5 Best 15-Inch Vacuum Sealers: Is It The Biggest Size?

Are you interested in purchasing the best 15-inch vacuum sealer?

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In this post, I reviewed six top-rated 15-inch sealers and separated them into different categories to ensure you can easily choose the best one. Check out the features they have to offer and find my advice on what features you need to look for when purchasing one.

The Rundown

Weston Pro-2300 Rundown Weston Pro-2300 Sealer
A stainless steel vacuum pump that comes with a double piston vacuum pump and ensures a powerful performance.
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Nutrichef Automatic Vacuum Sealer System Rundown NutriChef PKVS15BK Vacuum Sealer
Small vacuum sealer that comes with user-friendly touch button controls and includes bag rolls and an accessory hose.
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AmazonBasics Vacuum Sealer Rundown AmazonBasics V101-A Vacuum Sealer
A vacuum sealer that comes with a long sealing bar and a built-in cutter and comes at a budget-friendly price.
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What Are 15 Inches Referred To?

The mentioned 15 inches are referred to as the size of the seal bar. That means that you can vacuum seal 15 inches wide bag.

Vacuum Sealer With 15 Inches Seal Bar

How Big Is The Sealer’s Unit Then?

Usually up to 22 inches. The unit needs to have a few inches bigger and wider body than the seal bar. That is a must for safety reasons too.

Is This The Largest Model?

No. Some models have 16 inches wide seal bar so their unit is also a bit bigger, maybe up to 25 inches. However, 15-inch models are certainly considered to be one of the largest units in the terms of vacuum sealers.

What Are The Usual Dimensions?

Small models for general home use usually feature 15-inch big units with seal bars in the 8 to 11 inches range. Commercial vacuum sealers are usually a lot bigger and they can handle sealing bigger items. In numbers, we’re talking about up to 25-inches big models and 16 inches big seal bars. Of course, the final dimensions depend on the model, and these days, you can find big home sealers and small commercial ones. It all depends on the design and model.

What Bags Can Be Used With This Model?

This mostly depends on the type of food you wish to seal. Since this model is for sealing larger items, there are many jumbo and extra-large bags that feature the maximum size of the seal bar – 15 inches. Of course, you can use smaller bags as well. The bags should be a few millimeters thick so that they ensure better quality and no ripping while storing. Also, make sure that the material of the bag is BPA-free and food safe. Those details are marketed on each of the packages in case the bags apply to them.

Price Range

Large models like this are usually priced between $100 and $600. This is a great price range in which you can easily find a high-quality vacuum sealer.

Benefits Of Big Vacuum Sealers

Large-in-size sealers are great for everyone, no matter what you want to seal. But here are the details that will show how easier your kitchen life can be if you decide to go for a 15-inch big vacuum sealer.

Vacuum Seal Small & Large Items

What is great about this model is that you can vacuum seal anything. You’re not limited by the size but free to seal mini, small, medium, and large food items.

Vacuum Sealed Meat & Vegetables

High Level Of Organization

When you vacuum seal large items, you actually create more space for storing. They won’t take as much space as they would if they were stored in a bowl or a container so the sealed items will provide you with a much-needed organization in the storage room or freezer.

Residential & Commercial Use

These large models are used for both home and professional use. They enhance the preservation of the food, and keep you organized, while the food stays fresh and tasty.

What Sealer Type Is 15 Inches?

Even though there are a few options for vacuum sealers on the market, only one model can feature a 15-inch big seal bar. Here are the details.

External Vacuum Sealer

This model can often be found in homes and households.

  • This is a traditional vacuum sealer that simply sucks all of the air out of the desired bag and then provides an air-tight seal.
  • It comes in a compact design so you can easily handle it, use it, and store it in a drawer or cabinet.
  • It has a more aesthetic design.
  • Suitable for vacuum sealing a variety of items. That includes coffee beans, fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, cereal, pasta, rice, leftovers, and more.
  • This model isn’t suitable for sealing liquids.

Why Can’t I Use A Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

Because it rarely features a 15-inch seal bar. Such models are usually designed with 10, 12, 16, or 20 inches big seal bars. Due to that, their design simply doesn’t match the criteria.

Details On Other Specs & Features

When looking for the best vacuum sealer, your focus shouldn’t be only on the size of the seal bars, but also on other components such as construction, motor, performance, and others. All these components, in the combination with size, ensure great efficiency.

Strong Construction

There are 3 possible material options when we’re talking about the construction of a vacuum sealer. Those are stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. Now, steel is one of the most durable materials on the market. It is highly resistant to dents, scratches, and different stains. It also provides a stable and firm base that makes the vacuum a highly durable unit. However, even though steel is the most preferred material of the making, plastic, and aluminum also ensure strong and durable construction.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

High-Quality Motor

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the quality of the motor that comes with the vacuum sealer. The best option is to go with a unit that comes with a fan-cooled motor. Such a model can withstand a longer use without the chance of overheating.

Power Of The Sealer

You can find kitchen vacuum sealers that come with either single or double piston pumps, some even have two separate pumps. The power of the pump let you know how fast the vacuuming performance will be. Everything around 28’’ Hg is the best choice to go with.

Different Operation Modes

To ensure that you can adjust the vacuuming performance according to your needs, look for a model that offers different operating modes. Most models feature dry, moist, and pulse options. Some of them can additionally have vacuum canister and seal only. Of course, the final number and type of sealing modes depend on the model.

Simple Controls

Vacuum sealers that feature a 15-inch seal bar come with a user-friendly design. Thanks to that, they are not only ideal for professionals and home cooks, but also for beginners. You won’t have any trouble with handling this sealing model and setting up the needed vacuum sealing mode.

5 Best 15-inch Vacuum Sealers

Weston Pro-2300 Sealer


Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 15.3 x 23 x 9 inches
Weight: 22 Lbs
Type: External
Power Source: Electric
Suction Power: 935 Watts

Automatic & Manual Mode
This vacuum sealer offers two different operating modes. Automatic one will allow you to create a powerful seal with only one touch of a button. The manual mode, on the other hand, will allow you to control the vacuuming power when sealing soft food and delicate valuables.

Weston Pro-2300

Powerful Vacuum Pump
You can be sure that this Weston Pro vacuum sealer will provide you with an amazing performance. It comes with a powerful double piston vacuum pump that provides up to 28″HG vacuum strength. It will seal up your bags in no time.

Large Sealing Bar
Thanks to the large sealing bar that this model has to offer, you will be able to use this vacuumer to seal up larger bags the bags that are up to fifteen inches wide. Additionally, the see-through lid will make the aligning of the bag much more simple.

Weston Pro-2300 Review

Stainless Steel Construction
Because of its highly durable stainless steel construction, this vacuum pump will have a much longer life span. It is highly resistant to stains, damages, and scratches and it provides a firm and stable base to ensure that you can carelessly use it.


Overall: ★★★★★
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★★
Weight: ★★★★☆
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


from $400 to $800
depending on eCommerce offer (Amazon, Walmart, eBay) and discounts

Short Description:

  • two different operating modes
  • powerful double piston vacuum pump
  • extra large 15-inch sealing bar
  • see-through acrylic vacuum lid for simple alignment
  • a fan-cooled motor that prevents overheating
  • detachable power cord with its own storage space
  • stainless steel heavy-duty construction

NutriChef PKVS15BK Vacuum Sealer


Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 3.15 x 15.36 x 2 inches
Weight: 2.2 Lbs
Type: External
Power Source: Electric
Suction Power: 110 Watts

Powerful Sealing Element
This is another sealer that comes with a very powerful sealing element. Additionally, it provides a powerful suction of 110W w/ 12L/min thanks to which you will be able to create an air-tight heat seal on your vacuum bags.

Nutrichef Automatic Vacuum Sealer System

Digital Controls
Another amazing thing about this mini automatic vacuum sealer is that it comes with a top control panel that features simple digital touch button controls. Also, a small release button is located on the side of the unit. Once you press the release button the sealer will automatically open and let you place or remove the bag from it.

Stainless Steel Housing
Thanks to the stainless steel housing of this NutriChef vacuum sealer you don’t have to worry about any stains catching onto the unit. However, make sure that you properly clean the sealer after each use to ensure that bacteria doesn’t accumulate on it.

Nutrichef Automatic Vacuum Sealer System Review

Additional Accessories
To ensure that you have to best experience with this vacuum sealer, the manufacturer added five vacuum bag rolls and a vacuuming hose. The bags are completely waterproof and reusable and the vacuum hose will allow you to remove air from glass jars and containers that have an air valve.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★☆☆
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


from $30 to $60
depending on eCommerce offer (Amazon, Walmart) and discounts

Short Description:

  • provides an air-tight vacuum seal
  • can be used both for dry and moist food
  • five vacuuming bags and a vacuum hose
  • stain-resistant stainless steel housing
  • electric plug-in 3.3 ft power cord

AmazonBasics V101-A Vacuum Sealer


Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 15.9 x 6.3 x 3.5 inches
Weight: 3.2 Lbs
Type: External
Power Source: Electric
Suction Power: 120 Watts

Powerful Seal
This 15-inch vacuum sealing machine is designed to create a powerful seal and help you preserve your ingredients or protect different valuables. The package also includes a vacuum hose you can use to seal different containers and jars that come with a suction valve.

AmazonBasics Vacuum Sealer

Built-In Cutter
Apart from its price, the feature that separates this model from other vacuum sealers in this post is the built-in bag cutter. Thanks to that feature you will be able to create custom size vacuum bags according to your needs.

Different Operating Modes
Another great thing about this budget vacuum sealer is that it offers different operating modes that allow you to adjust the vacuuming performance of the sealer. You will be able to create a perfect vacuum both for the dry and moist ingredients.

AmazonBasics Vacuum Sealer Review

Affordable Price
This vacuum sealer is the cheapest model on the list. It costs around fifty dollars which makes it a very budget-friendly choice for everyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a vacuum sealer.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★☆☆
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


from $50 to $80
depending on eCommerce offer (Amazon, Walmart) and discounts

Short Description:

  • built-in cutter for creating custom-size bags
  • small LED indicator lights
  • sealing modes both for dry and moist foods
  • additional vacuum suction hose
  • comes at a budget-friendly price

Weston 65-0101 Vacuum Sealer


Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 6 x 13.5 x 19 inches
Weight: 23 Lbs
Type: External
Power Source: Electric
Suction Power: 935 Watts

Commercial-Grade Sealer
The Weston 65-0101 is a commercial-grade sealer that is designed to provide you with a powerful performance. Just like the first Weston model, this one also comes with a double piston pump that will remove all the excess air out of your bags.

Weston 65-0101 Sealer

Fan Cooled Motor
The best thing about this vacuum sealer is that it comes with a fan-cooled motor. Thanks to that feature you will be able to use this sealer to create continuous seals without worrying that it might start to overheat at some point.

Built-In LED Lights
You can be sure that this industrial vacuum sealer is very simple and easy to use. It even comes with built-in LED indicator lights. That means that you will be able to easily keep a precise track of the vacuuming process.

Weston 65-0101 Sealer Review

Detachable Power Cord
Unlike the previous Weston model I reviewed in this post, this one is not made out of stainless steel material. However, it does provide stable support. Also, it comes with a detachable power cord that has its own storage space to ensure that it doesn’t create any mess.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★☆☆
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


from $400 to $700
depending on eCommerce offer (Amazon, Walmart, eBay) and discounts

Short Description:

  • commercial-grade user-friendly design
  • extra long 5mm thick sealing bar
  • very powerful vacuuming performance
  • built-in LED indicator lights
  • highly durable fan-cooled motor
  • small power cord storage unit

Excalibur EPV15 Vacuum Sealer


Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 19.5 x 10.2 x 4.2 inches
Weight: 17 Lbs
Type: External
Power Source: Electric
Suction Power: 580 Watts

Push-Button Controls
This model comes with simple push-button controls that are very easy to use. Everything you need to do is choose the desired operating mode, turn it on, and let the vacuum sealer do the rest of the job for you.

Excalibur Professional Sealer

Pulse Function
Amongst other sealing modes this vacuum sealer has to offer, you will also find the pulse function. This is a great thing because the pulse function is specially designed for vacuuming soft food such as fish and cookies to ensure they don’t break during the vacuuming process.

For Continous Use
The best thing about this Excalibur home vacuum sealer is that it comes with a dual pump that is specially designed for continuous use. Because of that feature, you never have to worry that the sealer might start to overheat due to the long use.

Excalibur Professional Sealer Review

Timer Control
This sealer allows you to easily control the time of the sealing process. Everything you need to do is press the “plus” or the “minus” button located on the right side of the control panel. Adjust the time depending on what kind of ingredients you are storing inside the bags.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★★☆
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★☆
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


from $300 to $600
depending on eCommerce offer (Amazon) and discounts

Short Description:

  • specially designed for continuous use
  • simple push-button user-friendly controls
  • different vacuum sealing operating modes
  • powerful vacuum sealing performance
  • transparent sealing lid for simple bag alignment
  • durable stainless steel design

Standard Safety Features

Most vacuum sealers come with the same safety features. Here are the components that you can count on.

  • Light indicators show the process of vacuum sealing.
  • The heat-resistant unit ensures that you can safely handle the vacuum sealer during the sealing operation. That is especially important when you need to use your hand to lower the top.
  • Anti-slip bottom provides you stability and safety.

Large piece of meat at the butcher top

Why Would Someone Want A 15-inch Over A 12-inch Model?

Although these two sealer types seem similar, with only 3 inches difference, there is a justified reason why you would choose a 15-inch sealer instead of a 12-inch one. The 15-inch sealer is intended to seal larger items and has a heavy-duty design while the 12-inch model is primarily for home use and smaller things. 3 inches really can make a difference.

To Wrap It Up

Vacuum sealers that come with 15-inch units are quite convenient kitchen appliances. They can be used for sealing and preserving various different food and ingredients, both small and big. Such action will keep those items fresh, usable, and tasty for months. Great for well-organized storage and freezer as well!

As a former cook and a pastry chef, Patricia knows how to recognize fresh ingredients and appreciates their quality above all else. Her ideal day is spent at a local farmer’s market looking for the fruits, vegetables, and herbs she can combine and use to make meals for her loved ones. She is also a big coffee enthusiast and enjoys trying out different coffee brews while traveling.