How To Make Steak On Hot Plate? – Steps & Tips

Are you a meat lover and want to know how to make a steak on a hot plate just like from a steakhouse?

If you’re not an expert in cooking or grilling, in our article you’ll find out all the information on how to prepare the steak. Keep on reading and find out how to surprise your family and friends by making a perfect steak.

Why To Cook Steak Using a Hot Plate?

Anything you can cook on a stove in a pot can be made on a hot plate, including a steak as well. The main pro of cooking on a hot plate is that it doesn’t generate as much heat as a stove, which is perfect for a summer day.

Is It Better To Make It On Hot Plate Or Grill?

Even if the first choice for cooking steak is using a grill or oven, if you don’t have it, a hot plate is a great replacement.
For sure the grill is the number one option if you love that BBQ scent, but you’ll be surprised how well you can make a steak using this portable device.

On Which Temperature Does Steak Need To Be Cooked?

It depends on how you like your steak and how thick it is. Here are the recommended temperatures and cooking times.

Rare – 125°F – 6 minutes
Medium-rare – 130°F – 8 minutes
Medium – 145 °F – 10 minutes
Medium Well – 155 °F – 13 minutes

Steps For Cooking Steak On Hot Plate

No matter if this is your first time or you have already used a hot plate, this part of the article will be very helpful. Here are all the steps for cooking a perfect steak.

1. Add Seasoning

You can add different types of seasoning depending on your preferences. We recommend salt, freshly ground paper, and a little bit of rosemary.

salt on beef

2. Prepare The Pan

When cooking a steak, all the experts can agree that the cast iron pan is the best choice. It retains heat very well and can quickly reach the temperature you’ll need for cooking. Also, you can use ceramic-coated aluminum which is what most non-stick pans are made of.

3. Set The Temperature

Depending on if you prefer rare or well steak, set the hot late on a temperature which we listed above. Wait for a short time so it can reach the set temperature for cooking.

4. Use Oil

Before placing the steak on the pan, lightly oil it on both sides to prevent it from sticking.

cooking beef

5. Start Grilling

Place the meat on a hot plate at a 90-degree angle, and let it grill for around 45 seconds, depending on how well cooked you want it. Then you need to lift it and turn it another 90-degrees and put it in a different spot for another 30-40 seconds.

6. Test It

To find out if the meat is cooked, press the center of the steak with BBQ tongs and look how it bounces back. If the meat is still soft, this means it is still rare.

using a seasoning on steak

Rest The Meat

The resting period is one of the most important steps of cooking a steak. During the resting period, all juices will reabsorb through the meat and make it soft and delicious. According to the chef, it is recommended to leave the steak to rest for 8 minutes, and if the size of the beef is larger, don’t go under 15 minutes.

Should Steak Rest On a Hot Plate?

No, it is not recommended. You will dry out the meat if it stays on a hot surface. The hot plate needs to cool down for at least 15 minutes.

Also, if you leave the steak to rest on the burner, you can expect it will quickly get burned. We are sure you don’t want to destroy your meal, so make sure to place it on a dish on the table.

beef steak

Tips On How To Make It Perfect

    • Make sure the temperature of the hot plate reaches the needed temperature. Steak needs to sizzle when you place it on the surface. If not, it won’t achieve nice brown color.
    • It is important to place the steak at room temperature at least 30 minutes before cooking. If the meat is cold, muscle fibers will tense up and it won’t taste the same.
    • Adding the salt too early on the steak will draw moisture from the beef, so make sure to add it right before you place it on a burner.
    • Don’t place the oil on the pan, it can quickly start burning which will cause excess smoke.
    • Make sure that all the beef parts are the same thickness to cook them perfectly.
    • If you want a perfect steak, it is recommended to turn it once so it is nice and soft. The more time you turn it, the tougher the meat will become.
    • Never cut the meat to see if it’s cooked, all the juices and flavors will run out.
    • The other side of the steak needs to be cooked slightly less than the first one.

To Wrap It Up

Even if the grill is usually used for making a steak, a hot plate is a great replacement, especially during the summertime if you want to use it indoors. Steak can be made on most of the hot plates if you follow all the advice we mentioned above, and the meat will be for sure delicious.

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