar with all functions it has. Some can mix ingredients and in some, you need to add the ready dough. All in all, it will ease the process of preparing bread and get you perfect result every time. If you need a bread machine, read these reviews of the best mini bread makers and the best commercial bread machines.

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