How To Vacuum Seal Flour To Prepare It For Food Storage

Would you like to preserve your flour for long periods?

You need to start vacuum sealing them!

Vacuum sealing is one of the most efficient ways of storing different food long-term. It is a way you can save it from oxidative damage, bacteria, and pests. And in this article, we focus specifically on vacuum sealing flour, which is a staple incidence in most people’s kitchens. You can find out all about how to vacuum seal flour, how to do it, and much more. So if you are interested, just keep on reading!

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Vacuum Seal Flour Guide

Can I Vacuum Seal Flour?

The answer to this question is yes! Not only can you do it, but it is also very welcome to do it if you want to make it last longer. In the pantry, your flour will last you for about 6 months, but if you vacuum seal it, it can last for about 2 years! That’s because there is an effective way how do vacuum sealers work.

Why Would You Vacuum Seal Flour?

Flour is not something that can last forever in your pantry, yet most people tend to buy it in bulks. Vacuum sealing is a method that prevents your flour from going bad. It will suck out all of the air from the bag and therefore protect the flour from oxidizing, attracting different bugs, bacteria, etc.

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How Can You Vacuum Seal Flour?

There are a few ways in which you can vacuum seal flour. You can vacuum seal the flour in its original packaging that you will then put it into one of the vacuum bags. Place the bag on the vacuum sealer and press the button to start the process. The second way you can do it is by placing your flour directly into the vacuum bag and then repeating the steps. The third way you can do it is by freezing the flour beforehand and then vacuum seal it, to prolong its storage even more. If you choose the last way, consider taking a freezer vacuum sealer.

Label The Vacuum Bag

One of the things that are important to do before you vacuum seal your flour is to label the bag. That way later when you decide to use the flour you know exactly what kind and how much of it there is in the vacuum bag.

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Other Benefits Of Vacuum Sealing Flour

Aside from keeping your flour fresh for longer, there is another benefit of doing it and it is easier storage. Since the vacuum sealer sucks out all of the air out of the bag, the size of your vacuum bag isn’t going to be too big. That way you will be able to store more, and it is ideal if you already have a small pantry. If you plan to store a vacuum sealer in the pantry, too, a mini portable vacuum sealer might be the best choice for you.

To Wrap It Up

Flour is one of the many staples in most people’s kitchens. Vacuum sealing at home is a great way to prolong its shelf life and keep all of the bacteria, pests, or even moisture away. It is ideal if you are someone who likes to buy their food in bulks. Using vacuum sealer canisters and pumps, the flour can last you up to two years. We definitely recommend you to try it!

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