How To Make Iced Latte With Espresso Machine – Best Recipes

Espresso is a very popular beverage but it is also a base for many drinks. Mixing with different ingredients you can change the taste, but conserve aroma.

In this article, we bring you some of the most delicious recipes for a beloved summer drink – iced latte.

So do you want to know how to make iced latte with espresso machine? You’re in the right place, keep reading!

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What Is Espresso Machine Good For?

The espresso machine is made to make a perfect espresso every time. It is intended for coffee bars and professional baristas. Nowadays,  there are smaller versions that can be easily used in the office or at home.  Since it is very easing to use, with the right manuals and quality ingredients you can have a perfect result at home. The machine consists of a permanent filter where you add grounded coffee beans. The water heats and under the pressure gets through the coffee. The result is a dark and aromatic beverage covered with lighter and smooth cream. The original recipe is to make simple and strong espresso, but with modern machines, you can get other things to get a completely new taste.  You can control water running and it is ideal to leave it 20 seconds for espresso. Yet, with longer pressure, you can get macchiato or simple long coffee.

How To Make Good Espresso?

Good espresso should be made of quality roasted coffee. Coffee beans must be roasted and vacuumed to preserve taste. Once you open the bag, try to use it as quickly as possible. Ground coffee just before preparing the beverage and in quantity, you are sure to use. There are different possibilities for how to ground it, the most espresso machines have their own grinder. Adjust it to medium because too much coarsed or too small won’t make a good final result. Use the desired quantity and press it into a permanent filter. Press the water to warm and be sure that the water in the tank is fresh. When the machine is ready, release coffee to drop for 20 to 25 seconds. If you drink it with milk, many coffee machines have an additional steamer to help you get perfect foam. For better results, ask the barista where you enjoy espresso to give you extra tips!

How To Maintain Espresso Machine?

Like after using any other kitchen appliance,  you need to clean the espresso machine. The process is similar to how to clean a coffee maker using apple cider vinegar. Regular maintenance will make it look like new for a longer time, but also preserve good coffee taste every time.  After every use, remove used grounded coffee from the filter and wipe any excess. Also, change the water regularly and wipe the milk steamer with a damp cloth every time. Always wipe any coffee that sprinkles machine from the outside and try to clean it from dust once a week. Once or twice a week use vinegar and water solution to remove excess oil in water straws. Instead of putting water, add a solution and run the entire process with an empty filter. Then, run clean water twice more to ensure there is no taste or smell. The espresso machine is then ready to use and will have the same taste again.

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How To Make Iced Latte With Espresso Machine?

It is possible to make espresso at home, it will be easy to make this tasty summer drink. In this case, espresso is a base and you need to make a good base for a drink to have good taste. As it is stated above, you need quality coffee to get a good taste. You will use an espresso machine only to get espresso and make it in a separate glass. For an iced latte, glass must be cold to slower ice melting. Then, step by step, add other ingredients.

Recipes For Iced Latte

There are tons of recipes for an iced latte because it is extremely popular as a summer coffee variety. Since it is full of caffeine and sugar, it is a good energy boost in the morning. We bring you one classic recipe for an iced latte with an espresso machine and even 5 more creative recipes to change your routine!

Classic Iced Latte

For a classic iced latte, you will need fresh espresso, milk, ice and sugar. First, hold espresso running for 25 seconds in a tall glass. Fill another glass with ice cubes and freeze in the refrigerator. Into hot espresso add 2 tsp of sugar and stir until sugar is completely melted. You can replace sugar with sugar syrup. Pour espresso over ice and stir for a bit. Then, add milk to preference and a straw for drinking. Simple, but refreshing!

Vanilla Iced Latte

Iced latte can have a very aromatic taste thanks to espresso roast. Yet, for a sweeter taste, you can more vanilla. The process is very similar. You need to prepare espresso in glass and add ice to another, serving glass. When espresso is finished, add 2 tsp of vanilla sugar. For intense flavour, open vanilla bean and extract seeds with a knife. A good replacement for sugar is maple syrup. Pour mixture over ice and add milk to preference.

Ice Cream Latte

Ice cream is an ideal replacement for dairy in coffee and can upgrade any beverage. For an iced latte, you will need strong espresso. Prepare it separately and don’t add any sugar because ice cream is rather sweet enough. Put the serving glass in the refrigerator to cool. Then, pour espresso and fill the other half with milk. Stir well. Add two scoops of ice cream, pick your favourite flavour. Tip, milky and nutty flavours are ideal, like a cookie, almond and hazelnut. For a stronger coffee flavour, you can add coffee ice cream. Combine all and enjoy!

caramel iced latte

Caramel Iced Latte

Caramel is a great partner with coffee and stresses its flavour. For preparing this recipe you need strong espresso. Prepare it in a separate cup. Then, garnish serving glass with caramel on sides. Add some on the bottom and pour hot espresso. Stir it well until caramel is melted. Then add ice cubes to fill the cup and add milk to your preference. On the side do whipped cream and top it on the glass. Sprinkle with chocolate shredding and serve with a long spoon.

Vietnamese Iced Latte

This type of iced latte differs a bit, but it is a light afternoon version. First, prepare strong espresso in a separate glass. In serving glass add iced cubes. When espresso is over, combine it with 2 tsp of sugar and stir. Pour espresso over ice and stir. Open a can of condensed milk and slowly add to coffee. Create garnish and leave. Add a few leaves of mint on the top. The lighter version is to add sprinkling water instead of milk. Then, you can add some mint leaves inside.

Ice Irish Latte

This iced latte is filled with alcohol, so it is ideal as dessert. Be aware that it can be considered as booze, too. First, make strong espresso in the separated glass. In serving glass add ice and pour a shot of whiskey. Stir it and add 2 tsp of sugar. Then, pour espresso over and add the same amount of water. Add a few spoons of sweet whipped cream and serve with a cinnamon stick and long spoon. For dessert, you can fill the serving cup with chocolate before.

Other Beverages With Espresso

Other than an iced latte, you can prepare many other recipes. We bring you morning, lunch and afternoon versions!

  • For the morning smoothie, try to lift energy with espresso. Prepare strong espresso in the espresso maker. In a blender, add 2 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt, one tablespoon of cream, 1 banana and cinnamon in powder. Pour with espresso and add maple syrup to preference. Mix well and it is ready to consume!
  • The lunch version of espresso should be strong, energetic and sweet for dessert. So, the cake is an ideal option! For tiramisu, you need to combine sugar and egg yolks over steam and whisk until it has a light yellow colour. Make whipped cream and add mascarpone cheese. Combine both mixtures and let them cool. Make a strong espresso and let it cool. Use serving glass with wide bottom. Soak ladyfingers in cool espresso. Place them on the bottom and cover with chilled cream.
  • The late-night espresso version is espresso martini. For this classic cocktail, you will need a cocktail shaker and martini glass. In a cocktail shaker add ice, one shot of vodka, one shot of coffee liquor, 2 tsp of sugar syrup and a shot of strong espresso. Shake well and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with coffee beans.

To Wrap It Up

If you wonder how to make iced latte with espresso machine, it’s good news that it is completely simple to prepare an iced latte at home. The base is always quality and strong espresso. This popular summer drink has many varieties and flavours. It all depends on the toppings and additions you add. If you need an coffee machine to make iced latte and other delicious coffee drinks, find the right model for you in our selection of the best iced latte machines and the best hot and cold coffee makers.

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