3 Best 12-foot Dining Room Tables For Farm & Modern Houses

Interested in purchasing a 12-foot dining room table for your house?

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We have researched the market and chosen 3 different models that are nearly 12 feet long and that might work in any dining room. That is why, in the first part of the article, you can find reviews of the best of best, farmhouse, and modern 12-foot long dining tables. Moreover, in the second part, you can read our guidelines on how to choose a table according to your style and space. Happy reading!

The Rundown

Best Of Best 12-Foot Dining Room Table
Best Of Best 12 Ft Dining Table RundownSunset Trading Brook 12 Ft Dining Table
In a set with 6 chairs, it can extend from 62 to 134 inches with the help of the three 24-inch extensions; solid rubberwood construction.
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Best Farmhouse 12-Foot Dining Table
Best Farmhouse 12-Foot Dining Table RundownA-America Toluca 12-Foot Dining Table
The solid rubberwood table extends to nearly 12 feet with three extension leaves and has a rustic amber character.
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Best Modern 12 ft Dining Table
Best Modern 12-Foot Dining Room Table RundownMilan Monica 12-Foot Dining Room Table
Combining a wood tabletop and double stainless steel pedestals, it can seat a crowd at once, giving off a simple and clean line design.
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3 Best 12-foot Dining Room Tables

Best Of Best 12-Foot Dining Room Table

Sunset Trading Brook 12 Ft Dining Table

Comes With 6 Chairs
This 12-foot dining room table also comes with 6 chairs included. The chair set includes 2 armchairs and 4 side chairs. The table is split in the middle and features a built-in compartment for storing the extensions. It has three extension leaves in total, each of them measuring 24 inches.

Best Of Best 12 Ft Dining Table

Solid Rubberwood Craft
The solid rubberwood construction comes in combination with a weathered veneer overlay and a distressed two-tone finish. The two colors are warm pecan in combination with light creamy wheat. They give off a country-charm when located in your dining area. It is a great solution for tight spaces that need a long table sometimes as it can collapse and extend easily.

Seats Up To 12
With three 24-inch leaves, the table is easily extended from 62 inches in length to 134 inches. In other words, you will be able to seat 12 people at the same time at once. Moreover, it can collapse easily for everyday use when you don’t need to seat 12 people. Similarly, the table is 30.5 inches high and has contemporary-style clean-cut tapered legs.

BEST OF BEST Sunset Trading Brook 12 Ft Dining Table

Slide Extending Mechanism
In conclusion, when putting the leaves up and down, the simple slide mechanism makes it easy to extend and collapse the length of the table. Therefore, this table is great for hosting parties, holiday dinners, and more, but can at the same time be smaller for everyday use. Its functionality is a great addition to any dining room.

Short Description:

  • 12-foot extendable table with 6 chairs
  • extends from 62 to 134 inches easily
  • features three 24-inch extension leaves
  • light creamy wheat and warm pecan colors
  • solid rubberwood construction, veneer overlay

Best Farmhouse 12-Foot Dining Table

A-America Toluca 12-Foot Dining Table

Solid Rubberwood Table
This nearly 12-foot farmhouse table measures 132 inches in length thanks to the three 24-inch extension leaves. Moreover, this piece of dining room furniture is made from solid rubberwood. Moreover, the kiln-dried hardwood technique makes sure the 12 ft farmhouse table doesn’t crack, warp, or split for durability.

Best Farmhouse 12-Foot Dining Table

Rustic Character
The 12-foot farm table’s rustic charm is achieved by using a 13-step amber finish. By layering, it adds character and depth to the dining table. Thanks to its three extension leaves, it is a great choice from medium and large dining rooms. The collapsed table measures 60 inches and once you extend the leaves hidden inside the unit, it can extend to 132 inches.

Large Capacity
The wooden rectangle 12-foot farmhouse dining table can thus seat a lot of people at once. The 12-foot dining table is a great solution for large families, spaces for celebrating holidays and hosting other events, as well as for people who love to host for their families and friends. Furthermore, with the neutral colors and the natural construction, the 12 ft farm table is a great example of farmhouse style.

BEST FARMHOUSE A-America Toluca 12-Foot Dining Table

Rectangular Focal Point
This type of table is a great choice for long spaces as its 12-foot rectangular size can be the focal point of that space. For instance, is widely used in farmhouse style that is known for its large capacity dining rooms that can feed a lot of people at once.

Short Description:

  • 132 inches long with three 24-inch leaves
  • solid rubberwood construction for durability
  • a 13-step amber finish for a rustic character
  • extends from 60 to 132 inches
  • resistant to cracks, warps, and splits
  • for hosting, large families, holidays

Best Modern 12 ft Dining Table

Milan Monica 12-Foot Dining Room Table

Self-Stores 2 Extension Leaves
This 12-foot dining table comes in white color and features a pedestal type of base. Firstly, t self-stores two extension leaves so that the table can go from 87 inches in length to 134 inches in length. Secondly, the lockable self-storage leaves use an easy opening mechanism that allows extending with just one person needed.

BEST MODERN Milan Monica 12-Foot Dining Room Table

Stainless Steel Pedestals
The double pedestal base comes in a stainless steel finish, a perfect example of a modern style. It supports the 87-inch long table when collapsed and is also durable for extended use. The top of the table comes in white color and has a wooden construction. Assembly is required upon receiving this dining room table.

Combines Materials
With its bright color, it will go great with other modern details in the dining or kitchen space. It combines different materials for a great synergy of other pieces in the kitchen and dining room. As the extension leaves stay inside the table, you don’t have to worry about storing them anywhere else in the house.

Best Modern 12-Foot Dining Room Table

Seats A Crowd
Therefore, if you need a table for your modern dining area, this model could be the one for you. Firstly, it extends easily and stores the extension leaves inside. Secondly, it can seat a lot of people at once. This makes it ideal for people who love to host and enjoy family holiday dinners. Finally, it has a simple yet attractive white design.

Short Description:

  • double stainless steel pedestal table base
  • the white color of the wooden top
  • 87-inch long without extension leaves
  • extends to 134 inches with the leaves
  • extends easily, stores the leaves inside
  • clean and simple modern design
  • ideal for hosting parties and holidays

What To Consider In 12 Ft Dining Tables?

To get the perfect 12 ft dining room table, here are some of the things to keep an eye out for. First and foremost, the size of the table is important and it’s always nearly 12 foot. Secondly, make sure to get the model in the right style according to your preference. Consequently, this will also influence the type of material for the table. Finally, also look for some other specifications that make the best tables.

The Importance Of Size – Dining room tables come in different sizes and 12-feet models are usually extendable which means you can also collapse them to a smaller size. This great length can usually seat up to 12 people at once. The 12-seat dining table set is ideal for events, holidays, and households that love to entertain their guests. Besides, make sure that your space is big enough to leave 3 feet of breathing space on all sides of the table.

Choose A Style – The market is alive with different styles of dining room tables, including industrial, modern, farmhouse, rustic, vintage, antique, and others. Choosing a style will reflect your personal taste as well as the room where you are going to place it. For open-plan kitchens, you can choose a dining table to go well with the kitchen elements.

The Material – In addition to the above-mentioned features, you should also make sure the table is made from durable materials. The market offers tables in a vast array of different materials, including glass, wood, stone, plastic, veneer, stone, and more. No matter which table you decide to get, make sure it is durably built.

Choose A Base – Tables can have a pedestal, trestle, or legs as a base to support them. In short, the three designs have different advantages, but trestle and pedestal bases are usually very practical for adding more chairs to the table. To clarify, this means that you can seat more people at the table easily when you get unexpected guests or want to host events.

Other Specifications – To get the best 12 ft dining table for your house, make sure it is easy to clean. Moreover, also look for models that are not too complicated to assemble. A table should be stable and durable, and it should be fairly easy to put the chairs under it. Finally, also consider the fact that one place at the table takes between 22 and 24 inches.

To Wrap It Up

In short, our top pick is the Sunset Trading Brooks 12 ft dining table. It can extend from 62 to 134 inches with the help of the three 24-inch built-in extension leaves. It also comes with 6 chairs. Made from solid rubberwood material, it is durable and ideal for seating a larger crowd when needed. If you are looking for a way to seat 14 people at a table, check out our reviews of 14-seater dining tables. For outdoor options with a large capacity, read about our selection of 12-person outdoor dining tables.

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