4 Best 12-person Round Dining Tables Ideal For Celebrations

Have you been excited to fill your room with a new 12-person round dining table?

In that case, you have come to the right place!

Keep reading this article where you can find reviews of the best of best, wooden, big, and farmhouse round dining tables that can seat up to 12 people. Moreover, you can also read our advice on how to choose the best model for your needs in the second part of the article. As a result, you should be able to find a table that suits both your space and your requirements.

The Rundown

Best Of Best 12-person Round Dining Table
Best Of Best 12-person Round Dining Table RundownMagnussen Tinley Park Dining Table
This solid pine wood table has a 60-inch diameter, distressed look in a grey finish, and can seat up to 12 people.
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Best Wooden 12-person Round Dining Table
Best Wooden 12-person Round Dining Table RundownNiagara Furniture Dining Table
With a mahogany construction in medium-brown, the long-lasting table comes in traditional style and features unique detailing.
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Best Big 12-person Round Dining Table
Best Big 12-person Round Dining Table RundownAntique Purveyor Dining Table
The flame mahogany 84-inch tabletop sits upon a birdcage pedestal to seat up to 12, ideal for large rooms and entertaining.
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Best Farmhouse 12-person Round Dining Table
Best Farmhouse 12-person Round Dining Table RundownHillsdale Rockport Dining Table
This 56-inch round wood farmhouse table features an 18-inch leaf that extends it to an oval shape to be able to seat 12.
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4 Best 12-person Round Dining Tables

Best Of Best 12-person Round Dining Table

Magnussen Tinley Park Dining Table

60-Inch Diameter
This 12-person round dining table measures 60 inches in diameter to be able to easily squeeze in 12 people at once. It is strongly built thanks to solid pine wood for long-lasting use. Most importantly, the distressed tabletop is round and ideal for celebrations where conversation can easily flow across the table.

BEST OF BEST 12-PERSON ROUND Magnussen Tinley Park Dining Table

Playful Pedestal Style
To enhance the look of natural wood, there is a weathered grey color layer applied over the tabletop and the table base. Likewise, this way a washed look is achieved. The table base comes in pedestal style, featuring curved lines to bring a playful patterned look in combination with a solid tabletop.

For Entertaining 
Apart from having a 60-inch diameter, this table also measures 30 inches in height. This table is great for dining as well as celebrating different occasions, including holidays. Furthermore, it is a great choice for households that hold entertaining nights for family and friends.

Best Of Best 12-person Round Dining Table

Easily Fits In
As it has a round shape, the table can easily seat 12 people. It has a traditional style design that will easily fit into many different kitchen and dining room decors. The grey color is also easy to combine with many other colors.

Short Description:

  • 60 inches in diameter, 30 inches high
  • strong build with solid pine wood
  • distressed look; washed grey finish
  • pedestal base with curved lines
  • traditional style; easily fits up to 12 people

Best Wooden 12-person Round Dining Table

Niagara Furniture Dining Table

84-Inch Diameter
This medium brown 12-person round dining table has a large round tabletop. It measures 84 inches in diameter to be able to seat a crowd at once. Moreover, its traditional appearance is achieved by natural wooden materials and rich details on the pedestal table base. Along with the 84-inch diameter, this table also measures 30 inches in height.

BEST WOODEN 12-PERSON ROUND Niagara Furniture Dining Table

Unique Handmade Details
The round table is a great accent piece for your kitchen or dining room. Likewise, the tabletop features handmade details so that you don’t even have to use a tablecloth on top for a magnificent look. Furthermore, the table is made of mahogany wood and is unique thanks to the hand-carved details.

Two-Piece Construction
The circular and leaf carvings on the pedestal base are great details to give an accent to the dining room. The 12-person round dining table has a two-part construction so that it can be easily fitted into any room. Also, this helps with fitting it through the different door sizes.

Best Wooden 12-person Round Dining Table

Large Capacity
The tabletop fastens together with the help of clamps. They are positioned at the bottom of the tabletop so they are completely hidden from the eye. Finally, the large diameter ensures it is easy to seat 12 people at once or even add more chairs to it as the pedestal won’t be in the way.

Short Description:

  • the tabletop measures 84 inches in diameter
  • mahogany wood two-piece construction
  • traditional style with pedestal base
  • unique hand-carved details on the top and the base
  • easily seats up to 12 people
  • natural wooden materials in medium brown

Best Big 12-person Round Dining Table

Antique Purveyor Dining Table

Large 84-Inch Diameter
This round dining table has a birdcage pedestal base and a round tabletop measuring 84 inches in diameter. In other words, it can seat a crowd of people easily. The one-piece table is large and gives off a traditional look. It is made from mahogany wood and satinwood.

BEST BIG 12-PERSON ROUND Antique Purveyor Dining Table

Natural Materials
The pie-cut flame mahogany tabletop is combined with a satinwood inlaid border, giving the whole piece of furniture a nice accent. Similarly, the apron around the tabletop is also made from flame mahogany wood. As a result of the natural materials, the 12-person round dining table is durable and thus very sturdy.

No Cracks Or Warps
The feet have custom brass caps on them and solid brass level fits. With a two-face build, the durable table should not sag or warp but last for generations. You also don’t have to worry about the top surface cracking, as it is covered in a razor-thin lacquer finish.

Best Big 12-person Round Dining Table

For Entertaining & Dining
This big table is a great choice if you have a large dining room and would like to seat a lot of people at once. Similarly, its large size will allow you to seat more than just your immediate family for lunch. For example, it is also good for seating friends and other guests for entertaining nights and more.

Short Description:

  • features a birdcage pedestal and a round tabletop
  • 84-inch diameter seats up to 12 people
  • pie-cut flame mahogany top with a satinwood inlay
  • durable and sturdy, no cracks, warps, etc
  • has a razor-thin lacquer finish on top
  • large table ideal for large dining rooms
  • for dining and entertaining nights

Best Farmhouse 12-person Round Dining Table

Hillsdale Rockport Dining Table

Round To Oval Shape
This round table features a pedestal base in white and a driftwood finish on the tabletop. On one hand, it is similar to other tables in this review, as it measures 56 inches in diameter to give the tabletop a nice round shape. On the other hand, it also has an extension leaf that transforms the tabletop into an oval shape.

Best Farmhouse 12-person Round Dining Table

Formal Look
For residential use only, the 12-person round dining table has a weight limit of 200 pounds. Its formal look is achieved by combining the design with white and beige colors. Likewise, that is why iy should be able to fit into farmhouse decor and more. Similarly, the wood construction makes the table sturdy and easy to combine with many other materials in the dining area.

Extends For Guests
With the extension leaf, this table becomes oval, measuring 56 inches in width, 74 inches in length, and 29 inches in height. By extending it, the table should be able to seat 12, ideal for when you have guests over. At the same time, the round shape without the extension should be enough to seat your family.

BEST FARMHOUSE 12-PERSON ROUND Hillsdale Rockport Dining Table

Requires Assembly 
Upon receiving this dining table, the tabletop and the base will have to be assembled. Furthermore, the wooden materials are long-lasting but should not be washed in abrasive cleaners. Moreover, the 18-inch leaf can collapse so that the table doesn’t take up a lot of space all the time.

Short Description:

  • white pedestal base, driftwood tabletop finish
  • 56-inch tabletop diameter for a round shape
  • features an 18-inch leaf to extend the table
  • extends to oval shape to seat up to 12
  • wooden construction for sturdiness

What To Consider In 12-person Round Dining Tables?

Once you decide on purchasing a round dining table, here are some of the features that you should keep in mind. Certainly, you should go for the style you want, as well as the size. Furthermore, you should also make sure it is durable. Other than that, you may also want to consider different types of table bases. Finally, you should also be on the lookout for some of the qualities we mention below to get the perfect table for your needs.

Choose Your Style – To get the 12-person round table to fit your style, the market offers many different options and choices. For instance, you can choose from modern, farmhouse, rustic, vintage, and many other styles. That way, you can choose something that goes with the kitchen or dining room. Most importantly, you can choose something that fits your personal style, as well.

Pick The Size – For a round table to be able to seat 12, it should have a diameter of around 8 feet. Only that way you can seat your guests comfortably. However, even smaller ones have the potential to fit 12 people. Although they are mostly suitable for smaller groups of people to create a cozy atmosphere, the market also offers them in these larger sizes. However, guests might feel far from each other with large round ones.

Make Sure It Is Durable – According to the style you pick, tables can have different material constructions. For example, modern styles combine glass, metal, and even wood. At the same time, solid wood is most favored in farmhouse style. Moreover, the market also offers plastic, stone, veneer, and other materials. Above all, go for the model that is durable for longevity.

Three Types Of Base – A round tabletop can have the support of legs, a pedestal, or a trestle. However, the two latter ones allow for easier adding of chairs, as the legs can be in the way. Moreover, pedestal support can sometimes give the table a more formal look, so choosing it will depend on the accent you are trying to achieve.

What Else? – Firstly, make sure you go for the right size and style, and then also make sure the table is durable and easy to keep clean. Secondly, also make sure the assembly of the 12-seat dining table set is easy. Thirdly, ensure that the chairs are easy to put under the table. Finally, try to have three feet of breathing space on all sides of the 12-person round dining table.

To Wrap It Up

To sum everything up, we have chosen the Magnussen Tinley Park 12 person round dining table as our favorite choice. The solid pine wood table has a 60-inch diameter, comes in a distressed look with a grey finish, and has traces of a traditional style. It is great for both dining and entertainment nights. If you’d like to get a table with 12 chairs, check out our list of 13-piece dining room set reviews. Likewise, consider our selection of 12-person outdoor dining tables if you are looking for a way to entertain groups on your terrace, patio, and other outdoor areas.

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