3 Best 14-seater Dining Tables: Round, Square & Rectangular

Have you been trying to find a 14-seater dining table for your celebrations and other types of use?

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Keep reading this article if you wish to find out about different models the market has to offer. We have reviewed the dining tables that seat 14, including extending and modern options available on the market. Moreover, we have also included a buying guide in this article to help you in your search. Our advice can be helpful to find the best table for your space.

The Rundown

Best Of Best 14-seater Dining Table
Best Of Best 14-Seater Dining Table RundownCoaster Home Calandra Dining Table
Created from solid mahogany, albacia wood, and other materials, the vintage piece is 121.5 inches long to seat up to 14 people.
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Best Extending 14-seater Dining Table
Best Extending 14-Seater Dining Table RundownA-America Toluca Dining Table
With three 24-inch leaves, it extends from 60 to 132 inches to seat up to 14, made from solid rubberwood with a rustic finish.
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Best Modern 14-seater Dining Table
Best Modern 14-Seater Dining Table RundownCalligaris Dining Table
With solid wood legs and a glass top in modern white color, it extends from seating 8 to seating 14 with the help of a butterfly leaf.
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3 Best 14-Seater Dining Tables

Best Of Best 14-seater Dining Table

Coaster Home Calandra Dining Table

Solid & Other Wood Materials
This 14-seater dining table measures 121.5 inches in length and 42 inches in width. Moreover, it has a typical dining table height of 30 inches. The table is constructed from a combination of solid and other wood materials. These materials include mahogany wood, albacia wood, mahogany veneer, and plywood. Finally, the table comes in a vintage java finish.

BEST OF BEST 14-SEATER Coaster Home Calandra Dining Table

Trestle Table Support
The rectangular table features a trestle base for support. The vintage design makes the long table a focal point for dining areas in the kitchen or a separate dining room. Similarly, the square legs along with the bold construction give character to the room.  Furthermore, it can conform to many different styles with ease.

Extendable Leaves
To achieve a 10-foot length, this table is equipped with extendable leaves. That way, you can easily collapse the table when it does not need to seat a crowd. However, once you have guests coming over, the table can expand easily to provide more seating capacity.

Best Of Best 14-Seater Dining Table

For Family & Friends
Besides seating your family at once, this 10 ft dining room table can also be used for hosting guests. It is ideal for larger dining areas and people who love to entertain and prepare game nights and food nights. They are ideal for holiday dinners and other occasions where family and friends get together.

Short Description:

  • 121. If 5 inches long, 42 inches wide
  • mahogany wood and veneer, plywood, albacia wood
  • vintage design with a vintage java finish
  • a bold tabletop and trestle table base
  • features extendable and collapsible leaves

Best Extending 14-seater Dining Table

A-America Toluca Dining Table

Extends To 132 Inches
This 14-seater extending dining table has a maximum length of 132 inches thanks to three 24-inch extension leaves. Besides that, it is also 30 inches high and 38 inches wide. This table is made from solid rubberwood which makes it durable for long-lasting use.

Best Extending 14-Seater Dining Table

For Medium & Large Spaces
By extending or collapsing the three extension leaves, this 14-seater dining table can be a great choice for medium to large dining rooms. However, you don’t have to worry about storing the leaves away when not in use, as they are stored inside the table. The solid wood construction with no traces of MDF can easily conform to many furniture styles and kitchen decors.

Rustic Character
Furthermore, this table boasts a 13-step rustic amber finish with many distressing techniques. That way, both character and depth are added to the rustic style of the piece of furniture. Its natural construction and finish can be a great combination with many different styles.

BEST EXTENDING 14-SEATER A-America Toluca Dining Table

No Splits Or Cracks
Finally, the table avoids warping, cracking, and splitting thanks to kiln-dried hardwood. In short, it is durable for everyday use. You can use the 60-inch table without extensions for everyday use for the immediate family. At the same time, it can also expand to accommodate a crowd of 14.

Short Description:

  • 60-inch table with three 24-inch leaves
  • extends to 132 inches to seat up to 14
  • ideal for medium to large dining areas
  • durable solid rubberwood construction
  • 13-step rustic amber finish, dried-kiln hardwood
  • features self-storing extension leaves

Best Modern 14-seater Dining Table

Calligaris Dining Table

Glass & Solid Wood
This modern dining table combines glass and solid wood materials to create a comfortable dining space in your kitchen or dining room. Likewise, it comes in white color, featuring solid wood legs and a glass tabletop, making it both elegant and functional. The 8-seater table features a butterfly extension to be able to seat 14 people.

BEST MODERN 14-SEATER Calligaris Dining Table

Self-Storing Leaf
When the extension leaf is not in use, it can slide under the top, so you don’t have to worry about storing it separately. At each head of the table, you can seat up to 2 people, and then 6 people can go on either side of the table, as well. Also, even when you fully collapse the table, it can still seat 8 people, which should be more than enough for immediate family.

Easy To Fit In
As it is white in color, the 14-seater dining table can easily fit into different kitchen decors and styles without a lot of problem. Moreover, it can be combined with both lighter and darker color chairs and other pieces of furniture, as well as details. To extend the table, the legs slide to one side, to get it done in just a few simple steps.

Best Modern 14-Seater Dining Table

Seats 8 To 14
This table is around 30 inches high and 40 inches wide. Most importantly, you can customize it to your current needs, to seat either up to 8 or up to 14 people easily. Finally, the matte white finish is modern in design to easily fit a wide range of room decors with ease.

Short Description:

  • glass tabletop and solid wood leg construction
  • features a butterfly extension leaf
  • extends from seating 8 to seating 14 people
  • each head of the table can seat two people
  • elegant and functional modern design
  • 40 inches wide, 30 inches high
  • the extension leaf is self-storing

What To Consider In 14-Seater Dining Tables?

Firstly, you should keep in mind the size of the dining table to be able to seat up to 14 people at it. Secondly, you should make sure it comes in the style of your choice. Thirdly, you should also keep an eye on the material to ensure durability. Moreover, the table should be easy to clean, and more. Lastly, also take into consideration some other qualities to get the best dining table for your needs.

Make It Stylish – The market offers many different styles of dining tables, including modern, farmhouse, rustic, vintage, and more. Depending on your style and the decor of the space you are trying to achieve, you can choose among the many available styles. Moreover, you can make it fit into the rest of the decor or stand out, as well.

Choose The Material – According to the style you choose, you will also be able to choose among many materials. The popular materials include many different types of solid wood, as well as veneer, plywood, but also glass, metal, stone, plastic, and more. In short, no matter which 14-seater dining room table you go for make sure it is durable for long-lasting use.

How Big Is A Table That Seats 14? – To be able to seat up to 14 people at once, it is ideal for the table to be around 120 inches long. However, it will also depend on the width of the table. To seat people comfortably, each chair should have at least 22 inches of space available at the table.

What Else To Look For? – Besides the size, you can also choose between rectangular, round, oval, and square shapes. Tables are also versatile in their base so that you can choose between trestles, legs, or pedestals as table support. Pedestal and trestle support will allow you to easily add more chairs to the table.

User-Friendly Qualities – A dining table 14 seater model should also be easy to clean. Besides that, it should be easy to assemble, as well. Moreover, the chairs should be easy to put under the table that is durable and stable for long-lasting use. Furthermore, it should come in the style you want and have a footprint that will fit the shape and the size of the dining space.

To Wrap It Up

Our top pick is the Coaster Home Calandra 14-seater table. In short, this 14-seater dining table features a tabletop with a trestle base and is constructed from mahogany wood and veneer, albacia wood, and plywood. Moreover, it is 10 feet long once you extend it with a leaf to be able to seat up to 14 people at once. In case you would like to check out outdoor options, consider our reviews of 12-person outdoor dining tables. In case you want a dining set that can seat up to 12, check out our selection of 13-piece dining room sets.

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