Can You Eat A Betta Fish – Is It Safe For Humans?

Betta fish is a favorite pet in many households, but can you raise it for food?

Some species of fish are toxic to humans when ingested. Is it the case with Betta fish? Can you eat a Betta fish?

In this piece of writing, you’ll learn more about this stunning fish, is it edible and do people eat it. Stick with us!

What Kind Of Fish Is Betta Fish?

The Siamese Fighting fish, known as the Betta, is the freshwater fish that can be found in the Southeast Asia region (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia). This is a tropical fish that prefer a water temperature of approximately 75 °F to 82°F (24°C to 28°C).

red betta fish

There are 73 species of the genus betta, but just a few of them are worldwide popular as a pet. It is one of the most popular aquarium fish thanks to its vibrant colors and large, flowing fins.

Betta fish features diverse and colorful morphology and require low maintenance.

Unfortunately, in the past, they were bred for aggression and cockfighting.

Interesting Fact!

Wild betta fish exhibit strong colors only when agitated, while their natural coloration is generally green, brown and grey. They have been selectively bred to display vibrant colors.

In 2011, Betta splendens is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN, because of the pollution increasing and the destruction of their habitat. That is caused by urban and agricultural development.

betta fish in water

Types Of Betta Fish

There are many Betta fish types, but only a few of them you can find in the pet market. Based on the tail shape, people gave their names. There are some most popular Betta fish:

  • Crown tail
  • Delta or super delta
  • Double tail
  • Half sun or Combo tail
  • Half-moon
  • Plakat
  • Veil tail
  • Rose tail
  • Round tail

Do People Eat Betta Fish?

If you are wondering can you eat Betta fish, there is an answer – yes, you can eat them. But, these fish aren’t meant for consumption. The main reason is that it’s a fish that is kept in aquariums as a pet. So, many people think that is a shame to take this kind of beautiful and small fish and use it for consumption.

Moreover, it’s so small (2 to 3 inches) that you’ll need to eat a bunch of them to satisfy your hunger. However, people do eat some relatives of Betta fish, such as the Gourami – this is a much larger fish.

woman holding betta fish bowl

Are Betta Fish Poisonous To Humans?

There is no harm in eating betta fish. Betta fish is a carnivore, and there are no negative effects whether it is intentionally consumed or not.

Although, like any other fish, it can make you sick. That can happen if Betta fish ingest some kind of poisonous material. But that rarely happens, since they consume small invertebrate larvae, worms and flies – these small creatures have virtually zero toxicity. Thanks to the Betta fish diet, it doesn’t accumulate toxins in its body. This means they are very safely edible snacks.

Are Betta Fish Poisonous To Cats?

This is a very common question when it comes to Betta fish. Unfortunately, there are many pet fish that fall victim to family cats. Cats are born predators and have natural instinct to hunt their prey.

cat and fish pic

A Betta fish looks very interesting to your cat, it’s colorful and moves around. Your Betta fish isn’t poisonous to cats. However, you should prevent that, because cats can easily choke on this fish (because of fish bones).

So, you should restrict your cat’s access to the fish tank, choose a sturdy aquarium, cover the aquarium and you can use some unappealing scent to keep your cat away.

To Wrap It Up

Betta fish is a small tropical freshwater fish, often kept as a pet. But, many people wonder if it is safe for consumption. The main reason people don’t eat it is that it’s a pet and it has a very small size, but it’s edible.

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