How To Protect Wall Under Breakfast Bar To Stay As New?

A breakfast bar is an ideal place for a quick meal in the morning which makes it one of the most commonly used pieces of furniture in the kitchen.

Is it possible to use it regularly and that it stays brand new?

In this article, we bring you some of the most useful advice on how to protect the wall under the breakfast bar to be affordable and long-lasting.

breakfast bar

Use Appropriate Stools

Appropriate and right stools are very important when you design your breakfast bar. The first thing you should think about is the appropriate height. But more important are material and design. Sharp edges, especially on metal stools, can leave serious damage after everyday use. The best choice is a wooden stool with a textile and foam end. You can easily push them inside to have a free walking area and be sure that you won`t scratch the wall under the breakfast bar.

Leave Enough Space

Having enough space for legs is also an important step in how to protect the wall under the breakfast bar from damage and discoloration. You can have enough space for stools and legs if you make the countertop of the breakfast bar wider. For the whole picture of the kitchen, it’s important how to decorate your kitchen counters of the breakfast bar and others. When you have a wider countertop, it isn’t only about the more comfortable position for sitting, but a larger area between your legs and breakfast bar sides provides easier cleaning.

Protect It With Wood

Wood is a very durable material that is prone to everyday damages and gives your kitchen a warm and rustic look. There are many types of wood that can be inside of the kitchen and which are resistant to warm temperatures and water or humidity. It can be a pretty cheap solution if you use it as DIY adhesive planks. Also, it provides more texture and color with easy maintaining. When you are tired of it or just want to refresh the space, simply tear them off and replace them cheaply. Wood is also a good idea for the floor but it also has some disadvantages. Therefore, before remodeling your kitchen, it’s good to know the hardwood floor in the kitchen – pros and cons.


Use Tiles Or Carpet

The other option to cover the breakfast bar wall is to use carpet or tiles and each has its pros and cons. Tiles are ideal for easy cleaning and are one of the longest-lasting covers, but they are a bit expensive to set. Instead, you can use backsplash or stone tiles to give more texture and design. Because of so many models and colors, you can easily find the best for your dream design. On the other hand, carpets are a cheaper solution and easier for installing. Also, you can choose from a variety of colors and textures. But, they are harder to maintain and can take you more time to rinse the remains of food out of it.

Cover It With Wallpaper

Temporary wallpaper is another cheap solution that anyone can do on their own.  It is the least permanent solution but gives you the opportunity to change the design easily and often. What is more, you can easily peel it off after some damage and change it regularly. It doesn’t leave any mark on the surface and can be replaced with any other protection. Also, it is easy to maintain and wipe only.

Use Resistant Paint

When you choose material for protecting the wall under the breakfast bar, be sure that you use resistant and quality material. Be sure that the color or glue you use is water and humid resistant and that they won`t melt at higher temperatures. This may need more investment in the first place but will save you from more work in the future.

To Wrap It Up

The breakfast bar is the ideal solution for quick meals in the morning, but after everyday use, it can look worn out so you may wonder how to protect wall under breakfast bar? To protect it, you have multiple solutions that can fit your style and needs. Be sure that you invest some time and money for better and long-lasting results. If you want to add some kitchen tables next to the island to have more space, check the offer of the best 28-inch wide dining tables or best 1950s kitchen tables to achieve a rustical look of your kitchen.

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