Best 12 RV Dishwasher Ideal For Campers & Other Motorhomes

Have you been trying to find the best RV dishwasher that can meet your needs while you are on your camping trips?

Then this post is for you!

You can find my reviews of the 12 best models that are currently available on the market. Read on to find out more about their designs, features, and prices, and choose the model that meets your needs the best.

The Rundown

Best Of Best RV Dishwasher
Best Of Best RV Dishwasher Rundown Farberware Professional Dishwasher
Due to its child lock safety mechanism and an Energy Star certificate, this dishwasher is an amazing choice for family use.
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Best Portable RV Dishwasher
Best Portable Camper Dishwasher Rundown DFQX Large-Capacity Dishwasher
With its small size and powerful rotating spray arms, this dishwasher will provide very thorough cleaning results.
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Best Built-In RV Dishwasher
Best Built-In RV Dishwasher Rundown SD 24″ Tall Tub Dishwasher
Because of its spacious 24-inch design, this dishwasher is a great fit for more spacious motorhomes.
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Best Countertop RV Dishwasher
Best Countertop Camper Dishwasher Rundown Farberware Countertop Dishwasher
With its multiple cleaning cycles and options, you can use this dishwasher to clean dishes and sanitize bottles, toys, etc.
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Best Small RV Dishwasher
Best Small RV Dishwasher Rundown Handiy Mini Dishwasher
Because of its removable water tank, this dishwasher requires absolutely no hookups or permanent installations.
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Best Compact RV Dishwasher
Best Compact Camper Dishwasher Rundown BLACK+DECKER Dishwasher
Since this dishwasher comes with a connector hose, you will be able to complete its setup with minimal effort input.
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Best Quiet RV Dishwasher
Best Quiet RV Dishwasher Rundown NOVETE Compact Dishwasher
Because of its low-noise cleaning system, you will be able to run this dishwasher during any part of the day or night.
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Best Stainless Steel RV Dishwasher
Best Stainless Steel Camper Dishwasher Rundown Danby Countertop Dishwasher
With its stainless steel design, this dishwasher will provide you with a lasting lifespan and will require very little maintenance.
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Best Automatic RV Dishwasher
Best Automatic RV Dishwasher Rundown Red Tide Mini Dishwasher
Because of its automatic performance and powerful dual spray arms, this dishwasher will take care of all your dishware for you.
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Best Home RV Dishwasher
Best Home Camper Dishwasher Rundown hOmeLabs Compact Dishwasher
Due to its Energy Star certificate, you can be sure that this dishwasher will use a small amount of water and electrical power.
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Best On Wheels RV Dishwasher
Best On Wheels RV Dishwasher Rundown SD 18″ Energy Star Dishwasher
With its freestanding design and built-in rolling wheels, you will be able to easily move this dishwasher around when needed.
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Best Cheap RV Dishwasher
Best Cheap Camper Dishwasher Rundown Kapas Portable Dishwasher
Due to its somewhat smaller price, this dishwasher is a great option for everyone looking for a more budget-friendly choice.
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Best 12 RV Dishwasher Ideal For Campers & Other Motorhomes

Best Of Best RV Dishwasher

Farberware Professional Dishwasher

Multiple Cleaning Options
Similar to many models on the market, this camper dishwasher also provides multiple cleaning cycles and options. Its control panel features digital touch controls you can easily set or adjust with a simple touch of a finger. Even though it is a somewhat smaller model, it can still accommodate up to 6 place settings.

Best Of Best RV Dishwasher

Safety Child Lock
The feature that makes this dishwasher such an amazing choice for families is its safety child lock feature. It allows you to lock the control panel and prevents your kids from accidentally running the dishwasher. You can find out more about this and similar models in my post about the best mobile home dishwashers.

Short Description:

  • provides professional cleaning performance
  • multiple cleaning cycles and options
  • a convenient self-cleaning program
  • simple control panel with digital controls
  • offers a powerful drying performance
  • comes with a safety child lock feature
  • comes with an Energy Star certificate

Best Portable RV Dishwasher

DFQX Large-Capacity Dishwasher

Compact Size
Like all these models, this portable dishwasher also comes in a small compact size. This makes finding the perfect spot for it a much easier task. You can easily place it on your countertops or even under the sink without any permanent hookups. By clicking on the enclosed link you can find more information on this matter.

Best Portable Camper Dishwasher

Rotating Spray Arms
You can be sure that this portable dishwasher for RV will provide you with powerful cleaning performance. It features very powerful rotating spray arms that are specially designed to provide full 360-degree coverage. As a result, the water will reach all corners of the machine.

Short Description:

  • a compact space-saving size
  • comes with powerful rotating spray arms
  • provides a full 360-degree water coverage
  • water and electricity saving performance
  • no permanent hookups needed

Best Built-In RV Dishwasher

SD 24″ Tall Tub Dishwasher

Built-In Design
This dishwasher is made for more spacious RVs and campers. It is 24-inches wide and can accommodate up to 14 place settings. It has 3 separate racks and an additional cutlery rack. If you need more information about the benefits of built-in models in general, check out my post about the best built-in dishwashers.

Best Built-In RV Dishwasher

Heat-Drying Performance
Not only does this RV built-in dishwasher provide you with multiple cleaning cycles and options, but it also provides a very powerful drying performance. The best thing is that during its drying cycle, it uses a high temperature that additionally sanitizes the dishware inside the tub.

Short Description:

  • a built-in tall tub design
  • provides up to 14 place settings
  • six different wash cycles
  • powerful heat-drying performance
  • comes with an Energy Star certificate

Best Countertop RV Dishwasher

Farberware Countertop Dishwasher

Digital Touch Controls
This RV countertop dishwasher comes with user-friendly backlit digital controls. An additional faucet indicator will inform you if your hookups (if you do decide to make them) aren’t properly connected. To activate the desired cleaning program, simply touch the designated key and let the machine do the rest.

Best Countertop Camper Dishwasher

Steam Cycle
Amongst the many cleaning cycles and options this countertop dishwasher provides, you will also find a powerful “steam” cycle. It is specially designed to additionally sanitize the dishware and provide impeccable results. It can also come conveniently if you want to sanitize your baby’s bottles, pacifiers, or toys.

Short Description:

  • a small countertop design
  • specially designed for multipurpose use
  • user-friendly backlit digital controls
  • a highly convenient faucet indicator light
  • a powerful “steam” sanitizing cycle
  • a convenient transparent glass door window

Best Small RV Dishwasher

Handiy Mini Dishwasher

Simple Performance
This is another small RV dishwasher that provides a very simple, and still a very powerful, performance. Simply load the dishes into the dish rack and cutlery basket, set the desired operating mode, and let the machine do the dirty job for you.

Best Small RV Dishwasher

Removable Tank
Another great thing about this dishwasher is that it comes with a completely removable water tank, This means that you don’t have to make any permanent installations or hookups. Most importantly, you can easily refill it when required. Find out if this is a standard for smaller models in my post about the small dishwashers.

Short Description:

  • very simple and powerful performance
  • one dish rack and a cutlery basket
  • no permanent installations needed
  • a completely removable water reservoir

Best Compact RV Dishwasher


Compact Size
This compact dishwasher is a great choice for everyone looking for a freestanding countertop design. Since it comes with a 59″ connector hose, you can easily attach it to your sink. There is no need for any permanent installations. Find out more about this or similar models by clicking on the enclosed link.

Best Compact Camper Dishwasher

Impressive Capacity
Even though this camper dishwasher comes in a space-saving size, it can easily accommodate up to 6 place settings. You will have enough room for your bowls, plates, cups, mugs, wine glasses, and utensils. You can safely position all you’re dishware and expect amazing results.

Short Description:

  • a compact countertop design
  • accommodates up to 6 place settings
  • features 7 different wash programs
  • a user-friendly child safety locking mechanism
  • faucet hose included in the package

Best Quiet RV Dishwasher

NOVETE Compact Dishwasher

Deep Cleaning Performance
Because of its dual rotating spray arms, this campervan dishwasher provides a very thorough, deep cleaning performance. They are specially designed to ensure that all parts of the machine get full 360-degree coverage. Its cleaning and drying cycles will completely sanitize all dishware inside the tub.

Best Quiet RV Dishwasher

Low Noise
The best thing about this model is that it produces very low noise levels. Thanks to this feature you will be able to run it at any point during the day or night. For a more informative description of this quiet dishwasher, check the enclosed link.

Short Description:

  • thorough, deep cleaning performance
  • specially designed for multipurpose use
  • full 360-degree water coverage
  • comes with a built-in water tank
  • hot air drying performance

Best Stainless Steel RV Dishwasher

Danby Countertop Dishwasher

Stainless Steel Design
You can be sure that this dishwasher will provide you with exceptional quality and durability. It is made out of high-quality stainless steel material that has high resistance to rust, corrosion, and versatile small exterior damages. To find out more about the benefits of similar models, read more in my post about the best stainless steel dishwashers.

Best Stainless Steel Camper Dishwasher

Delay Start Feature
Another amazing thing about this RV steel dishwasher is that it comes with a convenient delay start feature. It allows you to set the exact time you want the dishwasher to start the next cleaning process up to several hours in advance.

Short Description:

  • a high-quality stainless steel design
  • comes with a stainless steel tub interior
  • 6 place setting capacity and silverware basket
  • comes with 8 different wash cycles
  • improved spray arms and filters
  • a convenient delay start feature

Best Automatic RV Dishwasher

Red Tide Mini Dishwasher

Automatic Performance
This dishwasher for the trailer provides you with fully automatic cleaning performance. This means that you only need to add detergent and rinsing aid and choose the best cleaning cycle and operating mode. The machine will do the rest of the job for you.

Best Automatic RV Dishwasher

Versatile Accessories
Included with this automatic dishwasher for RV, there comes a full set of versatile accessories for the dishwasher. It includes a drain pump, inlet pipe, suction tube, double wire clamp, dishware bowl, one dishwashing block, and a manual. For more details on how to complete the setup click on the link and find all needed information.

Short Description:

  • a simple backlit control panel
  • provides a fully automatic performance
  • upper and lower rotating spray arms
  • innovative dual water inlet options

Best Home RV Dishwasher

hOmeLabs Compact Dishwasher

Simple Design
Because of its simple compact design, you will be able to easily move this dishwasher from your home kitchen to your camper. Everything you need to have is a water source you can hook it up to. If you want to check out similar models before you make your choice, check out my post about the top-rated home dishwashers.

Best Home Camper Dishwasher

Energy Star Certified
Another reason why this camper dishwasher is such a great choice is its Energy Star certificate. It ensures that the dishwasher consumes very small amounts of water and electricity per wash (and by extension, throughout the year), meaning, your utility bills won’t become too much higher than they already are.

Short Description:

  • a very simple countertop design
  • a dish rack, cup racks, and a cutlery basket
  • automatic detergent and rinse aid dispensers
  • comes with an Energy Star certificate
  • assembly accessories included in the package

Best On Wheels RV Dishwasher

SD 18″ Energy Star Dishwasher

Freestanding Design
This domestic RV rolling dishwasher features a completely freestanding design. What this means is that it does not require any permanent installation. You can easily place it under your countertops or in any convenient part of your kitchen. Most importantly, you don’t have to make any permanent plumbings either.

Best On Wheels RV Dishwasher

Rolling Wheels
As its category says, this dishwasher comes with rolling wheels that are precisely placed in the 4 corners of the machine. Thanks to this feature the machine will have the needed stability and you will be able to move it around when required. If you want to learn more about this “rolling” dishwasher, the enclosed link will help you do so.

Short Description:

  • features a freestanding design
  • accommodates up to 8 place settings
  • provides 6 different wash programs
  • 4 precisely placed rolling wheels

Best Cheap RV Dishwasher

Kapas Portable Dishwasher

Transparent Window
A convenient feature of this camper dishwasher is its fully transparent glass door window. It allows you to keep an eye on the cleaning process as it goes. The control panel of the machine is top-mounted on the machine to ensure that you can easily access it.

Best Cheap Camper Dishwasher

Affordable Price
This dishwasher is listed at an affordable price. It is the perfect choice for people who can’t afford to spend too much money on an appliance. If you like this model or want to find out more about similar ones, check out my reviews of the best cheap dishwashers that are currently available for sale.

Short Description:

  • a convenient transparent glass door window
  • versatile powerful cleaning programs
  • offers different water inlet options
  • comes at an affordable price

What To Consider About The Best RV Dishwashers?

All these best RV dishwashers are specially designed to be convenient for transportation and at the same time provide amazing cleaning performance. Here are some features you might want to think about when deciding which model is the right fit for you.

Freestanding Or Built-In – The first thing you should think about is whether you want a built-in or a freestanding dishwasher. Built-in models tend to be a bit larger and are a great option if you want your RV kitchen to have a clean design. However, freestanding ones are more convenient because you can easily move them around.

Cleaning Cycles & Options – As all models on the market, the listed motorhome dishwashers also provide versatile cleaning cycles and options. They are specially designed to ensure that you can clean both heavily souled and delicate dishware in the same machine.

Sanitizing Performance – Most of these dishwashers use very high temperatures during the cleaning and drying process. Thanks to this feature you can be sure that all your dishware will get deeply sanitized and be completely clean and ready for the next use.

Water Inlet Options – Since a lot of these camper dishwashers are actually countertop models and come in a smaller size they also provide you with different water inlet options. More precisely, they come with an additional water tank but you can still hook them up to your kitchen faucet if you wish to.

Removable Tank – Usually, these water tanks are completely removable from the dishwashers. This means that you can easily refill them whenever it is needed. It also means that you can give them a thorough lean every once in a while to ensure that the water that is being used is completely clean.

Installation Accessories – Some of the RV dishwashers that require installation come with all required accessories. For the ones that don’t, you will need to purchase them separately. I recommend buying all required accessories on Amazon because you can have an insight into customer reviews of each product you buy.

Energy Star Certificate – Buying a trailer dishwasher that comes with an Energy Star certificate is always a good idea. This is simply because this certificate ensures that the dishwasher consumes very low power and water levels. As a result, your utility bills won’t go through the roof once you add a dishwasher to your home appliances.

To Wrap It Up

Because of the versatility of the listed models, you won’t have any trouble choosing the best RV dishwasher that accommodates your needs. Most of them come in a somewhat smaller size thanks to which you can easily move them around. If you feel like you need to collect more information to make the right choice, read my post about the best dishwashers on the market and find the best budget dishwasher that provides amazing performance.

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