How Hot Does a Hot Plate Gets? – Depending on Wattage

You’re not sure how hot does a hot plate get when it reaches the highest temperature?

It depends on different features and specifications. To find out how hot a device can be, are pros and cons of having a hot plate with high wattage, and tips for safe use, keep on reading.

How Hot Device Can Be?

The operating temperature varies from model to model, depending on the size, power, and other features. Temperature can go from 212 to 1382 °F. An approximate hot plate reaches the temperature of 540 °C which is around 1000 °F.

What Factor Has An Influence On Temperature?

The temperature range depends on the wattage of a hot plate. As the wattage is higher, a hot plate can reach a higher temperature. Most infrared and coil burners have between 900 and 1500 watts so their temperature is about 212 to 800 °F. Induction hot plates are much stronger, and most of them have around 1800 watts, according to information online. Some of these models can reach the highest temperature of 1382 °F.

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What Are the Benefits Of Higher Wattage?

Here are some of the pros of why having a hot plate with higher wattage is the best choice

  • Fast boiling water for coffee or tea
  • Fast boiling water for rice or pasta
  • Deep frying chicken
  • Deep frying fries
  • Meals that take more than one hour to be cooked
  • Use it for camping or RV

Who Doesn’t Need A Model With High Wattage?

A model with high wattage is not for users who are planning to use it for preparing simple meals for a short time such as eggs. You can use any type of hot plate for all kinds of simple meals, there is no need for high wattage.
Also, if you’re mostly planning to use the device to reheat the leftovers from lunch, you won’t need a model with a high wattage.

7 minutes to boil water

How To Regulate The Temperature?

Every hot plate has its temperature range so you can regulate it using the knob or button, depending on the design of the hot plate.

Can Hot Plate Get Too Hot?

The device will only reach the highest set temperature, however, it is not recommended to left it without control for a long time because there is a possibility of a shock risk and device damage.

How Can You Know When The Hot Plate Is Hot Enough?

According to experts, the best way to check if the hot plate is hot enough to start doing a meal is to flick a drop of water. If it starts to sizzle, this means the hot plate reaches the set temperature. Never try to do it with oil, it can easily start splashing around if it’s too hot and start burning, as well.

Can a Hot Plate Burn You?

As we mentioned in the beginning, some hot plate models can reach a temperature of more than 900 Fahrenheit which can cause serious injuries and burn your skin. Never touch the burner top to check if it’s too hot or not.

Can Hot Plate Catch On Fire?

Unfortunately yes. If the equipment has been damaged or the flammable material is near and catches sparks from it, there is a high possibility of a fire.

How To Work Safely With Hot Plate

Here is the list of basic precautions and all the tips for safe working with a hot plate. By following them you don’t need to worry about burns and other injuries.

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    • Use only dishes which is suitable for a specific type of hot plate. Each manufacturer listed which materials are safe for use
    • Avoid leaving the hot plate turned on while you’re not in the room, you can easily forget it is working which can cause a lot of problems
    • Never touch the burner surface with your hands, if you need to use the protection gloves
    • Use medium settings to start with cooking or heating. Never use high settings in the beginning, oil can easily burn you when you place the food inside
    • Use the top lid to prevent any splashes which can burn your skin
    • The heater surface needs to be larger than the pan, otherwise, it can easily flip down and burn you if it’s hot
    • If the meal started to burn, never splash it with water, use a dry cloth and remove the dish on the side till the temperature goes lower
    • When you’re cooking make sure there are no children around who can easily burn themself if they touch the hot plate surface

To Wrap It Up

Depending on the type of hot plate it can reach the temperature from 250°F to 932 °F. Models with high wattage are the best choice if you’re planning to use them for deep frying and quick water boiling, as well as for meals that need more than an hour to be cooked. Make sure to follow safety guidelines to prevent any accidents while you’re using a device.

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