Top 5 Impulse Sealers: Save Food In Plastic Bags Easily

Are you looking for a heat sealing machine for plastic bags that will help you preserve your food in its optimal condition?

Then you are in the right place!

I found, reviewed, and compared 10 of the best impulse sealers you can find on the market. Check them out, learn all about their designs and features, and choose the one you like the best.

The Rundown

LinsnField Heat Sealer Pro Rundown LinsnField PFS-300 Heat Sealer
High-quality and very powerful heat sealer that comes with a built-in safety system you can easily control.
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Eletional Manual Bag Sealer Rundown Eletional Manual Bag Sealer
Another powerful heat sealer that is designed both for home and professional use and requires no warm-up.
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Metronic Sealing Machine Rundown Metronic 8541949845 Sealing Machine
A very powerful sealing machine that comes with a high-quality upgrade copper transformer and is CE certified.
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What Is An Impulse Sealer?

This is a powered kitchen appliance used to seal different types of plastic packaging, most often poly bags containing some food or items. The sealer uses an impulse of electricity to heat up a metal wire that melts one layer of plastic into the other. This action creates a permanent seal that can only be broken by cutting it open later.

Combination Of Sealer And Cutter

What Types Of This Sealer Are Out There?

There are 5 different types out there.

  • A tabletop sealer is a classic kitchen appliance used for food packaging. It has a heavy-duty unit and a top with a little knob. The model can seal between 6 and 20 packages per minute.
  • Foot-operated sealer features a pedal that is controlled by your foot. When you press it down, the top of the unit lowers down and seals the bag. This model is fast and efficient and it can seal between 8 and 20 packages per minute.
  • The double impulse model features twin heating element wires on the top and bottom of the sealing jaw. It is designed for sealing materials and gusset bags that are between 10 and 20 mm thick.
  • A heat sealer with an attached cutter seals products, packaging, and other thermoplastic materials, and it features a cutter at its top. This allows you to make customized bags. This model can seal between 6 and 20 packages per minute.
  • An automatic sealer is designed for repeated sealing of thermoplastic films such as polyethylene and polypropylene. The unit is controlled by a plug-in transistorized circuit board, as well as electronic timers. This sealing model can seal between 20 to 50 packages per minute.

Is This The Same As Heat Sealer?

Similar but not completly the same. The main difference between a constant heat sealer and this impulse bag sealer is the heat source. Both appliances have heating elements that use electricity to heat the sealing device, however, the impulse model only uses a brief pulse of electricity to ensure a high level of heat for just a few seconds when its top is lowered down. A heat sealer uses direct heat and maintains constant heat in both jaws.

Is This Sealer A Manual Model?

It is called hand sealer, yes. However, it is called that because you just need to lower down the top of the sealer, and the bag will be automatically sealed. On the other hand, a foot-operated sealer uses the weight of your foot to work.

Key Factors About The Model

  • Size. The size of the unit depends on the widths of the material to be sealed. As there is always an additional space of an inch or 2 for sealing, most classic heat sealers are between 8 and 12 inches big. Foot-operated and automatic models are a bit bigger. They are usually between 12 and 47 inches big.
  • Width of the seal. Depending on the width of the flat wire element, sealing models are available with 2-3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm big seal bars.
  • Weight. This is an important component too. You want to choose a lightweight model to ensure that you can easily move it around as needed. You shouldn’t have any problem with finding such a sealer as most of them are heavy just a couple of pounds. Of course, automatic and foot-operated models are a bit heavier so have that in mind.
  • Bags. Almost any type of poly bag can be heat sealed. That includes polythene, polyethylene, and polypropylene bags. Heat sealer can also work with bubble wrap. Low-density polyethylene is the best for making heat seal poly bags.
  • Cutter knob. As this appliance can feature a cutter too, it comes with a convenient hand at the top that eases up the cutting process and makes it both convenient and comfortable.

What Can An Impulse Model Seal?

It can be used with open-ended poly bags, plastic sheeting, poly tubing, foil, and metalized material. It can even be used on poly-coated kraft paper bags.

Price Range

Sealer models designed for households aren’t expensive. Most of them are priced between $30 and $60 which is quite a fair price for such an appliance. Of course, there are some models that are priced at more than $200, however, most of them are budget-friendly.

Should You Buy It?

It surely is a convenient kitchen appliance to have! Here are some additional benefits of owning an impulse sealing model.

User-Friendly Design

Thanks to its simple design, this appliance is great for both beginners and professionals. It has a user-friendly design that is easy to handle.

Heat Sealer's Control Panel

No-Warm Up Time

This is a great feature! Unlike many models that need time to warm up before usage, a heat sealer doesn’t require that. It is ready to be used immediately!

Additional Protection

Once sealed, the food or other items that are packed inside the bag will be well-protected from all outer factors. That includes water protection too.

Suitable For Use Everywhere

And we mean everywhere, not just at home. You can take it with you in your RV, boat, and mobile home too. In the terms of professional use, this sealing model is great for small businesses, restaurants, sandwich shops, and more.

2-In-1 Model Option

If you get a sealer with a cutter, you’ll save time and make your sealed bags look more attractive and finished. No excess inches of bags!

Here Is What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Let’s talk about the standard functions you can expect to find in a heat sealer with impulse operation.

High-Quality Construction

Heat sealers have 4 possible materials of the making. You can choose between stainless steel, iron, aluminum, and plastic. The best one is surely stainless steel, however, iron, aluminum, and plastic are quite strong and durable too, so you can’t go wrong with them either.

Heat Sealer With Cutter

Besides the comfortable knob for cutting the excess material from the bag, the cutter comes with a nice thin design. It is sharp and it easily cuts any type of bag.

Cutting The Bag

Different Power Sources

You can find a variety of heat sealers that are either powered by electricity or by batteries. Both options will provide a powerful performance. The only difference is that the battery-operated ones need a few seconds to heat up while the electrically powered sealers don’t.

Different Temperature Levels

Most of the heat sealers feature up to 10 different heat levels. Thanks to that, you can choose the most suitable one depending on the type of bag you wish to seal. Here are the instructions on the usage of different temperatures. Of course, make sure to read the official manual to know exactly all the details.

  • Temperature heat levels from 2 to 4 are ideal for sealing normal plastic bags.
  • Temperature heat levels from 4 to 6 are great for sealing foil bags.
  • Temperature heat levels from 6 to 8 are made for sealing kraft paper.

Can I Seal Any Thickness?

That depends only on the model you get, as well as the bag you wish to seal and cut. Usually, we’re talking about materials that are up to 8 millimeters thick. But to be sure, check out the official manual.

Top 5 Impulse Plastic Bag Sealers

LinsnField PFS-300 Heat Sealer


Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 5 inches
Weight: 8 Lbs
Type: Impulse
Power Source: Electric
Power: 430 Watts

Multipurpose Use
The best thing about this heat sealer is that you can use it on a variety of heat-sealable materials. These include foil, cellophane, polyester, P.V.A., saran, mylar, and many other heat sealable materials. It is a great choice for professional and home use.

LinsnField Heat Sealer Pro

Different Sealing Levels
Thanks to the eight different sealing levels this heat sealer provides, you will be able to easily adjust the perfect sealing level depending on what you are sealing. Usually, level three is powerful enough for most of the bags. The thicker material will require a higher sealing level.


Overall: ★★★★★
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★★☆
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★★


from $40 to $50
depending on eCommerce offer (Amazon) and discounts

Short Description:

  • patented 8-inch 8-lb hard aluminum body
  • built-in fuse safety system you can easily control
  • completely waterproof rust-free design
  • highly durable design and powerful performance
  • built-in anti-slip stand for superior support
  • high-quality pure copper transformer
  • different time and temperature adjustable levels

Eletional Manual Bag Sealer


Material: Iron
Dimensions: 14.5 x 3.1 x 5.9 inches
Weight: 4 Lbs
Type: Impulse
Power Source: Electric
Power: 350 Watts

Easy To Use
This professional heat sealer is very simple and easy to use. Everything you need to do is place the bag you want to seal over the sealing element. After that simply lower the upper jaw of the heat sealer and the unit will be automatically activated.

Eletional Manual Bag Sealer

Timer Control
The adjustable timer switch that comes with this professional heat sealer will allow you to have complete control over the heat sealing process. It offers eight different levels to ensure that you get the best results both with super thin and thick materials.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★☆☆
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


from $40 to $60
depending on eCommerce offer (Amazon) and discounts

Short Description:

  • eight different easily adjustable levels
  • easy to carry lightweight design
  • up to twelve inches of sealing length
  • 110V and 350W impulse power
  • extra sealing elements and Teflon sheets come included

Metronic 8541949845 Sealing Machine


Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 12.5 x 8 x 5.8 inches
Weight: 6.1 Lbs
Type: Impulse
Power Source: Electric
Power: 600 Watts

Powerful Sealing Results
You can be sure that this sealer & cutter will provide you with very powerful sealing results. It doesn’t require any warm-up to reach the set temperature and it can create a seal that is up to ten mils thick.

Metronic Sealing Machine

CE Certified
The best thing about this model is that it comes with a CE certificate. That means that the machine fulfills the specific requirements made by the European Union related to the consumer’s safety, health, and environment protection.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★☆
Power: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


from $30 to $60
depending on eCommerce offer (Amazon, Walmart, eBay) and discounts

Short Description:

  • comes with an upgraded pure copper transformer
  • provides very powerful sealing results
  • designed to work on a veriety of sealing materials
  • only a sealing machine, it does not have a cutter

JC Danczak Heat Sealer


Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions: Not Specified
Weight: 16 Lbs
Type: Impulse
Power Source: Electric
Power: 600 Watts

Tabletop Design
This heat sealer with cutter features a highly practical sturdy tabletop design. At the same time, it is very lightweight and easy to carry around. That means that you can easily move it around until you find the perfect place for it.

20 Heat Sealer with Cutter

Tight Seal
You can be sure that this sealer with cutter will provide you with an exceptionally strong and air-tight seal. The best thing is that the seal is completely waterproof. That means that you will be able to seal bags with liquids.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★☆☆
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


from $60 to $100
depending on eCommerce offer (Amazon) and discounts

Short Description:

  • impulse heat sealer and a cutter
  • no need for a warm-up process
  • sturdy and firm tabletop design
  • very lightweight and easy to transport

UltraSource 560405 Hand Sealer


Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions: 4.5 x 8.5 x 24 inches
Weight: 13.8 Lbs
Type: Impulse
Power Source: Electric
Power: 800 Watts

Manual Operation
This 16-inch sealer is also made for manual operation. It can be used for most Polyethylene and Polypropylene type materials. Its timer is fully adjustable to ensure that you can seal bags of various thicknesses using only one sealer.

Best 16-Inch Impulse Sealer

Great Performance
Another great thing about this model is that it provides amazing performance. It creates consistent, air-tight seals with every single use. By doing so, it helps to preserve the flavor and freshness of the ingredients you are storing.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★☆☆
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


from $180 to $200
depending on eCommerce offer (Amazon) and discounts

Short Description:

  • specially designed for manual use
  • comes with an adjustable timer
  • creates air-tight seals with every use
  • for Polyethylene/Polypropylene materials
  • includes a cutter for timing the bags

How Do You Use An Impulse Sealing Model?

The usage of this kitchen appliance is actually really easy. Here are the steps.

  1. Turn on the sealer and set the desired heat level.
  2. Bring the bag with your desired ingredients placed inside.
  3. Place the bag at the heating wire.
  4. Lower the sealer’s top down to start the sealing operation.
  5. After a few seconds, lift up the top of the sealer and remove the sealed bag.

On What Safety Features Can I Count?

This home heat sealer comes with great safety components. Here are some of the most common ones that almost all heat sealers have.

  • LED shut-off indicator light. This feature lets you know when the sealing is in process, as well as when it is finished.
  • Adjustable timer switch. This component allows you more accurate control over the sealing process.
  • Anti-slip bottom. As you use a heat sealer on your countertop or table, or some other flat surface, it features an anti-slip bottom which ensures stability and safety.
  • Comfortable knob. We already mentioned the comfortability of the knob, however, such a well-designed feature also ensures a good and safe fit in your hand.

How Long Do Impulse Sealing Models Last?

After doing between 1,000 and 5,000 seals, it is normal for the heating element, the wire, to break. In that case, you can replace the wire. Regular maintenance of your sealer will ensure its longevity.

How Do You Install An Impulse Sealer?

That depends on the model you get. You need to look up the official manual and instructions to know exactly how to assemble the unit. In most cases, the unit comes already assembled, so all you need to do is to place it on the stable surface and plug it into the power outlet in order to use it.

To Wrap It Up

A heat sealer is a kitchen appliance that helps you out with the organization and storing of the ingredients and food. But it is even more convenient when it comes with a built-in cutter. That way you can easily cut and customize each bag. Oh, and this machine can come in a compact size too so you’ll have no problem with storing it!

As a former cook and a pastry chef, Patricia knows how to recognize fresh ingredients and appreciates their quality above all else. Her ideal day is spent at a local farmer’s market looking for the fruits, vegetables, and herbs she can combine and use to make meals for her loved ones. She is also a big coffee enthusiast and enjoys trying out different coffee brews while traveling.