Hot Plate Safety Rules To Follow When Using Device

Hot plate safety needs to be a priority and one of the main characteristics to consider when buying a device.

We listed all the safety features and tips which will help you to work with hot plates without worrying about accidents.

Are Hot Plates Safe For Use?

Hot plates are made to be safe both in households and for commercial uses such as in the restaurants or labs. The safety measures this device meets are ensured by builting the certain parts in.

electric hot plate in kitchen

Depending on the type of model, some safety functions can be different from device to device. Here is the list of all important safety functions every hot plate needs to have.

Light Indicator

Electric and induction models have a built-in light indicator that shows when the device is turned on. It is usually in red or orange color making it more noticeable so you don’t forget the device is turned on if you’re in a rush.

Also, some models has additional light which will turn on when the device reaches a set temperature.

hot plate turned on

Anti Slip Surface

To make sure the device is stable on the surface you place it on, most of the burner models have anti-rub feet, which will prevent any moving when you’re cooking.

Lock System

If you have kids, make sure to check if the model has a locking system – which will prevent any accidents especially when you’re not around.

Automatic Turn Off

Most induction models have an automatic shut-off feature that will turn off the device if there is no cookware on the top. Unfortunately, gas and electric models don’t have this safety feature.

caution sign

Caution Label

Most hot plate models have a caution label on some parts of the device. The sign shows where to not place the hand or cookware on parts of the burner.

Top Cover

Hot plate models can come with a top cover, which will protect the surface from damage as well as prevent any accidents which can cause a hot burner.

Overheat Protection

Some models include this safety feature which presents a built-in fuse so the unit cannot overheat, which can prevent many accidents.

Heat-resistant Handles

A great feature that not only helps you move the hot plate but also prevents any burns if the unit is hot.

hot plate with handles

Safety Tips For Working With Hot Plate

By following the tips we listed down below, you can be sure using a hot plate will be safe and easy.

    • Make sure the cord is not damaged when you place it in an outlet
    • Place the burner on a flat surface and make sure it is stable for cooking
    • If you have a small child, make sure he cannot reach the hot plate
    • Remove any flammable materials around the hot plate
    • Never leave the burner without monitoring
    • If you notice any cracks on the surface, don’t continue using it until it’s repaired
    • Always make sure indicator lights are turned off
    • Always make sure the knobs for temperature control is on the zero
    • Unplug the device after you finish cooking

protection gloves

    • Always use protecting gloves when removing a cookware from the hot plate
    • Make sure the cookware you’re using is a heat-resistant
    • Carefully place the cookware on the top of a glass or ceramic surface to not damage it
    • When removing cookware make sure to use handles
    • Never touch the burner surface to check if it’s hot enough
    • Use gas hot plate only in a well-ventilated room
    • Always check twice if the flame on gas hot plate is turned off
    • Make sure to use cookware that is a maximum 4 inches bigger than the burner, to prevent any flipping
    • Always use only metal or wood utensils for cooking, not any plastic or glass
    • If you notice the hot plate is making an unknown noise or there is a burning smell, turn it off and unplug it from an outlet right away

Using a Hot Plate In Lab – Safety Tips

Besides using a hot plate in the household, the device is also used in labs. Here are some of the safety tips to work with a hot plate.

hot plate in lab

      • All the materials need to be heat resistant, especially when you’re using a glassware
      • Do not place flammable materials near a hot plate
      • Make sure that the burner surface is larger than the glassware or other object you’re heating
      • Always wear protective glasses while using a hot plate
      • When removing objects from the burner, use tongs or protective gloves
      • When pouring hot liquid make sure you have protective gloves on
      • Never leave the hot plate unattended while it’s working
      • Remember to turn off the hot plate when you’re done with work

Can Hot Plate Catch a Fire?

Gas models can easily catch fire if there are easily flammable materials but this can also happen with electric models. That’s why it is important to follow safety tips and never leave the device turned on when you’re not in the room.

fire in kitchen

What To Do If There Is Fire?

Immediately turn off the device, or unplug it from an outlet. Never splash water on it, use a dry cloth or something with which you can cover the flame and remove it right away.

Also, make sure to remove the dish so the oil or water from inside doesn’t get in contact with the flame.

To Wrap It Up

Safety features of hot plates need to consider before buying a device, as well as following all the safety tips mentioned above. Before buying a device check if the manufacturer pointed out that that device has a warranty and that it has passed technical inspections.

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