Best 6 Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers To Get In 2022 Reviews

The market is filled with all kinds of juicers. Yet, you want a stainless steel citrus juicer, but you don’t know which model to choose?

In these 6 reviews, we are talking about 6 different models, their designs, and technical specifications to present you with their best qualities. Read this post to see which model suits you just perfectly!

The Rundown

Super Angel Juicer RundownSuper Angel Juicer
This big juicer comes in modern-industrial design and has a twin gear for slower rotating speed to extract maximum juice.
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Erolux Electric Citrus Juicer RundownErolux Electric Citrus Juicer
With a powerful 160 W motor, this juicer is press-sensitive and it comes with a one-size cone that is suitable for a variety of fruits.
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Lukasa Manual Citrus Juicer RundownLukasa Manual Citrus Juicer
This juicer comes with 10 needles for better fixation of the citrus and a 6-blade cone to extract as much juice as possible.
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Gourmia Citrus Juicer RundownGourmia Citrus Juicer
This juicer has a powerful, yet ultra-quiet motor, and comes with a filtration system that removes all the unwanted pulp.
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Kiswin Lemon Squeezer RundownKiswin Lemon Squeezer
This handheld citrus squeezer has a bowl with a size of 3.44 inches and 13 holes to extract more juice in just one squeeze.
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Bellemain Lemon Squeezer RundownBellemain Lemon Squeezer
This stainless steel lemon squeezer is made with a touch of plastic and aluminum to provide better efficiency.
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Best 6 Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers


Super Angel Juicer

Modern And Industrial In Shiny Silver
With its shiny silver color, this juicer really gives a professional first impression. It comes in the rather classic design of the citrus juicer and with black bottom feet. Due to its modern and quite industrial design, shape, and coloring, the juicer can be a good fit for any kitchen.

Super Angel Juicer

Big And Heavy
The juicer comes in the dimensions of 21.7 x 14.5 x 10.1 inches and with a weight of 27 pounds. Due to its big dimensions, as well as heaviness, the juicer isn’t quite portable and may cause some storing problems, but a dry spot in the kitchen is a good fit. No constant moving, yet the juicer is ready to be used at any time.

Revolutionary Design For Durability And Efficiency
This innovative and revolutionary design of the juicer is made entirely of stainless steel. That means that the juicer guarantees you the best durability and efficiency. Due to its material of the making, the juicer is suitable for juicing apples, carrots, oranges, wheatgrass, leafy greens, herbs, and a variety of other citrus fruit, as well as vegetables.

Super Angel Juicer Review

Twin Gear For Slow Speed
The stainless citrus juicer comes with a twin gear press system that has maximum rotations of 86 rpm. Due to its slower speed, the juicer extracts the most juice as possible, while keeping and preserving all nutrients. The motor, as well as other parts, comes with a 10-year warranty. On the bottom of the juicer are rubber feet to provide stability while juicing.

Breeze To Clean
Thanks to its stainless steel design, when it comes to the cleaning, this juicer is clean in a matter of seconds. In order to do so, just brush the inside parts, while the outside can be wiped up with a wet cloth and a bit of soap. Due to its smooth surface, the juicer is a breeze for cleaning.

Short Description:

  • comes in modern and a bit industrial design in shiny silver
  • made of stainless steel so comes big in size and heavy
  • revolutionary stainless steel design for durability and efficiency
  • twin gear provide a slow speed of 86 rpm that extracts maximum juice
  • easy to clean with inside brushing, and outside wiping


Erolux Electric Citrus Juicer

Beautiful And Modern
This cute egg-shaped juicer comes in a beautiful and modern combination of silver housing and black details. It looks a bit small but can fit without any problem with every collection of kitchen tools. Due to its beautiful workmanship, this juicer looks well placed on the countertop.

Erolux Electric Citrus Juicer

Smaller In Size
With its modern attire and good design lines, this juicer comes in the dimensions of 9.5 x 8.5 x 14.2 inches and it weighs 6.49 pounds. Due to its smaller size, it can be easily stored inside the kitchen cabinet or a storage room, even though it would be quite impressive to look at it in the kitchen.

160 W Motor, One Cone Size, Rubber Handle
Thisstainless steel citrus juicer comes with a motor of 160 W power and a one-size cone that is suitable for a variety of citrus fruit, from lemons and limes to oranges and grapefruits. The specially made rubber hand is offering a good grip and eases up the juicing since it doesn’t require much strength to press.

Erolux Electric Citrus Juicer Review

Automatic And Press-Sensitive Functions
The juicer comes with an automatic on and off function and is press-sensitive so the use is relatively easy. When you put the citrus inside the cup and press the handle, the juicer starts. When you release the pressure, it stops. Simple as that. The juicer also comes with an integrated filter to remove all the pulp.

Suction Cups For Stability And Protection
Due to its stainless steel material of the making, the juicer is made to be efficient and to extract maximum juice from the citrus fruit.  This stainless citrus juicer comes with suction cups on the bottom that prevent slipping and secure stability, while at the same time they protect the surface. All the parts are detachable and recommended for a hand wash.

Short Description:

  • comes in a modern and beautiful egg-shaped design
  • smaller in the size and easy to store
  • powerful 160 W and stable suction cups
  • one-cone size suitable for a variety of citrus fruit
  • automatic on/off and press-sensitive function


Lukasa Manual Citrus Juicer

Silver With Red And Black Details
This small stainless steel juicer looks a bit like a robot. It comes in a pot-shaped design, in matt silver color. The juicer has red details on the top and the press cup, as well as black details on the housing. It looks a bit like a classic kitchen tool, but more modern and elegant than the other ones. It is a good fit for the interior.

Lukasa Manual Citrus Juicer

Safe Materials And Easy To Store
The juicer is made of a combination of food-safe plastic and stainless steel materials. The steel won’t rust with time, nor will it deform. The dimensions of the juicer are 3.4 x 3.4 x 7.1 inches, while the weight is 1.1 pounds. This juicer is definitely easy to store since it doesn’t require much space.

10 Needles For Fixation And 6 Blades Cone
This citrus juicer comes with 10 needles to give a better fixation of the fruit, and its size is perfect for lemons, oranges, and a variety of other citrus fruit. Cone is made of 6 blades to provide fast and efficient juicing while preserving all the right nutrients and vitamins.

Lukasa Manual Citrus Juicer Review

Hand Press Easy Use
The stainless steel citrus juicer is manual only, and it doesn’t need electricity or batteries to work. It works as a quiet hand press and doesn’t cause additional mess and spillage. Just cut the citrus in half, press one piece on the cone and put the lid on, and press, then rotate. The capacity of the jug is juice from 4-5 oranges.

Simple To Clean And Maintain
All parts of the juicer are detachable so that eases up the process of cleaning. When you detach all parts, just clean them in the sink with lukewarm water, mild soap, and cloth. To keep the juicer in the good condition, you need to store it in a dry and ventilated place.

Short Description:

  • pot-shaped design in silver with red and black details
  • combination of plastic and stainless steel
  • small in size, easy to store
  • comes with 10 needles for better fixation of the citrus while juicing
  • 6 blade cone and hand press use


Gourmia Citrus Juicer

Dashing Design With A Touch Of Luxury
With its simple, yet classic, and a bit modern design, thanks to the color combination, this stainless steel citrus juicer looks quite dashing. The lines of its design are gentle, while the workmanship truly brings up a bit of luxury touch. This citrus juicer comes in beautiful metallic silver housing with a couple of black and transparent details.

Gourmia Citrus Juicer

Manual Hand-Press And 160 W Motor
The juicer comes in the dimensions of 6.5 x 7 x 11.75 inches and with a weight of 5.85 pounds. This electric juicer works as a manual hand-press and comes with a powerful motor of 160 W that operates in an ultra-quiet mood, making the juicer suitable for families.

One-Size Cone 
The rotating cone of this stainless steel juicer press is made to maximize the extracting and squeezing of the juice. Due to its one-size, the cone is suitable for different kinds of citrus fruit, from smaller limes and lemons to larger oranges and grapefruits.

Gourmia Citrus Juicer Review

Minimal Strenght And Good Spout Design
This citrus juicer comes with a comfortably designed handle to minimalize needed press and strength. The spout is made to be anti-drip so there’s no additional mess and spillage. The spout is designed to pour the juice directly into your glass or to collect the juice inside the juicer until you’re ready to pour it. This option is manipulated with the window.

Filtration System
In order to provide you with smooth citrus juice, the juicer has smartFlo filter system that eliminates all the unwanted pulp. All the parts that come in contact with food can easily be detached from the juicer in order to clean them. Use a bit of the water and cloth, and the juicer will be clean in no time.

Short Description:

  • comes in beautiful modern design with a touch of luxury
  • powerful and ultra-quiet 160 W motor
  • one cone suitable for different citrus fruit
  • comfortably designed handle and anti-drip spout
  • filtration system eliminates all the pulp


Kiswin Lemon Squeezer

Standard Silver Design
This simple and classic metal lime squeezer comes in a standard silver color and good design lines. It has good carvings for the squeezing and makes a good fit for any kitchen since it doesn’t require much of a space for storage, a kitchen cabinet or a drawer will do just fine.

Kiswin Lemon Squeezer

Portable Handheld Too
This juicer is made to fit the palm of the hand good and comfortably, so it needs to be easy to carry and just right in the size. It comes in the dimensions of 9.5 x 3.6 x 2.3 inches and with a weight of 1.1 pounds. Due to its dimensions and weight, it makes a good handheld kitchen tool.

3.44 Inches Citrus Bowl
The juicer is entirely made of stainless steel, but yet it kept its lightweight characteristic. To be suitable for a variety of citrus fruit, from lemons to oranges, the bowl of this metal squeezer is 3.44 inches big. Due to that, it’s perfect for all the different sizes of the lemons and limes, as well as for the small oranges.

Kiswin Lemon Squeezer Review

13 Holes For More Juice
This stainless steel squeezer comes with a unique bowl design. The bowl has 13 holes to provide more juice in one squeeze, while with a couple of squeezes, it extracts maximum juice of the lemons and oranges. The mentioned material of the making is resistant to the acidic citrus juice.

Easy Manual Juicing
The handle is a non-slip designed to ease up the manual juicing. In order to do so, just put a medium-size piece of lemon or orange inside the bowl, and then press the handle to squeeze out the juice. The squeezer makes a minimal mess. Regarding the cleaning, this stainless steel squeezer is dishwasher safe. The package includes a stainless steel citrus zester.

Short Description:

  • comes in a standard design in silver
  • entirely made of stainless steel
  • good size and weight ease up the handling and juicing
  • 3.44 inches large bowl to fit different sizes of citrus
  • 13 holes bowl for better and quicker juicing


Bellemain Lemon Squeezer

Red And Silver Combination
This mini stainless steel manual citrus juicer comes in an interesting combination of silver and red. It has quite gentle lines of the design and good workmanship. Despite the fact that has a rather standard design, the combination of colors makes it a bit different than the other tools.

Bellemain Lemon Squeezer

Small, Effective, And Easy To Use
To provide you with a good and portable tool, this squeezer comes in the dimensions of 8.9 x 3.6 x 2.5, and with a weight of 1.01 pounds. It’s small yet effective and easy to use, as well as easy to store in the kitchen cabinet, drawer, or storage room.

Ergonomically Designed Handles
This standard squeezer is made of a combination of stainless steel, plastic, and aluminum. The combination of the materials provides you with good durability and efficiency. The silicone-bonded handles are ergonomically designed to provide a strong and steady grip. The squeezer doesn’t require much strength and power for juicing.

Bellemain Lemon Squeezer Review

Simple Without The Pulp
When it comes to the juicing, just put a piece of lemon or orange into the bowl, and press it with the top bowl and handle. Just a couple of squeezes will do the job. The squeezer also comes with a built-in strainer. The strainer works as the filtration system, it collects all the pulp to provide a smooth juice.

Lukewarm Water In The Sink
Due to its simple and easy usage, as well as the good design, the squeezer makes a minimal mess and spillage. Regarding the cleaning of the squeezer, it is recommended to clean it in the sink with lukewarm water and cloth. The cleaning part will take a minimal amount of time.

Short Description:

  • comes in a modern combination of red and silver
  • its small and effective, and doesn’t require much storage space
  • made of stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic
  • ergonomically designed handle for strong and stable grip
  • strainer collects all the unwanted pulp

What To Consider About Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers

There are a lot of stainless steel citrus juicers on the market, with all kinds of different and interesting specifications. To know what to look for, read this guide and find out are you the person for electric or handheld model, what power and motor speed you need, why to choose the model with quiet operation process, what about capacity, and why you need a filter system and universal one-size or more-size cone.

Electric Or Handheld – the citrus juicers come in two options, electric and handheld. When choosing, pick the one that suits the best your needs. If you want to make citrus juice occasionally, then you should choose a small, portable, and handheld juicer. If you want to make enough juice for your entire family, choose the electric model. It can produce much more juice in much less time, and it doesn’t require your strength for juicing.

Motor And Speed – these two components always come together. So if you’re looking for an electric model of the juicer, look up it’s motor and speed. The best fit is a motor with medium power, around 40 W to maybe 80W because that motor comes with a slower speed of around 80 rpm to maybe 90 rpm. The slower speed will extract more juice and nutrients than the faster one.

Quiet Operation – whether you want an electric or handheld stainless steel citrus juicer, the best model is the one that works silently. With a handheld model that’s a guarantee, but when it comes to the electric model, choose the one that comes with a quiet or even ultra-quiet motor. That way you can squeeze and juice citrus fruit any time of the day.

Capacity – this one is the key factor. When you’re picking out the best citrus juicer, you want the one that doesn’t require much time and effort, yet it’s efficient and gives you just enough juice you want. If you want a handheld juicer, make sure that the bowl made for citrus is big and can fit a larger piece. If you want an electric model, check out its built-in capacity, or just choose the one that doesn’t come with a juice jug. That way you can directly place your own glass or bowl, that will be filled up in a matter of a couple of oranges.

Filter System And Cones – if you don’t want the pulp in your juice, choose the model that comes with a filter system or the strainer that works like it. That way you’ll save up the time from all the draining. Regarding the cone that comes with the electric models, choose the model that has a one-size universal cone that fits all the citrus fruit, or the one that comes with a couple of different sizes of the cone. That way you’ll be sure that your citrus juicer can actually juice all the citrus.

To Wrap It Up

The stainless steel citrus juicer that I recommend is Gourmia Citrus Juicer. I would recommend this specific model because it comes with a powerful and ultra-quiet motor of 160 W. It has a one-size cone that is suitable for a variety of different citrus fruit, and a filtration system that eliminates the pulp. The handle is comfortably designed to ease up the juicing. If you’re looking for a juicer that can squeeze the entire citrus fruit and doesn’t require any additional preparation, read this post about whole fruit juicers. If you’re interested in a juicer that is specifically made for oranges, check out this post about the whole orange juicers.

Ana loves sharing unusual recipes, combining herbs and spices, writing about current news, and studies about food trends and restaurants. She lives in Croatia and in her free time, she loves cooking and tasting different wine nuances, as well as traveling and enjoying the local cuisine. Ana’s favorite combination is based on seafood and red wines from the south.