Boiling Banana Peels For Weight Loss – Truth Or Myth?

Banana is just a basic and everyday fruit but it comes with many benefits for your body, nutrition, and diet. Did you know that you can consume a whole banana, including its peel?

Banana peel is a perfect ingredient that will contribute to healthy weight loss. It can be used to prepare various drinks and food, so keep reading this article and find out everything you need to know about boiling banana peels for weight loss, their nutrients, healthy benefits, and more!

Why Add Bananas To Your Diet

Bananas are amongst the most popular fruits in the world. They are easily accessible and can be found in probably every grocery shop or market. Thanks to that, they can be a part of everyone’s diet.

Bananas are a source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, many antioxidants, and phytonutrients. They are rich in carbs too. The mentioned potassium is a mineral that promotes normal blood pressure and heart health. Did you know that one medium-size banana has around 0.4 grams of this mineral?

Boiling Banana Peels For Weight Loss - Bananas
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Thanks to the bananas’ antioxidants, their consumption can provide protection from the free radicals you get in contact with on a daily basis. Some say that due to their high levels of tryptophan, which the body actually turns into serotonin, a mood-elevating brain neurotransmitter, bananas can be helpful in overcoming depression.

Vitamin B6 helps you sleep better, while magnesium contributes to muscle relaxation. Oh, and one banana provides almost 10% of your daily fiber requirement!

Bananas keep the bones strong, help improve the athletes’ performance, and are a great partner on a weight loss journey.

So overall, bananas are a great source of vitamins and minerals, and they certainly do have amazing health benefits for your body.

Bananas & Weight Loss

Bananas are often referred to as a great weight-loss food since they are sweet and filling, and that helps curb cravings. Their fiber richness slows down digestion and keeps you full. There are researches that state that eating high levels of fiber can reduce the risk of gaining weight by up to 30%.

Boiling Banana Peels For Weight Loss - Banana
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Don’t be fooled by the fact that bananas have a lot of calories (up to 110). Thanks to their high level of vitamins, fibers, and phytochemicals, they are a great (and strong!) factor to add to a healthy weight loss plan. To truly have a successful weight loss process, you need to have a diet rich in natural plant foods! Fruits and vegetables are a crucial part of a healthy diet, and bananas are certainly the most popular food as a nutritional powerhouse.

Here are some bananas’ weight loss facts.

  1. Bananas’ fiber keeps you full for quite some time.
  2. Thanks to that, they can help with overeating.
  3. For efficient workouts and better eating, you need sleep. Bananas’ melatonin will help you with that.
  4. Besides, they help with muscle relaxation. And muscle relaxation helps you do your workout better and more efficiently.
  5. Bananas improve insulin which then helps the body to process glucose.
  6. The sweetness of bananas can be a healthy dessert.
  7. Belly bloat? Not with bananas.

Banana Peel Benefits

We all know how to eat a banana. Or do we?

Banana peels are rich in carotenoids, polyphenols, and other antioxidants. And they are not only safe to eat, but they come with many health benefits, especially when talking about weight loss.

Whole bananas, including peels, are a true superfood. By consuming banana peels, you will increase the intake of fiber and vitamins, as well as boost the levels of potassium and magnesium. Since they are packed with nutrients, banana peels help with weight loss too.

Boiling Banana Peels For Weight Loss - Banana Peels
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Bananas (whole) have a great nutritional value which certainly contributes to your healthy diet. And no, we surely do not recommend you just start eating that peel! Boiling banana peels is a great way to get all the nutrients. That way you’ll soften the peel and then actually use it in smoothies, make a tea, or a simple banana peel water. Besides boiling and cooking, banana peels can also be fried and baked.

Banana Peel Tea

Tea is a relaxing beverage, but when we’re talking about banana peel tea, it is not only relaxing but packed with nutrients and vitamins too. And yes, you can make tea only with the inner parts of the banana, but in that case, you won’t get as many nutrients as when you prepare the tea from the whole fruit.

What To Know?

  1. Banana peel has a much higher level of antioxidants than flesh.
  2. The tea will help you with bloating.
  3. You’ll sleep better.
  4. It will contribute to the health of your heart.
  5. Banana peel tea is low in sugar so it can replace other sugary beverages and decrease the sugar intake.

Banana Peel Tea Side Effects?

There is often a question about the side effects of any healthy ingredient which contributes to a safe weight loss. Now, it is safe to brew tea using banana peels. Peels are edible and safe for human digestion. Actually, in some countries, they are used and consumed on a daily basis. But of course, you need to prepare the peel correctly.

Boiling Banana Peels For Weight Loss - Banana Peels Pieces

You need to clean the banana peel thoroughly so you avoid potential residual herbicides or pesticides. Besides, even though this drink is healthy and great for your body and nutrition, you mustn’t consume too much of it. The reasonable amount per day is one or two cups.

Other than that, a moderate intake of banana peel tea will certainly have all the positive benefits on your body, health, and weight loss.

How To Prepare Banana Peel Tea For Weight Loss

Banana peel tea is quite easy to make. Especially if you’re preparing it as a classic tea with only one ingredient – bananas.

01 Boil 3 cups of water.

02 Rinse a whole banana and remove dirt and debris.

03 Slice off both ends of banana. Add banana to the boiling water.

04 Lower the heat and let it cook for 20 minutes.

05 Remove the banana and pour the liquid into the cup.

If you make too much tea, you can store it in the refrigerator and drink it for up to 2 days.

Boiling Banana Peel Combos

Banana peel is not only great for preparing a banana tea or water for weight loss but it can also be combined or used in the preparation of other beverages and snacks. All the recipes and ideas have one ingredient in common – boiled banana peel.

We gathered a couple of combos that are both delicious and healthy. And of course, they are great for your weight loss journey. Remember – clean the banana well and boil it so it softens up.

Boiling Banana Peels For Weight Loss - Peels

Now, the big question is the following – how to use banana peels for weight loss?

Banana Peel & Cinnamon Tea

Banana tea is prepared without any sugar but you can always add one cinnamon stick into the mix. Cinnamon is a quite strong spice and it will give those special sugary nuances to your classic banana peel tea. You can always use some sweetener for your tea, as well as some substitute for a classic sugar, for example, maple syrup.

Banana Peel Tea With Lemon Juice

This is a classic banana peel tea with sour nuances of lemon juice. Quite a good combination, especially if you’re a fan of green tea with lemon. Well, this is something similar. And probably a bit tastier. Banana peel tea is always suitable for mixing with interesting nuances, in this case, sour lemon aromas. It is great with limes too.

Fruit Juice

When you combine an apple, banana, orange, and fresh lemon juice with a bit of water, you get quite a healthy, nutritious, and delicious juice. Besides the mentioned fruit combination, you can always combine whole bananas with fruit or even vegetables of your choice. You can experiment according to your preferences or diet plan.

Food? Why Not!

Boiled banana peel can be used not only in drinks or smoothies but also as a food ingredient. For example, once it is boiled, you can blend it and add it to the mixture for banana bread or spread it on the piece of bread.

Boiling Banana Peels For Weight Loss - Banana Bread
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If you’re a fan of meatless recipes, cooked banana peels are the perfect substitute for pulled pork or bacon. Besides, they can also be added to curries and sandwiches.

Banana peels can easily be boiled, baked, blended, or fried and thanks to that, used in many recipes and food variations.

So, Is Peel Weight Loss A Myth?

What we can say with a certain is that there is no rapid way to lose weight. It is a long-time process in which you need to nourish a diet rich in natural plant foods, as well as some physical activity.

Banana is a great source of vitamins and minerals, while its peel contributes to an even higher level of those nutrients. Due to that, a boiled banana peel is a great ingredient that will contribute to your body’s health, as well as help you out on your way to the desired healthy weight.

Boiling Banana Peels For Weight Loss - Banana Peels Benefits
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The most usual way to use this ingredient is by preparing it as tea. Boiling banana peels for weight loss is certainly popular in the world and besides the fact it’ll boost your body and health with all the needed nutrients, it will also keep you full, reduce sugar intake, help you with bloating, sleeping, overeating, and more. And overall, it certainly has a positive impact on your weight loss journey!

Don’t try to look for a rapid way to lose weight – that is not healthy nor does it actually exists! Rather look for a better diet, new and interesting ways to incorporate different ingredients, moderation in tasting, and full enjoyment of new dishes. And definitely give it a go with boiled banana peels – in any form!

To Wrap It Up

Banana peel is a great ingredient that will contribute to your healthy weight loss journey. It can be used for teas, juices, smoothies, snacks, banana bread, and more. Thanks to its richness of vitamins and minerals, you’ll get all the nutrients your body needs while trying to lose weight.

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