How Do You Make Espresso At Home With & Without Coffee Maker

Espresso is a well-known Italian style brewed coffee. The high-temperature water is under the pressure is forced through well-grained coffee beans.

Yeah, you know that, but you’re still searching for the answer: how do you make espresso at home?

While this type of strong coffee is preferable to drink in café bars and restaurants, there are some tips on how to make it at home. Read this article and find the best solution for you!

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Why Is Espresso So Popular?

Espresso is popular worldwide thanks to the aromatic taste of coffee. When you order it, you will get the smallest coffee cup filled with dark liquid covered with dark brown foam on top. The process of making espresso is simple: you need freshly ground coffee, a high-pressure coffee maker and warm water, from 90 to 100°C. Once the coffee is set and you press the button, brewing will last for only 20 to 25 seconds. In this way, it saves the coffee aroma and rich taste. You can drink it alone, but some prefer it with a bit of sugar and milk.

Espresso Variations

As a thick and strong coffee, espresso is the base for many beverages. They can usually vary in length and size. Length marks how long you let the coffee drip. For example, a coffee latte needs more espresso base to add foamy milk, so you need to let it drip longer than 25 seconds. Size means the amount of ground coffee. It can be single, double or triple, depending on how much you put inside a filter pot. A double espresso is usually known as ristretto. One of the most popular variations is iced coffee, which is espresso with two ice cubes and a bit of milk. Also, if you order long coffee, you will get an espresso base that filled a big coffee cup. The most popular is macchiato coffee, which is espresso with warm or cold milk that can be replaced with cream.

Which Coffee To Use?

For preparing a good espresso, you need to use quality coffee beans. All coffee beans that refer to espresso blend are suitable for coffee. Yet, even with a professional machine, bad beans won’t get your fine taste. The best beans are fresh and recently roasted. For the best crema, which is delicate foam on top, they should be roasted only 7 to 21 days before. It is recommended to choose darker coffee beans for rich flavour, especially if you will add milk later. It would be ideal if you pick a roaster with fair trade and work conditions. You can play with flavours and aromas as you like: while some coffees have a nutty flavour, others taste fruity. When trying a new flavour always chooses small packages if you accidentally don’t enjoy the flavour.

How To Grind Coffee Perfectly?

Espresso beans need to be ground before using for an espresso. It is ideal if you get regular roasted coffee beans that will be ground just before making coffee. When you won’t be making it for a longer time, be sure to use as many coffees as you need. Ground coffee will taste stale and be without crema on top. Grinding size is very important, too. If you grind too fine, espresso will have a too bitter taste. Coarse grind results in acid soup because water can`t collect enough aroma. The best is in the middle, which you need to install before the process. With the right roast and grinding size, you will get the perfect result every time.

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Option 1: Making Espresso With Coffee Maker

If you wonder how do you make espresso at home to taste delicious, the quickest way is to use a coffee maker. It is a useful kitchen appliance if you want to have quick results. There are different types of coffee makers, including regular filter French press or dipper and professional espresso machines. The biggest difference is in the grinding size. For French press and dripper, you can use a coarse grind. But, for espresso, you need to use medium ground. If you want to have a fresh flavour, choose the model with your grinder.

When you use a coffee maker at home to prepare espresso, you should know how to clean a coffee maker with apple cider vinegar. Regular maintaining removes any excess oil that ensures good flavour. Also, using fresh water and beans will make big difference.

Making espresso that way can be a challenge since you only need a small amount of coffee and high pressure. If you use a grinder then choose any mode that produces concentrated coffee. Also, put coffee in a paper filter and tap it to get a better structure. Use a metal spoon to press it firmly. Then, add hot water and try to adjust the amount of it. Rather use boiling water but in smaller quantity. Still, it is ideal to use 90°C water and a darker roast.

Once you set all segments, use a short programme and remove them after the bottom is filled. Be sure to use smaller cups for espresso and you can add them to bigger cups for variations.

The coffee maker is ideal for making espresso variations, like coffee with milk and cream. Yet, you will have problems with getting the perfect crema. For someone that enjoys bold coffee flavour, this will be a great substitution for making it at home.

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Option 2: Making Espresso Without A Coffee Maker

If you don’t have a professional coffee maker and still want espresso taste at home, don’t worry, there are some ways you can get it.

It is easier to prepare milk. Macchiato with warm milk is a variation of espresso with added steamed milk. Not many people have milk steamer at home, but if you don’t, you can make it by warming milk in a metal pot and mix it with a whisk. Before starting to boil, it will make a foam and you will get the perfect addition to your espresso.

As with working with a professional coffee maker, you will need to adjust the coffee grind to get good and flavourful espresso without a coffee maker. There are 3 solutions to make it.

The first is AeroPress. It is a kitchen device that you can carry around and make quick coffee. First, you need to boil water between 85 and 96°C. Then, fill the filter with 2 tablespoons of finely ground coffee. Pour hot over the filter and add drain cap. You need to connect the cup with the drain filer and see as your coffee is collecting. It is a very easy and quick way to do it, but since you miss pressure, it can have a very mild taste.

The second option is Moka pot which uses steam for extra pressure. You need to grind coffee very fine, like caster sugar. Then, add water to the bottom and fill the filter with ground coffee. Use darker roast for better flavour and very hot water for extra steam. Then, put it on a stove and brew on medium fire. When you see coffee foam filling till the top, remove and wait to set a bit. This type of espresso is the closest to the real ones thanks to rich foam and steam for pressure.

The third and least fortunate option is to use the French press. For it, you will need coarse ground coffee and get the least of flavour and cream. It is intended for instant coffees and there is no quality to fix it. Also, when you use it, use double coffee that you would normally use to get a richer flavour.

Best Espresso Recipes 

If you know how to get the perfect espresso, then it will be easy to learn how to make an iced latte with an espresso machine. Still, there are many other recipes that you can try and enjoy even at home, with espresso as a base. Espresso is mostly used in beverages, but you can find it in cocktails, like espresso martini, and desserts, like tiramisu. We bring you 3 easy beverages to make out of it.

Coffee au Lait

This type of coffee is the most popular and simple to make. You will need a shot of espresso and pour it into the bigger cup. Then, mix it with a teaspoon of sugar. Pour warm and steamy milk on top and add a bit of cream to make it taste. Serve warm.

Iced Latte

Iced latte is an ideal drink for summer and you can always add an extra kick. Simple espresso is a base and when is ready, pour it into a tall glass. Add ice cubes and mix it well. Then, simply pour cold milk and garnish it with chocolate shredding.

Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa sounds like a delicious dessert, especially if you add a bit of espresso. Use rich chocolate powder and mix it well with hot milk. When you have an even texture, add a bit of espresso. Serve it with a cinnamon stick and whipped cream.

To Wrap It Up

Not knowing how do you make espresso at home will be left you with terrible coffee results. It is possible to make espresso at home in two ways. First, you can use a simple drip coffee maker and with concentrated and quality coffee make its replacement. On the other side, you can use other types of coffee machines to create that taste at home. All in all, it is crucial to use a quality dark roast, ground in medium size and with any flavour you want. If you prefer making espresso using a coffee maker, the posts about the best 2 in 1 coffee makers and top automatic espresso machines under 1000 dollars might be useful for you to check.

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