Carrot And Beetroot Juice Benefits And Useful Tricks & Tips

Is juice drinking a part of your regular diet or you try cleansing?

Have you ever wondered if the combination of beetroot and carrot is good for you?

If you are interested to find out more about it, you should read this article. It is important to know why juices are healthy and nutritious for you so we bring you the information about carrot and beet juice benefits, when it is ideal to prepare it and what you can combine it with. 


Carrot Juice Benefits

Carrot is a delicious and nutritious vegetable that is ideal for salads, stews and baking. Because of its sweet taste, it is an ideal ingredient in juice, too. Carrot is full of vitamins C and K which are good for the immune system and keeping a healthy balance in the body. They are well-known as a rich source of carotene, which is helpful for the eyes. It protects the membrane and helps you keep your bright sight and vivid colours. High carotene intake may prevent eye disease and help you protect your sight.

Drinking carrot juice regularly may help you with controlling blood sugar. Half a cup of fresh carrot juice in the morning is enough to control sugar in the regular daily intake. Since it has a low glycemic index, it can help managing sugar in the blood in people with diabetes. For boosting sugar, it is recommended to drink purple carrot juice. There are many types of carrots and you should be aware of their effects.

A combination of antioxidants and vitamin C is usually very helpful for your skin. It is a common ingredient of tanning creams, to provide beautiful bronze skin. Yet, if you consume it as a juice, it can help you maintain clear skin. Vitamin C is also very helpful with producing collagen which is necessary for strengthening the skin.

Carrot is one of the best vegetables for juicing because of its neutral and still sweet taste. It can be well-combined with both other vegetables and fruits. Usually, it is combined with apples and cucumbers, but it can have many different variations. Since there are different types of carrots, you can add more colour and taste to your juice. It is easy to peel, or just wash, but you will get a smaller amount of juice, so be prepared to use more carrots for a bigger amount.


Beet Juice Benefits

Beet juice is well-known for its blood-like colour. It has a very earthy taste and has dominant colour in any combination. People just love or hate it, but it is becoming more popular in modern cuisine and diet. Yet, it is a very healthy and regular ingredient in many juices.

Beetroot juice is the most popular for lowering blood pressure. It is proven that drinking beet juice regularly can minimize oxygen intake and protect the body during harder efforts. What is more, it is recommended to use during the period to replace blood lack and minimize symptoms like dizziness and headache. Some studies prove its benefits for the brain and may help with preventing dementia. What is more, it is well-known to be rich in iron and helps you concentrate.

Since it has a few calories and no fat, it is ideal for keeping a healthy weight. Also, it can be used in salads, as a side dish or in a mixture with other vegetables. Because of that, it is used in the best juicing diets for weight loss. It is significantly rich in potassium, but in other minerals as well, like iron and magnesium, which is good for muscles. Due to that, it has a characteristic earthy flavour. Beet is ideal as support to the liver after a poor diet or consuming more alcohol than usual. Adding it to your diet helps lower cholesterol in the blood and take care of your veins health.  

Yet, drinking beet juice needs to be taken with precautions. Drinking juice may colour your urine is red, which can be replaced for blood, and it is called beeturia and is completely harmless. Because of its very specific and earthy flavour, it is usually mixed with other vegetables and fruits to soften the taste. Before juicing, beet should be cleaned from the skin and added to pieces. One medium beet is enough for a full glass of refreshing juice.

Carrot And Beetroot Juice Benefits

The combination of these two vegetables is usually connected with losing weight, but there are certainly more carrot and beetroot juice benefits. One of them is their low-sugar intake and the possibility to reduce its level in blood. Both veggies are used to reduce weight and are extremely useful for detox. It will help digestion and reduce liver problems. What is more, regular intake will reduce constipation. Inflammation, which is a very common modern body state, can be quickly reduced by drinking juice every morning on the empty stomach. Both beet and carrot are very beneficial for skin and vision. They improve vision thanks to carotene and reduce pigmentation and skin malfunctions.

Possible Side Effects

Thanks to the benefits of beetroot juice and carrot juice, you can have a more balanced and healthier life. Yet, some side effects can worry you. First, it may change the colour of your urine, so it can look alike blood. Yet, it is completely harmless and is only colourized. Overdose can cause kidney stones, but mostly encourage them to start hurting. If you notice a rash on your hands and neck, you should consider testing for allergies. Yet, they are both lowering blood pressure and can cause light dizziness if you skip meals.

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When And How Often To Drink Carrot And Beetroot Juice?

If you wonder can you drink beet and carrot juice daily, here are some useful tips. Researchers have shown that the most carrot and beet juice benefits can be used when you drink it early in the morning on an empty stomach. In this way, the body uses most of the good minerals and vitamins. An hour after, you can consume a full breakfast, since it has minimum calories itself.

Beet and carrot juice can be consumed daily, in the morning or during the day. Sometimes, if you want to change the taste of your morning juice, you can add other fruit or vegetable. There are many solutions, like pear or some of your best apples for juicing. Drinking juice daily can only have health benefits, so you don’t have to limit yourself.

How To Make Delicious Carrot And Beet Juice

Making delicious beet and carrot juice seems easy, but you need to take a few steps. First, it is crucial to use fresh and organic vegetables for the best tasting. First, you need to remove the skin from both carrot and beet. Then, slice it into smaller cubes and add them to the juicer. If you want to, you can add some water and lemon juice for tasting. You can both blend or juice vegetables, but if you blend it, then try to have a smooth texture and pour all liquids over it. It will be very helpful to cool it down before drinking.

Beet and carrot juice can last for longer than most others, so I some situations, you can prepare it before and keep it for a maximum of two days in the refrigerator to preserve taste and freshness. Yet, for the best results, it is recommended to use fresh juice.

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Other Juice Combinations With Carrot And Beet

If you are searching for juice recipes, you can find many on the Internet or in cookbooks. Yet, we bring you some of the most delicious recipes where you can combine beet and carrot juice!

Apple, Beetroot And Carrot Juice

Mix chopped cubes of apples, carrot and beet. Juice them in the order and quantity you want. Depending on the taste you want to achieve, add more of that vegetable. If you want to, you can add chia seeds and let them soak for 5 minutes before drinking. To sweeten, you can add a bit of maple syrup or a spoon of honey.

Carrot And Beet Juice With Ginger

This juice is similar to the previous and apple is used to create a fresh taste. Cube apple, beet and carrot and juice them in the juicer. Then, clean the ginger with a spoon and juice it, too. Drain everything well and add more fresh apple juice, if needed.

Carrot, Beet And Orange Juice

For some sweeter variety, you can try juice with orange. Peel the orange skin and slice it with carrot and beet. Juice them and strain bigger pieces. Also, add some fresh orange juice for a sweeter taste. If you want, you can add chia seeds for a more nutritious morning meal.

To Wrap It Up

There are many carrot and beet juice benefits which are helpful for your immune system. It is the most beneficial if you drink it in the morning, on an empty stomach. Earthy carrot and beet taste can be sweetened with orange or apple juice. There are many healthy recipes to start a day with and improve your health. If you need advice for a good juice to buy, this post about the best personal and single-serve juicers or the high-quality professional juicer machines might help you.

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