Vacuum Seal Coffee Beans As A Storing Way: Benefits & Guide

Have you ever wondered how to vacuum seal coffee beans?

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In this article, we bring you all benefits of storing coffee beans and which is the right way to do it. be sure to read till the end to find all information.

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Vacuum Seal Ground Coffee Vs. Coffee Beans

Every coffee lover knows that good coffee has a strong flavour and a specific smell. Also, you have to be aware that moisture, heat and light can change the flavour and quality, so you need to store coffee properly. There isn’t a big difference between storing ground coffee and coffee beans. The choice is about personal preference. It is always fresher to ground coffee beans right before using, but you can still preserve good flavour if you vacuum seal the bag of freshly grounded coffee immediately. Once you open the bag, you need to consume it quickly before it loses taste and strong smell. Also, vacuum sealing ground coffee can be more practical since you can use it immediately after opening. 

How To Properly Vacuum Seal Coffee Beans

It is a piece of good advice to separate coffee beans into smaller amounts you should be able to use quickly after opening. Once roasted, coffee beans immediately start to lose taste and quality, so you need to save them in an airtight container. The best way is to use a vacuum sealer and dark bags that will keep them safe from air, moisture or light. When they reach room temperature, put the desired amount in the bag and remove air. This is a safer way than freezing it because coffee collects moisture from the air and it can suffer from freezer burning.

Where To Store Vacuum Sealed Coffee Beans

Once you vacuum seal coffee beans, you need to store them right to save the freshness and avoid any damage. Use quality bags that can be a bit expensive, but you can use them again later. Once you do the vacuum sealing process, store it on the shelf in a cool and dark place. Avoid any sharp objects near it to prevent damage and lower quality of beans when you open it.

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How Long To Keep Them

Vacuum sealed coffee beans can last the longest compared to any other type of saving but not longer than, for example, vacuum sealing vegetables and other integrities. If you have properly sealed fresh beans, you can store them even for 2 years in the right conditions. Yet, they are the most quality up to 6 months, so try to use them during that period.

How To Use Vacuum Seal Coffee Beans

Once you open a bag with vacuum-sealed coffee beans, you have to use it as quickly as possible. If you can’t use it, then try to close the bag as good as possible and keep it in the dark place, or remove it to another container that allows no air. You can buy metal coffee containers that are recommended for using once you open the bag. If you have roasted coffee beans, you just need to ground them and can prepare your favourite beverage right away.

To Wrap It Up

As a coffee lover, you should know that proper storing coffee beans help you maintain good taste and smell. Be sure that you store it well to keep it fresh after opening. Therefore, it’s important to use the best home vacuum sealer. If you are interested in this topic and want to learn more information about kitchen vacuum sealers, read this post.

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