3 Best 12-person Outdoor Dining Tables For Patio & Terrace

Looking for a way to seat 12 people out on your patio or terrace? Curious to see what 12-person outdoor dining tables the market has to offer?

In that case, look no further!

In this article, you can read reviews of outdoor dining sets, patio dining tables, and folding tables that can seat up to 12 people. Besides that, here you can also learn about features to keep in mind when buying such a piece of furniture for your outdoor space. In the buying guide, we talk about the qualities to search for and features to consider so that you can get the best option for your needs.

The Rundown

Best Of Best 12-person Outdoor Dining Table
Best Of Best 12-person Outdoor Dining Table RundownFlash Furniture Dining Table
Featuring folding steel legs and a hardwood top, this model can hold up to 680 pounds of load and is 96 inches long to seat 12.
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Best Set 12-person Outdoor Dining Table
Best Set 12-person Outdoor Dining Table RundownWholesaleTeak Atnas Dining Table
Including 12 armchairs, the solid teak wood table measures 122 inches in length with the help of 2 extension leaves.
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Best Patio 12-person Outdoor Dining Table
Best Patio 12-person Outdoor Dining Table RundownOakland Living Dining Table
The cast-aluminum table in antique black is 102.5 inches long with a 2-inch umbrella hold and protective glides for patio flooring.
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3 Best 12-person Outdoor Dining Tables

Best Of Best 12-person Outdoor Dining Table

Flash Furniture Dining Table

18-Gauge Steel Legs
This model comes in brown color, measuring 96 inches in length, 36 inches in width, and 30 inches in height. The hardwood tabletop is supported by metal locking wishbone legs. Moreover, these 18-gauge steel legs are powder coated for an aesthetic look with a contemporary feel to it.

BEST OF BEST 12-PERSON OUTDOOR Flash Furniture Dining Table

Hardwood Tabletop
The tubular steel legs allow you the maximum load capacity of 680 pounds in combination with the hardwood tabletop. The Okoume hardwood surface consists of a 0.75-inch plywood core and there is also a black T-mold edge band around it. As the table is 8 feet long, it should be able to fit up to 12 people.

Durable & Easy To Clean
To achieve durability, the tabletop features a quadruple polyurethane varnish finish. Moreover, this makes it not just durable, but also easy to clean. The two wood runners are secured along the length of the table from underneath to maximize the load of the table. Besides that, it also makes stacking, storage, and transport safer.

Best Of Best 12-person Outdoor Dining Table

Foldable Legs
Finally, the locking legs of the table can fold so that storage is easy when the 12-person outdoor dining table is not in use. If you use it on the terrace or patio, it won’t scratch the surface thanks to the non-marring floor caps on the legs. You can enjoy dining and hosting guests outdoors while the weather allows and then easily store it away until next season.

Short Description:

  • 96 inches long, 36 inches wide, 30 inches high
  • 0.75-inch plywood core of the hardwood tabletop
  • easy-to-clean quadruple polyurethane tabletop varnish
  • tubular steel legs with a powder coating
  • the maximum load capacity of 680 pounds
  • folding legs for easy storage and transport

Best Set 12-person Outdoor Dining Table

WholesaleTeak Atnas Dining Table

Extendable Table
To start this list, this 12-person outdoor dining table comes with 12 chairs included so that you can fit a crowd into your backyard space without a problem. The 83-inch dining table can be extended to 122 inches in length with the help of the two self-storing leaves. Moreover, the chairs feature arms for the comfort of your family and friends.

BEST SET 12-PERSON OUTDOOR WholesaleTeak Atnas Dining Table

2-Inch Umbrella Hole
Besides extending the table to measure 122 inches in length, it also measures 31.5 inches in height and 43.5 inches in width. In the middle of the table, there is a 2-inch hole for fitting in an umbrella to shield the table and your guests from harmful UV sun rays. In case you are not using the hole, there is a lip that covers it for a better look.

Solid Teak Wood
Likewise, the 12-person outdoor dining set is made from solid teak wood with tenon joints and glued mortise. As the extension leaves can be stored inside the table, you don’t have to worry about storing them separately. The wooden construction of the set goes great into the outdoor terrace and patio spaces thanks to natural wood elements.

Best Set 12-person Outdoor Dining Table

Durable Construction
Upon receiving this table and 12 chairs, you will have to do some partial assembly which is very easy. The table is long enough to fit five chairs on each side. Similarly, one chair also goes on each end of the table. The solid construction makes it durable and long-lasting.

Short Description:

  • 12-person outdoor table with 12 armchairs included
  • the table extends from 83 to 122 inches easily
  • an umbrella hole in the middle with a covering lip
  • solid teak wood construction for durability
  • 2 self-storing extension leaves included

Best Patio 12-person Outdoor Dining Table

Oakland Living Dining Table

Durable Cast-Aluminum
This 12-person outdoor dining table is 102.5 inches long and 46.5 inches wide, giving it a perfect rectangular shape for seating a crowd. When assembled, it also measures 28.75 inches in height. It is constructed from cast aluminum material in black color. Therefore, the table is resistant to fading, mildew, rust, water, and weather conditions. Finally, it is also UV protected.

Best Patio 12-person Outdoor Dining Table

Hardened Powder Coating
In the middle of the tabletop, there is a 2-inch umbrella hole. It allows you to put the umbrella pole inside the hole to protect you from the hot sun when eating on your patio. Moreover, the powder coating on the table is hardened for durability and longevity. When you fit it on the tile or other type of floor on your patio, the surface will be protected thanks to protective foot glides.

Multitude Of Uses
Moreover, the antique black finish makes it easy to fit into different styles and designs of the patio outdoor area of your house. Thanks to its size, the 12-person patio table can fit a crowd at once, ideal for different celebrations, hosting nights, barbecues, and more. For instance, it can seat both your family and friends at once.

BEST PATIO 12-PERSON OUTDOOR Oakland Living Dining Table

Trestle Base
Finally, the pattern on the tabletop brings a touch of character to the outdoor dining space. Under the tabletop, the trestle base supports it for durability. Furthermore, it allows easy adding of the chairs to the table as the legs are not in the way.

Short Description:

  • 102.5 inches long, 46.5 wide, 28.75 high
  • cast-aluminum material in antique black
  • UV protection for outdoor patio use
  • features a 2-inch umbrella hole
  • resistant to fade, mildew, rust, weather
  • protective food glides for the patio surface
  • powder coating for durability and longevity

What To Consider In 12-person Outdoor Dining Tables?

A 12-person outdoor table can be easy to find and adjust to your needs if you follow some of the below-mentioned advice and features. As the market offers versatile dining tables, you should look for ones that are durable for outdoor use. Moreover, this implies looking for durable materials. Similarly, you will also have to keep the size in mind to be able to seat up to 12 people at once. Finally, don’t forget to look for some other features to make the table easy to use.

Durability For Outdoors – On one hand, you should look for the style of your choice when shopping for an outdoor table. On the other hand, you also need to make sure it is durable to withstand outdoor conditions, including the weather, UV sun rays, rust, and more.

Choose The Material – The market offers a versatile choice of dining table materials, including metal and solid wood as durable ones. For instance, a table with a hardwood top and a steel base should be durable for dining. Moreover, you can even choose models made from solid wood or metal entirely.

Don’t Go Wrong With The Size – You must be wondering how long the table needs to be to seat up to 12 people. In short, it should be between 96 and 108 inches long at least, but it will also depend on how wide the table is. Some models can seat 5 chairs on each side and one chair at each end, while some are wide enough to hold 2 chairs at each end and 4 chairs on each side.

Other Qualities To Keep In Mind – Most importantly, you should look for 13-piece dining room sets that are easy to store and sometimes even transport when needed. For example, a 12 person outdoor dining table with folding legs is great for both. On the other hand, you can also look for models that are extendable so that you can customize them to how many people you are seating at a time.

When Is A Table Easy To Use? – Finally, you should also keep in mind the qualities that make the table easy to clean and even easy to assemble. That way, you will avoid a headache, for sure. Likewise, look for models that make it easy to put the chairs under. Moreover, consider that each place at the table should have around 22 inches of space.

To Wrap It Up

In conclusion to this article, we have chosen the Flash Furniture dining table as our choice for a 12-person outdoor dining table. It has a maximum load of 680 pounds as it features 18-gauge steel legs with a hardwood top. Likewise, it is also easy to clean and durable. It measures 96 inches in length to be able to seat up to 12 people. In case you are interested, you can also check out our reviews of 12-seat dining table sets. To seat up to 10 people at once, you might be interested in our selection of 10-person extendable dining tables.

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