Best 6 Electric Roti Maker Machines To Choose In 2022 Reviews

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In this article, you can find out how to choose the appropriate model for you by learning more about the features to consider when buying an electric roti press. Moreover, you can check out the reviews of roti makers including non-stick and stainless steel models, as well as models with heat control.

The Rundown

Best Of Best Electric Roti Maker
StarBlue Tortilla Roti Maker RundownStarBlue Roti Maker
Make 10-inch Indian style flatbread chapati and roti with the help of the non-stick plates with the adjustable temperatures.
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Best Tawa Electric Roti Maker
Prestige Electric Roti Maker RundownPrestige Electric Roti Maker
The ‘ready’ indicator light alerts you when this roti maker reaches the set temperature for flattening and baking roti without sticking.
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Best Home Electric Roti Maker
Saachi Roti MakerRundownSaachi Chapati Maker Machine
By spreading heat across the surfaces, it flattena and cooks roti, tortillas, or chapati in round shapes at precise temperatures.
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Best Stainless Steel Electric Roti Maker
Brentwood Stainless Steel Non-Stick RundownBrentwood Roti Maker
The stainless body and aluminum non-stick plates are easy to clean as the flattened and cooked roti won’t stick to the plates or break.
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Best Automatic Electric Roti Maker
Revel Roti Maker RundownRevel Electric Roti Press
This model lets you flatten the dough by using the cool-touch handle and uses 1000 W to spread heat evenly for 10-inch rotis.
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Best Non-Stick Electric Roti Maker
Westinghouse Electric Roti Machine RundownWestinghouse Electric Roti Machine
For 8-inch tortillas, roti, and chapati, this model features non-stick plates and a turning thermostat knob for heat control.
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Best 6 Electric Roti Maker Machines

Best Of Best Electric Roti Maker

StarBlue Roti Maker

Non-Sticking Plates
This electric roti machine comes with a roti warmer and features non-sticking surfaces ideal for making a variety of flatbread types, including chapati, tortilla, and roti. The non-sticking surfaces of the plates will let you make roti without it sticking to the plates or breaking. That way you can create smooth roti with authentic taste.

StarBlue Tortilla Roti Maker

Adjustable Plate Temperature
The stainless steel body features a turning knob for adjusting the temperature of the plates. To avoid guessing, the indicator lights will alert you when the electric roti maker is turned on, and when the desired temperature is achieved. By controlling the temperature, you can cook different types of dough more precisely.

How To Use It?
To make roti, simply put a 1-inch dough ball off-center on the lower plate and then close the lower plate, pressing it quickly and firmly for a second. Then open the machine and re-center the roti for baking under the plates. This way you can bake 10-inch roti all on one machine.

StarBlue Tortilla Roti Maker Review

Easy Maintenance
Cleaning the non-sticking plates can be done easily by wiping with a wet cloth and then you can easily store it without taking up too much space. The power cord can be wrapped around the base and stored standing up to take up minimal storage space.

Short Description:

  • ideal for making 10-inch chapati, roti, tortillas
  • easy-to-clean non-stick stainless steel unit
  • indicator lights and turning knob for heat control
  • compact storage with the cord wrapped around the base
  • presses and cooks roti in round shapes

Best Tawa Electric Roti Maker

Prestige Electric Roti Maker

Non-Stick Coating
This electric roti Tawa uses a power supply of 900 Watts for pressing roti dough into round shapes and then cooking it. The non-stick coating on the round plates makes cleaning easier and prevents the dough from sticking to the surfaces and breaking. It comes with an adjustable knob for heat control.

Prestige Electric Roti Maker Review

Two Indicator Lights
The stainless steel body is durable for long-lasting use and so is the handle for pressing the plates together to create round and thin roti. The indicator lights let you know when the power is turned on and when the set temperature has been reached so that you can start pressing the dough to cook roti into thin and round shapes.

After you are done making roti on this electric roti maker, you can leave to cool down and then clean for storage. Cleaning should be easy as the non-stick coating prevents the dough from sticking to the appliance. Storing the unit won’t require a lot of space in your kitchen cabinet or the pantry.

Prestige Electric Roti Maker

Practical Use
The more you use the machine, the more practical it will become to make roti, without having to manually make round thin shapes and then use the pan for cooking. This way you can do the whole process with one kitchen appliance.

Short Description:

  • uses a power supply of 900 Watts
  • plates have a non-stick coating
  • adjustable turning knob for temperature
  • two indicator lights for precise cooking
  • features a durable stainless steel body
  • easy to clean and compact for storing

Best Home Electric Roti Maker

Saachi Chapati Maker Machine

For Different Flatbread Types
This electric chapati maker machine for home is perfect for cooking chapati, roti, and tortilla flatbread. It comes with a handle for flattening the dough into round thin shapes which are then cooked at the adjustable temperature set on the featuring turning knob.

No Dough Sticking
The dough is pressed between the plates to make either tortilla, chapati, or roti, depending on the dough you use. The non-sticking surfaces ensure the roti is released without breaking as it shouldn’t stick to the plates. This will also make them easy to wipe clean without a lot of hassle.

Saachi Roti Maker

Even-Heat Distribution
The chapati will cook evenly as the cooking plates work to distribute heat evenly across the surfaces without any cold patches. The power and ready light help you to know when the electric roti maker is turned on and when the set temperature has been reached for precise cooking.

Adjustable Heat
By using this electric roti press, you can make different types of flatbread in a few minutes. Controlling the heat of the plates will help to always precisely cook each type of dough for delicious and authentic chapati, roti, or tortillas. It is compact for storage and has a chrome stylish finish.

Short Description:

  • chrome finish and non-stick round plates
  • flattens and cooks roti, chapati, tortillas
  • delivers heat evenly across the plates
  • adjustable temperature knob for heat control
  • power and ready indicator lights included
  • easy to clean and compact for storage

Best Stainless Steel Electric Roti Maker

Brentwood Roti Maker

1200-Watt Unit
This electric roti machine uses 1200 Watts of power for making tortillas and roti. It can also be used for other types of flatbread, such as mandarin pancakes or chapati. The aluminum plates have a non-stick coating to ensure the dough cooks without sticking to the plates and breaking.

Brentwood Stainless Steel Non-Stick

For 10-Inch Flatbread
The electric appliance can be used for flattening and cooking 10-inch roti and tortillas. By adjusting the heat, you can determine how crispy or soft your flatbread of choice will be. The turning knob is located on the top of the stainless steel body for temperature adjustments.

Cool-Touch Press Handle
The cool-touch handle is used to press the two plates together and flatten the dough between them. After the dough is flat and round, it will start baking. The two indicator lights will alert you when the roti maker is turned on and when the desired temperature is reached for more precise cooking.

Brentwood Stainless Steel Non-Stick Review

Brushed Stainless Steel
The unit can be stored standing up vertically on the base to save space. It can be used anywhere with power access to create round and thin roti, chapati, or tortillas. The brushed stainless steel body will complement any kitchen without a problem.

Short Description:

  • uses a power supply of 1200 Watts for baking
  • ideal for 10-inch tortillas, chapati, roti, etc
  • aluminum plates have a non-stick coating
  • cool-touch handle for pressing the dough
  • turning knob adjusts the plate temperature
  • flattens the dough and then bakes it
  • durable brushed stainless steel body

Best Automatic Electric Roti Maker

Revel Electric Roti Press

Ergonomic Pressing Handle
This model of an electric roti maker features a durable handle with an ergonomic design for easier and firmer pressing to flatten the dough. Both the top and the bottom surface are evenly heated and feature a non-stick layer for hassle-free cooking and cleaning.

Revel Roti Maker

Automatic Power Light
The body of the appliance has a chrome finish that is also easy to maintain clean. The ready light comes automatically on and off to alert when the unit is ready to be used. The indicator light is located on top of the upper plate for easy visibility.

10-Inch Griddle Plates
Unlike the above-reviewed models, this roti press does not have adjustable temperature control. It uses 1000 Watts for quick cooking and has the 10-inch griddle plates that will be enough for cooking different styles of Indian flatbread.

Revel Roti Maker Review

Built-In Cord Storage
Using this unit is great for flattening the dough which is then cooked on the same plate. The power cord can be put in built-in storage for compact size when storing away. When this unit is not in use, you can even store it standing up to take up less space.

Short Description:

  • durable pressing handle with an ergonomic design
  • evenly heated top and bottom non-stick griddles
  • features an easy-to-clean chrome body finish
  • uses 1000 Watts and has a ready indicator light
  • built-in storage for the power cord
  • for cooking 10-inch flatbread types

Best Non-Stick Electric Roti Maker

Westinghouse Electric Roti Machine

8-Inch Flatbread
This model of a stainless steel tortilla roti press can be used for cooking up to 8-inch flatbread, such as roti and tortillas. The electric roti maker has non-sticking surfaces to prevent the dough from staying stuck to the plate during and after cooking. For cleaning the unit, it is advised to use a slightly wet cloth.

Westinghouse Electric Roti Machine

Adjustable Plate Temperature
This electric roti maker machine features a turning knob for adjusting the heat level of the plate with two indicator lights. The red light indicates when the power is turned on, while the green light indicates when the temperature is ready for cooking. This way you can make 8-inch roti that will stay in one piece without breaking.

Corrosion-Free Construction
The body is constructed from a high-quality stainless steel material that is resistant to corrosion and durable for long-lasting use. The thermostat knob for regulating the heat of the plates is great for cooking various flatbread types, such as chapati, roti, pita, and tortilla wraps.

Westinghouse Electric Roti Machine Review

Professional Pressing Handle
For flattening the dough the professional pressing handle stays cool to the touch and lets you easily make roti flat and round. They won’t stick to the plates for easy release without breaking and will thus allow for hassle-free cleaning.

Short Description:

  • stainless steel body with non-stick plates
  • professional cool-touch pressing handle
  • turning knob for adjusting the plate temperature
  • flattens and cooks 8-inch roti, chapati, tortillas
  • easily cleans with a slightly wet cloth
  • roti stay in once piece without breaking
  • features power and ready indicator lights

What To Consider In Electric Roti Makers?

You should be looking for some of the following features when buying an electric roti maker. First of all, consider the size of the machine to know how big the flatbread can turn out. Secondly, look for models with adjustable heat options and make sure the plates are made from quality materials to avoid the sticking of the dough. Likewise, here you can find out about additional features these products come with and find out how to choose the best model for your needs.

Size Of The Maker – The market mostly offers electric chapati making machines ideal for creating different types of flatbread of 8 or 10 inches. These sizes are usually enough for all the different types of flatbread styles, including roti, chapati, tortilla wraps, and more. Choosing the size will mostly depend on your preference of how big you want roti to be.

Heat Control – Most models of electric roti machines let you adjust the plate temperature by turning the thermostat knob. This is ideal for baking different types of flatbread dough more precisely and lets you choose how crispy or soft you want your roti or tortillas to be.

Non-Stick Surface – One of the most important features is making sure you opt for quality materials for long-lasting use. This means looking for plates with non-stick coatings to make roti easily. The non-stick layer will protect the dough from sticking to the plate and thus prevent the breaking of the tortillas, roti, chapati, etc.

Extra Characteristics – Some models of these products are advertised as tortilla makers, while some are called roti makers. Usually, they can make both types of flatbread, but at different temperatures. If you want to use the unit for making more than one type of flatbread, then look for models that allow various use, such as making chapati, roti, tortilla wraps, and more.

How To Choose? – As the market is full of such products that can make Indian style flatbread, you should limit yourself to your budget. Once you find the price that works for you, check out the online offer on large retailer websites, such as Amazon, to check out the reviews. What other buyers have to say about a certain product can help you, as well as looking for the above-mentioned features.

To Wrap It Up

To summarize this article, the clear winner of the best electric roti maker is the StarBlue roti maker. This 10-inch roti maker by StarBlue is designed to flatten and bake Indian style flatbread, such as roti and chapati. It has non-sticking surfaces for making smooth roti that won’t break by sticking to the cooking plates. If you’d like to check out a wider offer of roti makers, check out this article with the reviews of tortilla roti makers, including electric and manual roti press models. In case you are interested, also take a look at the list of the best electric bread makers.

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