Japanese Square Apples: Are They Real & What Benefits Have?

Japanese square apples are the most famous decorative fruit, but are they even real and how do they taste?

Read this article to find out!

Here, you can read some basic facts about square apples and how are they grown. Also, you can check some benefits and why are they good to try.

square apple

Japanese Square Apples Growing

Growing square apples seem like an impossible mission, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You can actually grow them in your own garden and you can use them in your own kitchen. They are called Japanese apples because they are first grown there. The procedure is rather simple. You should choose the apple sort that fits the conditions where you live and plant it with these instructions.

Be sure that you use quality and healthy trees. Once you cared enough and years have passed, you can get your first fruits. The secret to getting square fruits is the moulds where you put shoots. As the apples grow, they will receive the shape of the mould. It usually has small holes where air can get in and out and are completely transparent to get enough light. Planting a square apple at home is as easy as growing saffron at home.

Benefits Of Growing Japanese Square Apples

There are some benefits of growing square apples in moulds. The first is complete safety from insects and diseases. What is more, it is safe from natural disasters like hail. It will have enough air and light to grow tasteful and healthy fruits. Also, you can control the shape and size of fruit and have more uniformed results.

shaping square apple

How Do They Taste?

The taste of square apples depends on the sort of apples you have chosen. Usually, sweeter sorts are ideal for this mould because they grow easier and reach better shape. All in all, it depends on your preference and climate conditions. Yet, more controlled circumstances that plastic mould allows usually result in sweet apples. They are usually more expensive than the regular ones, so it is a good decision to grow your own. There is the intention to produce them crispier than other sorts and to have a recognizable taste.

What Are They Good For?

Japanese sweet apples are ideal for slicing since you can get equal parts easier to bite and divide. Also, it can look very decoratively and can serve better for baking or preparing desserts which can help you impress your guests with your cooking skills. Initially, square apples are made to be more attractive on the market because of their artistic look. But now, they have a recognizable taste and are ideal for decorations and baking. What is more, they are loaded with vitamins and since their peel is closed, it doesn’t have to be treated with any chemicals. This means it is healthier than other sorts.

To Wrap It Up

Japanese square apples aren’t a special sort of apples. They are called that because Japan is the first country that produced them. A great thing is that any type of apple can be grown in the mould to get the desired shape and size. What is more, the plastic mould provides enough air and light but protects it from insects and diseases. You can store your square apples using vacuum bags with vacuum sealers.

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