The List Of 11 Fundamental Fast Food Consumption Statistics

Fast food consumption is growing every year. At the moment, it has a steady annual increase of 2.2% but it is expected to more than double in the upcoming years.

How many people consume fast food on a daily basis? What about children, do they too live an unhealthy lifestyle? Keep reading this article to find the statistics and facts on these and many more questions.

3 Top Fast Food Consumption Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • Americans consume the most fast food in the world.
  • Fast food is a convenient meal for 92.3% of people.
  • More than 50% of college students eat fast food daily.

11 Fast Food Consumption Statistics

1. Fast food consumption increases 2.2% every year.

What is important to mention is the fact that the fast-food industry hasn’t yet reached its peak of popularity, consumption, and the number of fast-food franchises, restaurants, and stores. The study by the Barbecue Lab showed that every year, the consumption of junk food increases by 2.2%. The industry is expected to have a growth rate of 4.6% in the upcoming years.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

2. Americans consume the most fast food.

With a high percentage of 37% of Americans (1 in 3 adults) who eat fast food every day, the US shines at the top of the scale as the biggest fast-food consumer. In the second place is France, in third Canada, while in fourth place is the United Kingdom.

Source: Safety Health Magazine and Basic Planet

3. Around 44.9% of American young adults consume fast food.

This percentage decreases with age. 37.7% of middle-aged adults aged 40-59 are likely to consume fast food, while 24.1% of those aged 60 and over will eat junk food. The decrease does make sense when we talk about factors such as time, paycheck, and retirement. For example, does who are aged 60 or over tend to take care more of their health and have time to prepare homemade meals.

Source: CDC

4. In America, 34% of children eat fast food on any given day.

Now, this percentage is definitely defeating. The fast-food industry is targeting kids as the most vulnerable group, there are advertisements in schools, as well as the easy access and availability to junk food. The fact that 34% of children consume fast food every single day can lead to serious health issues, especially overweight problems and obesity.

The List Of 11 Fundamental Fast Food Consumption Statistics - American Children

Source: The Barbecue Lab

5. Around 50.1% of people consume fast food to treat themselves.

Treats and rewards for some personal success are always more than welcome. However, only if we’re talking about consuming fast food every once in a while. Not a couple of times a week. For more than 50% of people, fast food is a choice of treating and celebrating, but such an approach should definitely be taken carefully – sometimes those tiny steps lead to addiction.

Source: WebMD

6. Fast food is convenient for 92.3% of people.

It is no secret that laziness is the biggest problem when it comes to the preparation of homemade meals so fast food is a quick and easy way to get to the required meals on a daily basis. 92.3% of people love consuming fast food because it is quick and convenient to just pick it up. Simple as that.

Source: WebMD

7. There are more than 826,000 fast-food restaurants globally.

The fast-food industry is large and it is well-spread around the globe so people have quite a big fast-food choice. 43.7% of people choose such restaurants and stores for lunchtime. It is certainly convenient to run to the restaurant and pick up a take-out meal for a lunch break.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

8. Regular fast food consumption increases the risk for health problems.

Worldwide obesity has almost tripled since 1975 due to the high rate of fast-food consumption. The study made by the Barbecue Lab stated that consumption of fast food twice or more a week, can double the risk of health problems. Besides obesity, people can develop type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and depression.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

9. About 20% of fast food meals are eaten in the car.

One of the main reasons why people consume fast food so much is the fact that it is convenient. Fast food is easy to eat and consume, whether on foot or in the car. And a lot of people avoid going for a healthier meal option because they can’t consume it much easily and quickly.

The List Of 11 Fundamental Fast Food Consumption Statistics - Fast Food Meals

Source: The Barbecue Lab

10. In America, men consume more fast food than women.

According to the research made by the Barbecue Lab, 38% of men consume fast food daily versus 35.4% of women. The percentage difference is actually not that big and both of the numbers are quite high. The same research stated that 83% of families eat fast food at least once a week.

Source: The Barbecue Lab

11. More than 50% of college students eat fast food daily.

Students are known to have small budgets when it comes to their everyday life. Since most people do think that eating fast food is cheaper than going to some other restaurant or preparing a homemade meal, it isn’t surprising that more than half of college students choose to consume fast food on a daily basis.

Source: NCBI

To Wrap It Up

Today we talked about important numbers when it comes to fast-food consumption. Some numbers were definitely defeating, especially those regarding the kids, however, the consumption decisions are made by parents and adults, and they certainly do have an option to choose a healthy or convenient and unhealthy lifestyle. The fast-food industry has more growing to do and in the upcoming years, we’ll definitely see higher rates of consuming junk food.

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