Best 3 Commercial Bread Maker Machines For Sale: Reviewed

Do you want to buy a commercial bread making machine?

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In this article, we reviewed the best products for professional use that are made for different types of bread making. Continue reading to find out which models the market has to offer for pita and flatbread types, as well as different bread loaf sizes. You can also check out our advice section to figure out which features to have in mind when buying a commercial bread maker.

The Rundown

Best Of Best Commercial Bread Machine
Breadman Professional Breadmaker RundownBreadman Professional Breadmaker
With 14 baking settings, it features a collapsible knead paddle to prevent a hole in the bottom of the loaf for a professional look.
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Best Flat Bread Commercial Bread Maker
APL Tortilla Roti Maker RundownAPL Tortilla Roti Maker
This 16-inch convex model is ideal for baking different types of flatbread, such as tortillas, chapati, roti with adjustable temperatures.
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Best Pita Bread Commercial Bread Making MachineALP Electric Pita Maker RundownALP Electric Pita Maker
With a non-sticking plate and an insulating heat hood, you can bake pita bread and use the control button for temperature setup.
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Best 3 Commerical Bread Maker Machines

Best Of Best Commercial Bread Machine

Breadman Professional Breadmaker

14 Baking Options
With a stainless steel exterior, this bread maker features a control panel with pushbuttons and a screen display for easy setup of the settings. It lets you pick between loaf sizes, crust colors, and menu settings with 14 available programs. You can also time your bread-baking up to 15 hours in advance.

Breadman Professional Breadmaker Review

Quick Baking Settings
The menu allows you to choose between white, whole wheat, French, and gluten-free bread, with quick baking options available as well. You can even use it for dough kneading and artisan dough, for making jam, or use the bake only option. After you put in the ingredients and the machine creates a dough, the kneading paddle will collapse.

Collapsible Kneading Blade
The collapsible kneading paddle thus prevents holes in the bottom of the bread that would otherwise happen during the baking process. Designed for even baking, this small commercial bread making machine can create 1-pound, 1.5-pound, and 2-pound bread loaves with nice texture and crust color.

Breadman Professional Breadmaker

Adjustable Crust Shade
This stainless steel bread maker lets you decide between light, medium, and dark crust colors. The automatic dispenser for nuts and fruits is a great additional feature that scatters them at the right time of the cycle. To create different bread types, this model comes with over 80 recipes in the recipe book.

Short Description:

  • screen display and pushbuttons for settings
  • 1-pound, 1.5-pound, 2-pound loaves
  • 14 available baking settings on the menu
  • for white, whole wheat, French bread
  • automatic fruit and nut dispenser

Best Flat Bread Commercial Bread Maker

APL Tortilla Roti Maker

16-Inch Convex Plate
This kitchen appliance is ideal for making 16-inch roti, tortillas, chapati, as well as other flatbread types. It features a convex heating plate and a power indicator light located next to a turning thermostat knob on the front side of the unit. It comes with two side handles for convenient transport if needed.

Non-Stick Surface
The 16-inch cooking surface uses 1400 Watts of power to get the heat up as high as 536 Fahrenheit degrees. This tortilla roti maker has a non-sticking property so that the flatbread types don’t stick to the surface while baking. That way you will get perfect roti or tortillas that won’t break as a result of sticking.

Adjust The Temperature
To bake flatbread on this commercial bread making machine, you will have to create adequate dough for roti, tortillas, chapati, etc. You can then put the round raw dough on the surface and let it bake at the adjustable temperature. This model can also be used as a warmer.

Fast & Precise 
This commercial flatbread maker can also be used for naan bread, Arabic saj bread, and more. The high temperatures it can achieve help you cook faster so that you can create a large amount of flatbread at a time. By adjusting the temperature, you can cook different flatbread more precisely.

Short Description:

  • makes 16-inch flatbread types
  • adjustable thermostat knob and convex plate
  • suitable for roti, chapati, tortillas, naan bread
  • non-sticking surface and side carry handles
  • 1400 Watts, temperature adjustable up to 536°F
  • for fast baking, can also be used as a warmer

Best Pita Bread Commercial Bread Making Machine

ALP Electric Pita Maker

11.5-Inch Plate
This commercial bread machine uses a power supply of 1400 Watts and comes in a combination of white and black colors. The cooking surface has a diameter of 11.5 inches and is non-sticking to make perfect pita bread without breaking.

ALP Electric Pita Maker

Cool-Touch Handles
It includes a plate and a hood that can be opened and closed over it for insulating the heat. The featuring handles stay cool to the touch so that you don’t have to worry about burning yourself when retracting the hood or when moving the kitchen appliance.

Non-Stick Surfaces
This commercial arabic bread machine works by heating the pita bread dough from below and above thanks to the two heating elements. As the surfaces are non-sticking, this unit will be easy to keep clean after it cools down.

ALP Electric Pita Maker Review

Temperature Control Button
It works to bake pita bread evenly as the top coil works to create a nice top texture of the pita bread. It is easy to use as the indicator light alerts you when the unit is ready to be used and the temperature can be adjusted according to your needs.

Short Description:

  • 11.5-inch non-stick heating plate
  • hood for insulating the heat
  • uses a power supply of 1400 Watts
  • handles stay cool to the touch
  • two heating elements for baking
  • ideal for making pita bread
  • easy to clean after it cools down

What To Consider In Commercial Bread Machines?

Depending on the type of bread you want to bake, you will get to choose between different models of commercial bread makers. The market offers units designed for baking bread loaves, but also different flatbread types, as well as pita bread. Look for models with non-sticking properties and make sure it is suitable for baking the size of bread you want. Likewise, look for the baking options it offers to see what you can do with your unit.

Purpose – When buying a bread maker, you will soon realize that the market offers models suitable for traditional bread, but also different flatbread types. If you want to make roti and tortilla-making easier, look for that type of machine. If you are looking to bake bread loaves, then a typical bread maker is the one.

Non-Stick Material – No matter which type of bread you want to bake, look for models with non-sticking properties. They will make cleaning easier, but also help in making a good baked product with a consistent texture without breaking, etc. This means looking for non-stick bread pans, heating plates, and kneading paddles.

Size – Depending on the size of the bread and flatbread you want to bake, you will be able to choose the best commercial bread machine for sale. For example, bread machines can usually make up to 2.5-pound bread loaves, but the market even offers them in small 1-pound sizes. The market also offers different models of flatbread makers depending on the size you are looking to make.

Baking Options – Bread machines come with a variety of baking cycles available. These include basic white. whole wheat, French bread, while some also offer gluten-free settings. When choosing a model to purchase, this will play a huge role in deciding which model to go for, depending on your needs.

Heat Control – When it comes to roti and tortilla makers, it is good to opt for the models that offer temperature control. This means that they should have a turning knob that lets you adjust the temperature according to the type of dough you are using.

To Wrap It Up

The model that stood out the most to us is the Breadman professional bread maker. This commercial bread making machine lets you choose between 3 loaf sizes and crust colors when selecting between 14 baking cycles available. It is durable and features a collapsible kneading blade so that your bread loaf doesn’t have a hole in the bottom. In case you like your bread traditionally-shaped, take a look at this list of the best horizontal bread machines.

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