Best 4 Hydraulic Cold Press Juicers To Buy Reviewed By Expert

You want a hydraulic cold press juicer but you’re just not so sure which model to choose?

Keep reading this post in order to find out!

In these 4 reviews, we are discussing 4 different models. We are talking about their technical specifications, hydraulic and material components, designs, and more. Manual model or automatic, old-fashioned or modern, made of stainless steel or a combination of different materials. Read this post to find the juicer that is the most suitable for you and your needs!

The Rundown

Pure Two-Stage Juicer RundownPure Two-Stage Juicer
This impressive juicer works in a two-stage process, has a 372 W motor, and a hydraulic press with 5400 lbs of force.
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Flexzion Slow Masticating Juicer RundownFlexzion Slow Masticating Juicer
The modern dual-stage juicer runs at a low speed of 40 rpm and it uses a hydraulic press for maximum juice and nutrients extraction.
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Welles Juice Press RundownWelles Juice Press
With its simple design in white, this juicer is a good manual model that comes with 2 tons of hydraulic pressure.
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Ejwox Hydraulic Fruit Press RundownEjwox Hydraulic Fruit Press
This professionally designed hydraulic juicer is suitable for home and commercial use and it can juice fruits and honeycombs.
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Best 4 Hydraulic Cold Press Juicers


Pure Two-Stage Juicer

Impressive Professional Attire
With beautiful and clean lines of the design, this juicer comes in rather professional attire. It comes in a combination of mat and shiny silver. This hydraulic cold press juicer does come with a minimalistic design, but due to its color and style, it looks quite impressive and professional. It surely looks great in any kitchen interior.

Pure Two-Stage Juicer 

Food-Safe And Sturdy Stainless Steel
This juicer is entirely made of stainless steel. The steel presents food-safe and sturdy material, surely one of the best materials on the market for the making of juicers. Steel won’t rust, deform, or break, it is durable and won’t lose its efficiency over time. Due to that, this juicer is perfect for juicing all types of ingredients, from acidic citrus fruits to vegetables.

Two-Stage Work
The juicer works with a two-stage process. The first stage is to masticate the ingredient in order for it to release enzymes. The enzymes are needed for making high-quality juice. After that comes the second stage. The pulp is squeezed with a hydraulic press to extract every single drop of the juice. In the end, you have pure and smooth juice rich in enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins.

Pure Two-Stage Juicer Review

372 Watts And 5400 Lbs Of Force
In order to extract maximum juice from the ingredients, the hydraulic juice press needs to have quite a big motor power and hydraulic press. This model comes with a 372 W motor and 5400 lbs of force. Due to that, it is able to get maximum drops and taste from all the ingredients and their pulp.

No Taste Loss For Up To 72 Hours
With this method of juicing, the produced juice can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 72 hours without losing taste, freshness, and nutrients. This professionally designed juicer is made to provide simple and almost effortless juicing. It is suitable for fruits and vegetables, as well as for grinding coffee beans, nut butter, and baby food. Detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

Short Description:

  • beautifully designed in the mat and shiny silver
  • made of durable and safe stainless steel
  • works in a two-stage process to extract maximum juice
  • a 372 W motor power and hydraulic press of 5400 lbs of force
  • the juice can be stored for up to 72 hours
  • suitable for juicing and grinding


Flexzion Slow Masticating Juicer

Combination Of Silver, Black, And Transparent
This modern cold press model comes in a combination of silver, black, and transparent. The body with a motor is covered in silver, its bottom and the back are black, while the feeding chute comes transparent. The strainer and the filter are also covered with transparent. The juicer looks modern and elegant.

Flexzion Slow Masticating Juicer

Powerful With A Low Speed And Hydraulic Press
The juicer comes with a 200 W motor. The motor runs a rotation speed of 40 rpm. The low speed is needed for protecting and extracting enzymes, as well as to prevent oxidation. This method is known as the cold press. It uses a hydraulic press to extract maximum juice from vegetables and fruits.

Dual-Stage Kitchen Tool
This hydraulic juice press comes in the dimensions of 14.8 x 12.4 x 15.6 inches, while it weighs 19.41 pounds. Its size is quite suitable for a kitchen tool with great power of juicing. Thanks to the dual-stage juicing, the juicer produces smooth juice rich in nutrients and enzymes which can be stored in a refrigerator for 72 hours without losing its freshness and taste.

Flexzion Slow Masticating Juicer Review

3.5 Inches Wide Feeding Chute
Since this juicer is designed to be suitable for a variety of citrus fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass, it has a large feeding chute. It comes with a 3.5 inches width and it is suitable for every ingredient. This component also safe you time since you don’t have to cut ingredients into small pieces.

Adjustable Juice Cap & 2 Containers
To ensure your maximum control while juicing, this hydraulic cold press juicer also comes with an adjustable juice cap. That means that it has a lid so you lift it up and let the juice pour into a glass or you close it and collect the juice inside the integrated (but detachable) juice bowl. The juicer comes with two containers (juice and pulp). Hand wash is recommended.

Short Description:

  • the modern and elegant model
  • a 200 W motor and a rotation speed of 40 rpm
  • uses a hydraulic press to extract maximum juice
  • safe time on the preparations with a large feeding chute
  • adjustable juice cap for collecting or pouring the juice
  • 2 containers for juice and pulp


Welles Juice Press

Simple In White With Few Black Details
With a simple design, the juicer looks like an efficient kitchen tool. It comes only in a shiny white color with just a few black details. The black color works well for contrast and it surely lifts up the design itself. This model is manual and due to its simple design and color combination, it fit any kitchen style.

Welles Juice Press

Metalic & Plastic
The hydraulic press juicer is made of sturdy and high-quality metal to guarantee good and durable efficiency. The drip tray is made of food-safe plastic. The plastic is a good material when it comes to the juicer’s suitability with ingredients, as well as its efficiency. The juicer comes in the dimensions of 9 x 9 x 14 inches and with a weight of 29 pounds.

2 Tons Of Hydraulic Pressure
This hydraulic juice press is designed to extract a high level of vitamins and nutrients from ingredients like fruits and vegetables. In order to do so, it presses and squeezes pulp with its 2 tons of hydraulic pressure. This strength is great for both home and commercial use.

Welles Juice Press Review

Manual But Easy Use
In order to use this juicer for beginners, you need to cut ingredients into small pieces. Once you’ve done that, place those pieces on a plate of the juicer. Press the handle in order to squeeze every drop of the ingredient. Press it a couple of times to ensure maximum extraction. You can also squeeze just pulp that is left from other juicing processes. The handle is designed to be user-friendly.

Hand Wash Only
When it comes to cleaning, this juicer is safe for hand-wash only, so do not place it into a dishwasher. Just detach all parts and rinse them with some lukewarm water. Use a mild soap and a cleaning cloth. The juicer should be clean in a matter of seconds.

Short Description:

  • simple design in white color with black details
  • made of sturdy metal and food-safe plastic
  • 2 tons of hydraulic pressure for extracting high level of nutrients
  • user-friendly handle for simple and easy juicing
  • not dishwasher safe, hand wash only


Ejwox Hydraulic Fruit Press

Impressive Workmanship In A Professional Design
This juicer comes in a professional and standard design. It presents quite an impressive workmanship in red and silver combination. It has a large pressing basket and 3 legs for better stabilization. This model can produce up to 10.7 gallons of juice, but it is also available as a model with 5.3 gallons of capacity.

Ejwox Hydraulic Fruit press

Stainless Steel Key Components
The hydraulic cold press juicer comes with key components made of stainless steel, the mesh basket, and parts designed for pressing and squeezing. The inside bladder is made from durable and food-safe material as well. Due to a good materials combination, the juicer is surely made to last.

The juicer comes a bit bigger in size so it does require to be stored in a specific storage room. Despite that, and due to its design, the juicer is suitable for household use, restaurants, wine shops, and more. It can juice grapes, barriers, oranges, apples, and a variety of other fruits, as well as honeycombs.

Ejwox Hydraulic Fruit Press review

Auto Pressure Relief System
This hydraulic juice press uses the auto pressure relief method. That means that when the juicer exceeds 3 bar, the pressure relief automatically activates, while the water starts to drain. This juice model comes with a press cycle around of 35 minutes. It is a bit slower, but it surely is effective in juicing and grinding.

High Juice Yield
The juicer comes with a filter bag and a splash guard. The splash guard keeps the juice from spilling out. This juicer is designed for a high juice yield rich in nutrients and vitamins. Once you’re done with squeezing, pressing, and juicing, splash the juicer with water. The best way to do it is to use a garden hose.

Short Description:

  • professionally designed with good workmanship
  • key components made of stainless steel
  • suitable for commercial and home use
  • made for juicing fruits and honeycombs
  • comes with an auto-pressure relief system

What To Consider About Hydraulic Cold Press Juicers

You want a good hydraulic cold press juicer, but you’re not sure which model and its specifications are the most suitable for you? Read this guide and find out when to choose a manual model and when an automatic/electric one, which design is the best, which materials are strong and durable, what is suitable motor power and a rotation speed, and which force of hydraulic press is the best!

Manual Or Not – hydraulic cold press juicers come as a manual or automatic model. Choose a manual model if you want to juice apples, grapes, and honeycomb. The automatic model is more suitable for juicing smaller pieces of fruits and vegetables.

Combination Of Old-Fashioned And Modern – the old-fashioned juicers are bigger in size but they come with a great hydraulic press. The modern models come with a good motor power that works great with hydraulic components. Due to that, the perfect home model is a combination of both, an automatic/electric model with a hydraulic press.

Strong And Durable Materials – if you want a manual model of hydraulic cold press juicer, choose the one that is made of stainless steel or solid wood. These materials are the best for manual juicers. If you want an automatic/electric model, pick out the one that is also made of stainless steel.

Suitable Motor Power And Rotation Speed – if you choose the automatic/electric model, be sure to pick out the one that comes with a motor of 300 W or more, as well as with a lower speed like 40 rpm. That power and speed are suitable for a home juicer, as well as for efficient masticating and juicing.

Good Force For Better Extraction – when it comes to these types of juicers, the hydraulic press is the key component. In order to have a good model, choose the one that comes with at least 5000 lbs of force. This power is suitable for great pulp extraction.

To Wrap It Up

The best hydraulic cold press juicer that I recommend is the Pure two-stage juicer. I would recommend this model because it presents a good two-stage juicer, a combination of the electric and old-fashioned models. It comes with a 372 W motor for masticating the ingredients, as well as with a hydraulic press of 5400 lbs of force for extracting every single drop of juice from the pulp. The juicer is made of stainless steel which guarantees its efficiency and durability. If you’re looking for more cold press juicers, check out this post about home cold press juicers. If you’re interested in more professional models, read this post about the commercial citrus presses.

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